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Pharaoh 90

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Title: Pharaoh 90  
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Subject: Sailor Moon (character), Death Busters, Shadow Galactica, List of fictional female robots and cyborgs
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Pharaoh 90

Sailor Moon villain group
The Death Busters. Left column, top to bottom: Mistress 9, Germatoid, Master Pharaoh 90. Center column: Professor Tomoe, Kaolinite. Right column, in both magical and civilian forms: Mimete, Eudial, Viluy, Tellu. Bottom: Cyprine and Ptilol.
Death Busters
Story arc: Sailor Moon S (anime)
Infinity (manga)
Dub name:Bureau of Bad Behavior
Leader:Professor Tomoe (Germatoid)
Chaos form:Pharaoh 90
Key figures: Kaolinite, Mistress 9, Witches 5
Tools: Science and magic

The Death Busters (デスバスターズ Desu Basutāzu?) are a group of antagonists in the Sailor Moon metaseries. They are the primary villains of the third story arc, called Mugen (which means "Infinity") in the manga and S in the anime. In the English dub, they are alternatively called the Heart Snatchers and the Bureau of Bad Behavior.

The goal of the Death Busters is the resurrection of Mistress 9 in order to bring the alien creature Pharaoh 90 to Earth, which would wipe out all life in an event known as the Silence. The group is led by Professor Tomoe, a mad scientist, assisted by a woman named Kaolinite. They employ the Witches 5 to help carry out their schemes.

Key figures

Professor Tomoe

Professor Souichi Tomoe (土萠・創一, Tomoe Sô'ichi?) is the leader/mastermind of the Death Busters and Hotaru Tomoe's father. In the manga, Tomoe was a scientist until, as Kenji Tsukino recalled, he was thrown out of the scientific community for inappropriate experiments. After selling some of these findings, he purchased the area where he built his labs and Mugen Gakuen. He continued with his research but a lightning strike caused a fire there, which killed his wife Keiko and left his daughter Hotaru badly injured.

Souichi saved his daughter by making what appeared to be a cybernetic body and making a deal with Master Pharaoh 90. He used Pharaoh 90's power in the hope of reviving her. In exchange, he also lost his humanity and became malevolent. He implanted a Daimon Egg in her at this time; the eggs having arrived with Pharaoh 90 during the lightning strike. They infected his assistant, Kaori, as well as himself.

After this he focused on the creation of his "Super Beings," using a variety of scientific techniques including genetic, pharmacological, and cybernetic processes. Human bodies were used as vessels, but he also made several Daimons from the Eggs alone: the Witches 5. He experimented on himself as well, creating a fusion of human and alien.

When Super Sailor Moon arrived at his lab with the Outer Senshi, Daimons attacked and Tomoe changed into a creature called Germatoid. Sailor Moon killed him with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, and Hotaru was briefly seen saying goodbye to her father, whom she realized had disappeared a long time ago, after her mother's death.

In the anime, he does not die like in the manga, but lives after the end of S. Professor Tomoe first appeared in episode 90 of the anime. As in the manga, his wife was killed and Hotaru severely injured in an explosion at his laboratory, and he allowed himself to be possessed by Germatoid (who was a separate entity in this continuity), and Hotaru to be possessed by Mistress 9.

After the battle with Pharaoh 90 and Hotaru's rebirth, Professor Tomoe was left with no memory of his past. Baby Hotaru was left in his care until episode 167, when Setsuna Meioh came to retrieve her, and after that he was not seen again in the series.

Despite being possessed, and acting as a major antagonist for much of Sailor Moon S, he appeared to be kind and considerate of his underlings (despite occasional frustration with them), and at times even encouraged them or engaged them in friendly small talk, in contrast to other villains in the series.

Professor Tomoe is voiced by Akira Kamiya in the original Japanese version, and Jeff Lumby in the English dub.


Kaolinite (カオリナイト Kaorinaito?, called Kaori Night in the manga and Kaorinite in the English dub) is the loyal assistant of Professor Tomoe, and is also greatly infatuated with him. She first appears in Act 24 of the manga and Episode 90 of the anime. She is named after the mineral of the same name, but her name was spelled "Kaori Knight" on a doll-box released by Irwin Toy in 1998, two years before the S series was dubbed.

A difference between two variations is Kaolinite's treatment of Hotaru: while in the anime Kaori frequently provokes and mocks Hotaru, in the manga she shows concern towards the girl. Hotaru, however, feels that Kaori's presence in the family home is a sign that she does not know her place.

Kaolinite demonstrates several powers throughout the series, including levitation, teleportation, limited shape-shifting, and using her hair as a weapon (similar to Mistress 9). At one time she is shown snapping her fingers which causes a lightning-like ray to strike and almost hit Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

Kaolinite's role in the original manga is slightly different. As opposed to the anime, where her origins are unknown, it is revealed in one of Professor Tomoe's flashbacks that she became Kaolinite after being struck by random lightning during a chaotic storm that occurred as the pair attempted to reconstruct the maimed body of his daughter Hotaru. When she rises from the floor, her eyes are shining. Her title is "Magus Kaolinite", Magus being a position that all of the Witches 5 aspire to reach. The privileges of the Magus position includes the use of the Tau Star System's crystal and direct contact with Master Pharaoh 90. The musicals follow the manga version, though no mention of what was occurring at the time of the lightning strike is made, and the event is not shown, only mentioned. The musicals imply Kaori to be her original name, as she is always addressed as Kaori-Kun in Hotaru's presence by Professor Tomoe who states she's been helping them out since, at least, his wife's death.

In the manga, it is Kaolinite, not Tomoe, to whom the Witches 5 answer. She sees them in no way other than servants, demonstrating annoyance when Mimet appeals to her for help. It is implied that she wishes to be Pharaoh 90's partner in place of Mistress 9, something Mistress 9 is aware of and views with amusement. When Mistress 9 does awaken, she orders Kaolinite to eliminate the Sailor Senshi. She succeeds in subduing the Guardian Senshi, however, they are freed by Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Reunited, the Senshi confront Kaolinite in the President's office of Infinty Academy, and she transforms into a Daimon. Ultimately, she is destroyed by Super Sailor Moon's "Rainbow Moon Heartache" attack.

In the anime, she is the first of the Death Busters to openly attack people who possess pure heart crystals, using the bio-engineered Daimons she helped create. Her goal is to find the three Talismans, which (unbeknownst to her) are possessed by Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The Daimons she sent after others were created by merging pods with inanimate objects. They were then brought forth when the intended target touched that object. The Daimons would then extract the Heart Crystals by casting a black beam from a black star (the Death Buster's symbol) somewhere on their body towards its target's own heart (which was usually accomplished, after the target was immobilized). Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Jupiter were all targeted by her monsters. In episode 102, she discovers the brightness of Sailor Moon's Pure Heart Crystal and goes after it. The Sailor Senshi rally against her, and she is subsequently defeated by Sailor Uranus, whose "World Shaking" attack causes a glass related attack she was using against the Senshi to feedback on her, encasing her in a pillar of glass and causing her to fall from the Tokyo Tower.

In episode 113,[1] she suddenly reappears as Hotaru Tomoe's guardian, calling herself Kaori (except in the English dub, where she is still Kaorinite). It is later revealed that Professor Tomoe himself had managed to revive her. However, she feels that her place has mostly been filled by the Witches 5, and is jealous of them as well as Hotaru. By episode 123 she is filled with hate, and steals the Pure Heart of Sailor Chibi Moon, Hotaru's best friend. The crystal is ingested by Hotaru's possessed form, and she awakens as Mistress 9, the "Messiah of Silence." The last words Kaolinite hears are congratulations from Professor Tomoe, before she is thrown into an electrified wall by Mistress 9 for "having served her purpose."

In the Japanese anime, she is portrayed by Noriko Uemura, who also voiced Queen Metalia in the first story arc. In the English dub, she is voiced by Kirsten Bishop, who was also the voice of Zoicite (of Dark Kingdom), Emerald (of Black Moon Clan), and Queen Badiane. She also appears in the stage musicals played by Keiko Hanayama, Mutsumi Fukuma, and Miki Kawasaki.

Mistress 9

Mistress 9 (ミストレス9 Misutoresu 9?) is a malevolent entity from "Tau Ceti Star System" who has come to Earth to help open a gateway for her master, Pharaoh 90. She is called the "Messiah of Silence" and possesses Hotaru Tomoe's body (to varying degrees of intensity).

In the manga, the Death Busters are frequently striving to awaken Mistress 9. When the Death Busters first visited Professor Tomoe (as he was reconstructing his daughter Hotaru's body), one of the objects they gave him was an egg that contained Mistress 9. He implanted it within Hotaru's body. The consequence of this for Hotaru is a permanently frail physical state. She occasionally suffers from seizures that are soothed at first by an amulet given to her by Tomoe (he tells her it is an heirloom, but it is more likely to be a fragment of the Tau Crystal) and later by the Ginzuishou. When Chibiusa shows it to Hotaru, Mistress 9 becomes aware of it and later grabs it from Chibiusa, sending her into a coma.

When Mistress 9 overpowers Hotaru's body, it becomes that of a grown woman. Her facial features are maniacal and there is little resemblance to the girl whose body she has taken over. Her purpose is to create an opening to the Tau Ceti Star System so that Pharaoh 90 can access and assimilate himself into Earth.

Once all of her allies have been killed and she is confronted by Sailor Moon and the Outer Senshi, her plan begins. Mugen Gakuen itself is ripped apart, throwing the unconscious bodies of Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter into the air (they come to rest on a structure that Kaolinite previously used for divination). She then attempts to escape Hotaru's body (meaning that her power will be able to flow freely) but is surprised to find that the soul of Hotaru still exists within the body and is inhibiting her from leaving it. Nonetheless she swallows the souls of the Guardian Senshi whereupon Hotaru retrieves their Heart Crystals along with that of Chibiusa and escapes to return them to their owners. While she is doing this, Mistress 9 is able to leave Hotaru's body, ripping it apart in the process. Her true form is of a gigantic monster with a ghoulish head and an indistinct body.

She absorbs all of the Senshi's attacks and opens the door for Pharaoh 90, who begins to smother the planet. Mistress 9 is assimilated into the lava (which presumably is Pharaoh 90) and just when all seems lost, Sailor Saturn rises from it. When she sets her glaive into the ground, both Pharaoh 90 and Mistress 9 experience intense pain and paralysis. Saturn uses the attack Death Reborn Revolution to drain their power and they both rise into the sky to escape back to Tau. Saturn follows them and commands Sailor Pluto to seal the door forever. Pluto does this and assures that Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90 can never reach Earth again.

In the anime, Professor Tomoe allows Mistress 9 to possess Hotaru's body after a freak accident kills her. He himself becomes possessed by a Daimon named Germatoid, although it is unclear if Germatoid completely controls him or aspects of his original personality still exist. Mistress 9 occasionally controls Hotaru, sequences in which her eyes become blank and her hands sparkle with red energy. Strangely enough, the victims of these occurrences are usually Daimons sent to collect heart crystals for her. Eventually, Hotaru steals Chibiusa's Heart Crystal, rendering Chibiusa close to death, and becomes Mistress 9 to the shock of Uranus and Neptune, who were expecting Sailor Saturn.

She kills the underling Kaolinite, and sends Germatoid after the Senshi. She then attempts to use a large machine (similar to the one Tomoe created prior to possession) to guide Pharaoh 90 to Earth so that he may destroy it. Sailor Moon tries to stop her and Professor Tomoe, now freed from Germatoid, attempts to reach her, still seeing her as Hotaru. She attacks both of them but is injured by energy emanating from the machine. Professor Tomoe takes her in his arms and Hotaru's spirit begins to respond. Mistress 9 attempts to subdue her once again but Hotaru's memories of both her father and of Chibiusa prove to be overpowering. The black star insignia on her forehead shatters, revealing the sign of Saturn beneath it. Mistress 9's body then vaporizes, leaving Saturn in its place.

Whilst in the manga Mistress 9's human form seemed only to be Hotaru's body contorted due to the presence of the entity, the anime Mistress 9's form seems to be her genuine body, somewhat similar to Chibiusa's transformation into Black Lady.

In the original anime, Mistress 9's voice is provided by Yuko Minaguchi, who also provided Hotaru's voice. In the English dub, she is played by Susan Aceron.[2] In the musicals two actresses have played her: Tomoko Inami and Chinatsu Akiyama.

Master Pharaoh 90

Master Pharaoh 90 (師・ファラオ90 Masutā Farao 90?) is a malevolent alien from "Tau Ceti Star System;" further details on its origins are unknown. It appears in the anime only as a huge, black eyeball-like sphere with tentacles.

In the manga, Pharaoh 90's goal is to merge itself with the planet Earth and make it his home. Throughout the manga, this process is referred to as "the utilization". To do this, it requires Mistress 9 to open the gateway between the Tau System and Earth. Its role in the manga is more prevalent and it communicates regularly with Kaolinite and Tomoe through a reflecting pool concealed at the top of the Mugen Academy, reminding them of the importance of their mission. When it first appears, it is dependant on the Taioron Crystal, the life source of the Tau System. The Crystal is losing its power, presumably due to Pharaoh 90's presence but it identifies a replacement in the Silver Crystal.

Mistress 9 is able to open the gateway and Pharaoh 90 begins to cover the Earth; Sailor Moon describes its form as that of "black lava reeking of death".[3] It is energized by the attacks the individual Senshi use on it and in a last-ditch attempt, Sailor Moon throws herself into its mass with the Legendary Holy Grail and the Silver Crystal with the intent of unleashing the full power of both while inside of it. Her maneuver seems to cause a reaction in the three Talismans of the Outer Senshi and they summon Sailor Saturn. Saturn's "Death Reborn Revolution" drains Pharaoh 90's energy and it attempts to escape back to the Tau System, along with Mistress 9. Sailor Pluto then uses "Dark Dome Close" to seal the gateway, permanently locking Pharaoh 90 away from Earth. Like all of the head villains in the manga, Pharaoh 90 is later revealed to be an incarnation of Chaos, the ultimate enemy of the series.

In the anime, it wants simply to destroy Earth by bringing about the "Silence". Pharaoh 90 is the one who provided the Daimon egg of Mistress 9 to Professor Tomoe, taking advantage of Tomoe's desire to save his daughter. In reality, Pharaoh 90 simply needed to provide a body for Mistress 9 so that she, in turn, could open a portal for Pharaoh 90. When the portal is opened, it appears on Earth but Sailor Moon (empowered by the other Senshi) and the newly awakened Sailor Saturn defeat it.

Voiced in the English Dub by Jeff Lumby.

Witches 5

The Witches 5 (ウィッチーズ5 Wicchīzu Faibu?) is a subset of the Death Busters led by Kaolinite in the manga and by Professor Tomoe himself in the anime. Like many Sailor Moon villains, each name is based on the name of a mineral or gemstone.

In the anime, the Witches 5 work as researchers in an underground lab. At first they are employed to search for the Talismans, but they are later instructed by Mistress 9 to find "pure hearts" instead. Each tries to win the Professor's attention and approval, but each fails.

In the manga, the Witches 5 make only brief appearances before being killed off. They are presented not as scientists or researchers, but are posed as students at Infinity Academy, the Death Busters' home base. They each carry a staff and have a specific rank. Their goal is to remove the souls, or "Hostes," of innocent victims so they could use their bodies, or Vessels, to plant Daimon eggs.

In the English-dubbed anime they are identified as "Witches 5 Research" by Dr. Tomoe in episode 103. They are part of a larger group, known as the Bureau of Bad Behavior. The door to their office is labeled "Witches 5" (or 4, or 3, as each member dies).


Eudial (ユージアル Yūjiaru?, Eugeal in the English dub) is the first of the Witches 5. She first attacks the Sailor Senshi in episode 103. Eudialyte is her namesake. She fancies the color red because eudialytes have a different shade of red.

Eudial seems to be the oldest of the group, and is much resented by the others — particularly Mimet — because Professor Tomoe seems to favor her. A brilliant inventor, she is able to construct and jury rig weaponry and computer technology through the use of everyday items; for example, her Fire Buster weapon is constructed of a blender and a vacuum cleaner hose. Her machine affinity also allows her to modify her computer to track down potential Talisman holders, stealing their Pure Hearts with a specialized gun and using Daimon to finish the work. In the anime she is referred to as Chief by the other members (or Boss Lady by her final Daimon, Doorknobder, in the English version). Her Daimons do not have the ability to extract pure heart crystals, they only serve as a last line of defense.

Eudial is generally fairly even-tempered and level-headed, except as a driver. In many episodes she nearly runs people over, partly because the car emerges from its underground tunnels in illogical locations. She carries a deadly shoulder-mounted flamethrower, the Fire Buster (later upgraded to the Fire Buster II), and later in the series booby-traps the under-construction Marine Cathedral. In the same place, she records a classical song called Toccata and Fugue in D minor she is playing on the organ showing the unconscious Sailor Neptune bound on the door wall. She actually succeeds in getting two of the Talismans, but loses them to Sailor Pluto. She uses the Fire Buster II to try to attack Super Sailor Moon, but she deflects it back to her. Furious, she escapes in her car, only to find that Mimet has torn out its brakes and filled it with snails (in the dubbed anime, they are "acid snails" and have dissolved the brakes, although one is shown sitting on her exposed skin without effect). The car crashes over the highway into the sea below, killing her instantly.

In the manga, she goes by the alias Yuko Arimura (有村ゆうこ Arimura Yūko?) and teaches the etiquette class in the Philosophy Division of Mugen Academy. Her rank is Level 78. She leads some students to "Mount M" for a retreat and tries to remove their Hostes during orientation. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter appeared and fought her. Sailor Mars used her "Mars Snake Fire" attack on Eudial but it turned her into a monster looking similar to a Gorgon with a black star on its forehead. She was then killed by Sailor Moon. Although never used in the manga, her strongest attack (according to the Materials Collection) is called "Fire Buster." When Kaolinite revives the Witches 5, Eudial was chosen to fight Sailor Mars.

Voice actor Maria Kawamura provides her voice for the original Japanese production. Canadian actress Loretta Jafelice does her voice for the English adaptation. She also appears in the stage musicals.


Mimete (ミメット Mimetto?) is the second of the group. She first attacks the Sailor Senshi in episode 112. She is named after the mineral mimetite. In the English dub, her name was respelled as "Mimete" in title cards, but pronounced in the same way. She fancies the color orange and also wears a silver tiara.

In the manga, she goes by the alias Mimi Hanyu (羽生美々 Hanyū Mimi?) and leads the acting class in the Arts Division of Mugen Academy. She is the lowest ranked, at Level 40, and her attack is "Charm Buster," as in the anime. She poses as a pop idol, holding a concert for Mugen Academy students with the intention of stealing their Hostes. Sailor Venus, who disguises herself as a Mugen Academy student, appears to stop her. When the other Senshi arrive, Mimete calls on Kaolinite's help to awaken the Daimon eggs implanted in the students, but to no avail. She is killed by Sailor Uranus. When the Witches 5 are revived by Kaolinite, Mimete is chosen to fight Sailor Venus. By making Venus believe that she was a star, Mimete hoped to remove her will to fight.

In the anime, Mimete is assigned to collect pure hearts after the death of Eudial. Using the name "Mimi" as in the manga, Mimete is a bit of a ditz and usually goes after attractive celebrities, flirting with them rather than doing her job. Out of all the Witches 5, she is the least organized and the most easily distracted. Mimete's Daimons were known for literally sucking the Pure Heart Crystals of their victims out through their mouths. These monsters required the power of the Holy Grail to be defeated. Her attack is called "Charm Buster" ("Stage Fright" in the English dub), where with the use of her staff, she launches mirages in the shape of stars at her opponents and induces severe vertigo and disorientation, capable of rendering someone unconscious in seconds. Mimete's Daimons have the ability to extract Pure Heart Crystals by holding their victim in close range of their face. They then suck the Crystal out through the mouth and then ingest it.

After several failed attempts at collecting hearts, she tries to use one of Eudial's abandoned inventions (Witches Electric Warp). The machine would transport a person inside of a television, which would increase that person's power exponentially. It did, however, have one drawback: if the power to the television were disconnected while the user was still inside, the user would be trapped within it forever, which is why Eudial never used it. Seconds after Mimete entered the machine, a vengeful Tellu arrived on the scene and ignoring Mimete's panicked pleas for mercy, pulled the plug on the machine, consigning her to an eternity of imprisonment.

Voice work for the character is provided by Mika Kanai in Japanese. Catherine Disher[4] plays the character in English. She also appears in the stage musicals.


Tellu (テルル Teruru?, Telulu in the English dub) is the third member of the Witches 5, named for the mineral tellurite. She fancies the color green.

In the anime, after Tellu condemns Mimet to an eternity of imprisonment via Eudial's Witches Electric Warp, she too is assigned the task of gathering pure hearts. She approaches this by opening a flower shop and giving away beautiful plants, Telluns, which will later wrestle the pure hearts out of their owners. Tellu may then collect these in a magical container.

Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, Pluto, and Tuxedo Mask eventually confront her, and she unleashes her most destructive plant, Hyper-Tellun. In midst of the brawl, Tuxedo Mask hurls one of his trademark roses at her, which causes the container to burst open, surrounding Tellu with pure heart crystals. Sensing this, her own botanical creation turns against her. Tellu electrocutes it in an attempt to break free, but it self-destructs, killing her at the same time.

In the manga, Tellu appears as the fourth witch instead of the third. She goes by the alias Lulu Teruno (照野留々 Teruno Ruru?) and is in charge of the botany class in the Physical Division of Mugen Academy, as well as the school gardens. She is ranked at the significantly higher Level 404, and her death attack is "Mandragora Buster." Just as in the anime, she uses a number of artificial plants to steal Hostes, but is foiled by the Sailor Senshi. When she deflects Sailor Moon's attack, Sailor Chibi Moon uses her "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" which transforms Tellu into a monster, just like Eudial. Tellu is then killed by the newly re-awakened Sailor Pluto. When Kaolinite revives the Witches 5, Tellu uses the Botanical Garden she runs to lure Sailor Jupiter into submissive sleep.

Tellu is voiced by Chieko Honda in Japanese and Kirsten Bishop in English. She also appears in the stage musicals.


Viluy (ビリユイ Biriyui?, Byruit in the English dub) is the fourth member of the Witches 5, named for the mineral viluite. She fancies the color blue, although her hair is lighter than her eyes.

In the anime, Viluy was handed the task of gathering pure hearts after Tellu's demise. To achieve this goal, she programmed all the computers at the Mugen Academy to extract the Pure Heart Crystal of their users during a national practice exam. Additionally, she possessed the "Mosaic Buster" attack ("Mosaic Energy Blaster" in the English Dub), which released a flurry of nano-robots from her wristband.

She had great success at first, and nearly defeated Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Mercury (against whom she had a personal grudge), when her wristband suddenly malfunctioned as a result of damage inflicted by Sailor Moon attacking it with Rainbow Moon Heartache. The nano machines dissolved their own master, effectively killing her, leaving behind only her bracelet, which disintegrated soon after.

In the manga, Viluy was the third witch to appear, before Tellu. She was ranked at Level 202 and taught the computer class of the Science Division of Mugen Academy. Her story in the manga is essentially the same as in the anime, except that she meets her doom by being cut in half by Sailor Uranus's Space Sword. After Kaolinite revives her servants, Viluy distracts Sailor Mercury with the massive supercomputer that is the mainframe for the Mugen Academy. While Mercury is distracted, nano-machines entangle her body and she submits to Viluy.

In both the anime and manga she uses the alias of top student Yui Bidoh (美堂ゆい Bidō Yui?, Julie Bidoh in the English dub). In the anime, she initially confronts the Guardian Senshi in this disguise and is rather kind to them. The dub changed this to make her mean and harsh even in disguise.

Vilyui also appears in the stage musicals. She is voiced by Yoshino Takamori in Japanese and Susan Aceron in English.

Cyprine and Ptilol

Cyprine (シプリン Shipurin?, Cyprin in the English dub) and Ptilol (プチロル Puchiroru?, Petirol in the anime and Peirol in the English dub) are, together, considered the fifth of the Witches 5. It has been stated by Naoko Takeuchi in the Materials Collection that Ptilol is just an extension of Cyprine's power, yet they seem to act as one. The two are named for the minerals cyprine and clinoptilolite. The English version of the anime reveals that Cyprine's name does not have an "E" on the end, but it's pronounced in the same way. Cyprine and Ptilol appear identical except that Cyprine has blue hair and eyes, a braid on the right side of her head and dresses in blue, while Ptilol has red hair and eyes, a braid on the left side of her head and dresses in red.

In the anime, Cyprine was portrayed as the last of the Witches 5. It was only when confronted that she revealed her "other self", Ptilol, and remarking they are one mind in two bodies. The two prove nearly invincible to the Sailor Senshi, as one always blocks incoming attacks with her powers while the other blasts from behind. In addition, they can absorb the powers of the Senshi into their staff and increase the strength of their next attack. Gradually, the Senshi are able to trick the two into blasting each other after Sailor Mercury uses her Bubble Spray attack to obscure their vision, killing both at the same time by filling their staffs with an excess of power.

In the manga, Cyprine is the highest ranking witch at level 999, and her death attack is "Ribbon Buster." She was called upon by Kaolinite specifically to take care of the Sailor Senshi. She comes from the sorcery class of the Business Division of Mugen Academy. After an unsuccessful attack on Haruka, Cyprine uses her powers to manipulate the dark feelings in the hearts of the Senshi so they might fight each other. Sailor Moon manages to kill them only by transforming into Super Sailor Moon and using her "Rainbow Moon Heartache" attack.

In the stage musicals, however, only Cyprine has made an appearance. In the Japanese version, Yuriko Fuchizaki did the voice of Cyprine and Rumi Kasahara did the voice of Ptilol. Susan Aceron voiced both of them in the English version.


In the anime, creatures called Daimons serve as monsters-of-the-day (in the English dub, they are varyingly called "Heart Snatchers", "Daimons", "Daimon Heart Snatchers", or "Demonaes"). These life forms are bred in special pods known as Daimon Eggs that release monsters from the most mundane of objects, and are employed by Kaolinite and the Witches 5. Appearing as red liquid humanoids, Daimons can possess a certain object to assume a unique form based on that object.

The first batch randomly possess objects and remain inactive until their target touches them. They have the ability to extract Pure Heart Crystals by using a black star tattoo hidden on their body. The tattoo emits a beam of black light which strikes the target right in the chest, and painfully removes the Heart Crystal from their bodies. The Daimons must continue to do so until the Crystal appears, or else the victim is left in a painful half-state.

The next two sets differ from the earlier Daimons as they have fixed-form by a Heart Snatcher Oven when created from that object by Professor Tomoe. This batch function as Eudial's bodyguards before the third batch is made to extract Pure Heart Crystals by kissing it out of their victims to find the ideal heart to awaken Mistress 9.

During the climatic battle against Mistress 9, every Daimon hatched and formed a barrier around Mugen Gakuen. After the battle ends, with the Death Busters no more, only one Daimon survived and bonded with the oven to become Rangy. Fueled by her desire to gather Hearts, Rangy attacks the city until the Senshi stop her.

When a Daimon is destroyed, it returns to the item that it was created from as the Daimon Egg ejects and breaks, releasing the spirit within. For most of Mimete's Daimons, the Heart Crystal returns to the victim afterwards.

In the manga, most Daimons are identical and are contained within Mugen Gakuen students who have pledged their souls to the Death Busters and can be released at Kaolinite's word. They are generally employed as an initial line of attack by the Death Busters upon confrontation by the Sailor Senshi. In the anime, there was only one case of their kind manifesting in human hosts. Most of the Death Busters are considered perfect Daimons due to the fact that they retained human appearances and have full control over the host's bodies.

The musicals also portray them as using human hosts, but have more in common in appearance with the anime version for failed versions.


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