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Principal Secretary (Canada)


Principal Secretary (Canada)

In Canada the Principal Secretary is a senior aide, often the most senior political aide, to a head of government. Formerly the position of Principal Secretary was the most senior in the Canadian Prime Minister's Office, though since 1987 it is second to the Chief of Staff. The Leader of the Official Opposition and most Canadian provincial Premiers also have a principal secretary.

List of Principal Secretaries

  • Vacant since 2013
  • Ray Novak 2008–2013
  • Francis Fox 2004–2006
  • Jean Riou 1993
  • Michel Roy, as Senior Advisor 1992–1993
  • Hugh Segal, as Senior Advisor 1991–1992
  • Tom Trbovich, Senior Policy Advisor 1990–1991
  • Bruce Phillips, Senior Advisor 1989–1990
  • Peter G. White 1988–1989
  • Bernard A. Roy 1984–1988
  • John Swift 1984–1984
  • Tom Axworthy 1981–1984
  • James A. Coutts 1975–1979, 1980–1981
  • William Neville, Chief of Staff 1979–1980
  • Martin O'Connell 1973–1974
  • Marc Lalonde, 1968–1972
  • Thomas Worrall Kent, Special Advisor 1967–1968
  • Gordon Robertson, Special Advisor 1967–1968
  • John Hodgson 1966–1967
  • Thomas Worrall Kent, Policy secretary to the Prime Minister 1964–1965
  • Thomas Worrall Kent, Coordinator of Programming 1963–1964
  • Bert Richardson, Special Assistant 1962–1963
  • John Fisher, Special Assistant (1961–1962)
  • Gowen Guest, Executive assistant (1958–1961)
  • Derek Bedson, Head PM's office (1957–1958)
  • Dale Thomson, 1952–1953
  • Pierre Asselin, Private secretary (1952–1958.01.16)
  • Gideon Matte, Private secretary (1945–1948)
  • Jack W. Pickersgill, Special Assistant to Prime Minister (1945–1952)
  • Jack W. Pickersgill, Assistant principal secretary (1940–1945)
  • Walter J. Turnbull, Principal secretary (1940–1945)
  • Arnold Heeney, (1938.10–1940.03.22)
  • E.A. Pickering, Assistant private secretary (1935.10–1938.08)
  • Howard R.L. Henry, 1935–1935.10
  • Andrew D. Maclean, Secretary (1931–1935)
  • Arthur Merriam, Private secretary (1930–1935)
  • Rod Finlayson, Principal senior secretary (1930–1935)
  • Harry Baldwin, Principal Private secretary (1929.06–1930.08)
  • Norman Rogers, Assistant secretary (1929–1930)
  • Howard Measures, Personal secretary (1925–1930)
  • Ralph Campney, title unknown (1924–1926)
  • Leslie Clare Moyer, Private secretary (1922–1927)
  • Fred A. McGregor, Secretary (1921–1922)
  • Laurent Beaudry, Private secretary (1921–1922)
  • Loring Christie, Principal Advisor (External Affairs) (1920–1921)
  • Arthur Merriam, Principal secretary (1920–1921)
  • Loring Christie, Principal Advisor (External Affairs) (1914–1920)
  • Austin Ernest Blount, Private secretary (1911–1917)
  • Ernest Joseph Lemaire, Private secretary (1904–1912)
  • Austin Ernest Blount, 1896–1896
  • Douglas Stewart, Secretary (1892–1894)
  • Joseph Pope 1892, later as Secretary 1892–1892
  • Joseph Pope, Private secretary (1882–1891)
    • Under private secretary (1878–)
    • Fred Private secretary (1878–1882)
  • William Buckingham, Secretary (1873–1878)
  • Hewitt Bernard, Private secretary (1867– )

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