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Title: Qingyuan  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: 2014 Chinese FA Cup, Lianzhou, List of cities in China, Fogang County, Qingcheng District
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Prefecture-level city
Qingcheng District
Qingcheng District
Location of Qingyuan in Guangdong
Location of Qingyuan in Guangdong
Qingyuan is located in China
Location in China
Country People's Republic of China
Province Guangdong
County-level divisions 9
Township-level divisions 53
City seat Qingcheng District
 • Total 19,015 km2 (7,342 sq mi)
Elevation 14 m (45 ft)
Population (2010 Census)
 • Total 3,698,394
 • Density 190/km2 (500/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Area code(s) (+86) 0763
Licence Plate 粤R
Major Nationalities Han, Zhuang and Yao.
Simplified Chinese 清远
Traditional Chinese 清遠
Cantonese Jyutping Cing1 jun5
Cantonese Yale Chīngyúhn
Hanyu Pinyin Qīngyuǎn
Postal Map Tsingyun
Literal meaning clear/pure/clean/peaceful & remote

Qīngyuǎn (Chinese: 清远), is a prefecture-level city in northwestern Guangdong province, People's Republic of China. Its total population is 3.7 million, and the primary language spoken is Cantonese. With an area of 19,015 km2 (7,342 sq mi), Qingyuan is the largest prefecture-level city by land area in the province. It is located on the Bei River, is surrounded by mountainous areas, is directly served by China National Highway 107, which connects the city with Guangzhou.


The location of the municipal government is in Qingcheng District. It has jurisdiction over one other district, over two county-level cities, four counties, and one economic development district.

# Name Hanzi Hanyu Pinyin Population
(2010 Census)[1]
Area (km²)[2] Density
1 Qingcheng District 清城区 Qīngchéng Qū 706,717 762 927
6 Qingxin District 清新区 Qīngxīn Qū 698,826 2,579 271
2 Yingde City 英德市 Yīngdé Shì 942,303 5,679 166
3 Lianzhou City 连州市 Liánzhōu Shì 367,859 2,661 138
4 Fogang County 佛冈县 Fógāng Xiàn 302,782 1,302 233
5 Yangshan County 阳山县 Yángshān Xiàn 356,071 3,372 106
7 Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County 连山壮族
Liánshān Zhuàngzú
Yáozú Zìzhìxiàn
90,375 1,264 71
8 Liannan Yao Autonomous County 连南瑶族
Liánnán Yáozú
129,207 1,231 105
9 Qingyuan Economic Development District 清远经济
Qīngyuǎn Jīngjì
Kāifā Qū
104,254 165 632


Qingyuan's administrative area ranges in latitude from 23° 31' to 25° 12' N, and in longitude from 111° 55' to 113° 55′ E, located just north of the Tropic of Cancer and about 200 km (120 mi) from the South China Sea coast. More than half of the area is mountainous, and elevations increase from southeast to northwest.

Qingyuan has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate, with an average annual temperature of 20.7 °C (69.3 °F), 1,900 mm (75 in) of rainfall, 1662.2 hours of sunshine, and a frost-free period of 314.4 days.[3]


Qingyuan, a prefecture-level city, is a major economic and transportation hub. The Beijing–Guangzhou Railway, China National Highway 106 and 107, and the Bei River cross through the city. The maritime infrastructure in Qingyuan plays a vital role in transporting goods to other Guangdong regional centres and to places as far as Hong Kong and Macau. The major ports are Qingyuan Port, Yingde Port, Lianzhou Port, and Yangshan Port.


According to the 2010 Census, Qingyuan has a population of 3,698,394 inhabitants,[4] 550,715 more than in 2000 (an annual growth rate of 1.63%). Han Chinese comprise over 95% of the entire population. Scattered minority Zhuang and Yao are present.


Qingyuan is famous for its tourist attractions. These include Niuyuzui, Feilai Temple, Feixia Scenic Spots, Baojing Palace of Yingde, Taihe Ancient Cave of Qingxin, Sankeng Hot Spring in Qingxin County, Huanghua Lake in Fogang, Little Biejiang of Lianyang, Peak Shikengkong in Yangshan County, Underground River of Lianzhou, Three Gorges of Huangchuan, Yinzhan Hot Spring Area, and the indigenous customs of minorities in Liannan and Lianshan.


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