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Postal codes in Spain

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Title: Postal codes in Spain  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Cangas de Onís, List of postal codes, Las Rozas de Madrid, La Victoria de Acentejo, Patones, Majadahonda
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Postal codes in Spain

Postal codes were introduced and standardized in Spain in 1976, when Correos (the national postal service of Spain) introduced automated mail sorting. The first two digits (ranging 01–52) of the postal code correspond to one of the fifty provinces of Spain (as listed in general alphabetical order, with some exceptions), plus the two autonomous cities on the African coast.

Full listing:

01 Araba/Álava 14 Córdoba 27 Lugo 40 Segovia
02 Albacete 15 A Coruña 28 Madrid 41 Seville
03 Alicante 16 Cuenca 29 Málaga 42 Soria
04 Almería 17 Girona 30 Murcia 43 Tarragona
05 Ávila 18 Granada 31 Navarre 44 Teruel
06 Badajoz 19 Guadalajara 32 Ourense 45 Toledo
07 Balearic Islands 20 Gipuzkoa 33 Asturias (formerly Oviedo) 46 Valencia
08 Barcelona 21 Huelva 34 Palencia 47 Valladolid
09 Burgos 22 Huesca 35 Las Palmas 48 Bizkaia
10 Cáceres 23 Jaén 36 Pontevedra 49 Zamora
11 Cádiz 24 León 37 Salamanca 50 Zaragoza
12 Castellón 25 Lleida 38 Santa Cruz de Tenerife 51 Ceuta
13 Ciudad Real 26 La Rioja (formerly Logroño) 39 Cantabria (formerly Santander) 52 Melilla

Large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, were divided into postal districts (zonas in Spanish) similar to the arrondissement system in Paris. These former postal districts were incorporated into the five-digit postal code:

Former Current
Plaza de España, 18 Madrid 8 28008 Madrid
Travessera de Gràcia, 68 –70, 1º. Barcelona 6 08006 Barcelona

Some codes are reserved for special use at the province capital:

  • 070 for official use by Correos.
  • 071 to address state agencies at the given province.
  • 080 for P.O. boxes and mail lists.

03000-03999 - (Alicante)

08000-08999 (Barcelona)

13000-13999 (Ciudad Real)

17000-17999 (Girona)

18000-18999 (Granada)

25000-25999 - (Lleida)

  • 25220 - Bell-Lloc d'Urgell
  • 25250 - Bellpuig

28000-28999 - (Madrid)

29000-29999 - (Málaga)

30000 - (Murcia)

35000-35999 (Las Palmas)

37000-37999 - Salamanca

  • 37789 - Buenavista

38000-38999 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

41000-41999 - Seville

46000 - Valencia

48000 - Biscay

51000 - Ceuta

  • 51001-51005, 51070, 51071, 51081 - Ceuta

52000 - Melilla

  • 52000-52006, 52070, 52071, 52081 - Melilla

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