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Reed aerophone

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Title: Reed aerophone  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Hornbostel–Sachs, Aerophone, Woodwind section, Piston (music), Hulusi
Collection: Lists of Musical Instruments, Reed Aerophones
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Reed aerophone

Reed aerophones is one of the categories of musical instruments found in the Hornbostel-Sachs system of musical instrument classification. In order to produce sound with these Aerophones the player's breath is directed against a lamella or pair of lamellae which periodically interrupt the airflow and cause the air to be set in motion.

422 Reed aerophones

422.1 Double reed instruments - There are two lamellae which beat against one another.
422.11 (Single) oboes.
422.111 With cylindrical bore.
422.111.1 Without fingerholes.
422.111.2 With fingerholes.
422.112 With conical bore.
422.12 Sets of oboes.
422.121 With cylindrical bore.
422.122 With conical bore.
422.2 Single reed instruments - The pipe has a single 'reed' consisting of a percussion lamella.
422.21 (Single) clarinets.
422.211 With cylindrical bore.
422.211.1 Without fingerholes.
422.211.2 With fingerholes.
422.212 With conical bore.
422.22 Sets of clarinets.
422.3 Reedpipes with free reeds - The reed vibrates through [at] a closely fitted frame. There must be fingerholes, otherwise the instrument belongs to the free reeds 412.13.
422.31 Single pipes with free reed.
422.32 Double pipes with free reeds.


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