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Pittsburgh Marathon

Pittsburgh Marathon
Pittsburgh Marathon Logo
Date First Sunday in May
Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Event type Road

Primary Event: Marathon

Other Events: Half Marathon, Marathon relay, 5k
Established May 5, 1985 (1985-05-05)
Course records 2:10:24 (1995)
Official site .com.pittsburghmarathonwww

The Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, commonly referred to as the Pittsburgh Marathon, is an annual marathon footrace held on the first Sunday in May in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States. The Marathon was first announced on October 3, 1984 with U.S. Steel and PNC Bank as sponsors.[1][2] From 1985 to 2003, the race was held annually and named the UPMC/City of Pittsburgh Marathon, although serious financial difficulty within the City of Pittsburgh municipal budget and UPMC's withdraw from title sponsor led to suspension of the race from 2004 to 2008.[3] In 2009, the event was revived with a new title sponsor, Dick's Sporting Goods, and renewed interest in the race.[4]

The 1988 and 2000 races were USA Olympic Trials for women and men, that were held separately from the regular event although both were held over the same course.[5]


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Finish line of the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2010.

Aside from the main marathon event, several races occur during the weekend of the marathon, including a half marathon, two to five person marathon relay, 5k race, and "kids marathon." All races except for the "kids marathon" and 5k utilize the same route and starting time as the marathon. Attendance and popularity of the events has risen greatly since the 2009 revival. The 2012 race had the largest field in the history of the race. Registration for 2012 closed with roughly 25,000 participants between all races, with 6,000 entrants in the full marathon, 13,000 entrants in the half marathon, and 800 teams in the marathon relay, with the remaining entrants distributed in the 5K.[6][7] Additionally, an estimated 60,000 spectators lined the course, and 4,000 volunteers provided assistance.[8] 2012 also marked the earliest sellout in the race's history with all events except the 5k selling out on or before March 6, 2012.[7]


2011 Marathon runners pass through Friendship's Negley Avenue.

Historically, the course has wound through the unique and hilly topography of the city. Crossing five different bridges, the course traverses all three rivers of Pittsburgh's at least once. The start and finish lines have changed many times, but have always been in either Downtown or North Shore. Previous finish lines have included Point State Park, David L. Lawrence Convention Center, and the 50 yard-line of Heinz Field.[9] The current finish line is on the Boulevard of the Allies near Point State Park. Numerous other historic and well-known Pittsburgh neighborhoods are along the route, including the South Side, Oakland, Shadyside, East Liberty, Highland Park, Bloomfield, Lawrenceville, and the Strip District.

Throughout the course, thousands of neighborhood residents show their support by lining the streets of the course and volunteering at aid stations.[10] Neighborhood organizations are awarded financial grants for community-engaging celebrations along the route.[10] Sixty bands, almost all of which are from the Greater Pittsburgh area, line the streets throughout the course, spanning a range of musical genres.[11]

The Pittsburgh Marathon hosted the United States Olympic Marathon Trials for men in 2000 and the US Olympic Trials for women in 1988. In addition, it has served as the site for the United States men's national championship three times, the National Wheelchair Championship in 1986, as well as the Olympic Marathon Trials for both Finland and Denmark in the 1980s.

Past winners

Key:       Course record

      American championship race
Edition Date Men's Winner Time
Women's Winner Time
24th 5 May 2013  James Kirwa (KEN) 2:13:35
23rd 6 May 2012  James Kirwa (KEN) 2:14:09  Malika Mejdoub (MAR) 2:39:31
22nd 15 May 2011  Jeffrey Eggleston (USA) 2:16:40  Yihunlish Bekele Deleneh (ETH) 2:35:36
21st 2 May 2010  Kipyegon Kirui (KEN) 2:17:12  Elena Vinitskaya (BLR) 2:42:34
20th 3 May 2009  Kassahun Kabiso (ETH) 2:22:51  Kristin Price (USA) 2:36:33
Race not held from 2004 to 2008
19th 4 May 2003  Juan Camacho (MEX) 2:12:05  Lyudmila Korchagina (RUS) 2:29:53
18th 5 May 2002  Reuben Chesang (KEN) 2:14:53  Magdalena Lewy (USA) 2:36:48
17th 6 May 2001  Elly Rono (KEN) 2:17:15  Wioletta Kryza (POL) 2:34:16
16th 7 May 2000  Rodney deHaven (USA) 2:15:30  Tammy Slusser (USA) 2:53:30
15th 2 May 1999  Alfredo Vigueras (USA) 2:14:20  Tatyana Titova (RUS) 2:40:00
14th 3 May 1998  Keith Brantly (USA) 2:12:31  Albina Gallyamova (RUS) 2:36:50
13th 4 May 1997  David Scudamore (USA) 2:13:48  Tatyana Titova (RUS) 2:37:41
12th 5 May 1996  Rubén Maza (VEN) 2:12:01  Tamara Karlyakova (RUS) 2:36:12
11th 7 May 1995  John Kagwe (KEN) 2:10:24  Alina Ivanova (RUS) 2:35:30
10th 1 May 1994  Abel Gisemba (KEN) 2:13:51  Tammy Slusser (USA) 2:37:14
9th 2 May 1993  Abel Gisemba (KEN) 2:16:55  Lizanne Bussières (CAN) 2:35:39
8th 3 May 1992 )PUR( 2:17:33  Albina Gallyamova (RUS) 2:32:02
7th 5 May 1991  Herbert Steffny (GER) 2:16:21  Lynn MacDougall (USA) 2:42:45
6th 6 May 1990  Dick Hooper (IRL) 2:15:49  Conceição Ferreira (POR) 2:30:34
5th 7 May 1989  Ken Martin (USA) 2:15:28  Margaret Groos (USA) 2:32:39
4th 1 May 1988  Malcolm East (ENG) 2:19:49  Margaret Groos (USA) 2:29:50
3rd 3 May 1987  Rodolfo Gómez (MEX) 2:13:07  Sylvia Ruegger (CAN) 2:31:53
2nd 18 May 1986  Dean Matthews (USA) 2:18:17  Laura Fogli (ITA) 2:37:04
1st 5 May 1985  Ken Martin (USA) 2:12:57  Lisa Ondieki (AUS) 2:31:54


Runners pass warehouses in the Strip District neighborhood.
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