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Regions of Tanzania

Regions of Tanzania.

Tanzania is divided into thirty regions, or "mikoa".[1]


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In 1975 there were twenty-five regions in Tanzania. In 2002 one region changed its name, from Ziwa Magharibi Region (West Lake Region) to Kagera Region. In 2003 Manyara Region was created out of part of Arusha Region.[1] In 2012 four more regions were created: Geita, Katavi, Njombe and Simiyu[2]

List of regions

Region Capital Districts Area (km2) Population Postcode Zone Map
Arusha Region Arusha 7 37,576 1,694,310 23xxx Northern
Dar es Salaam Region Dar es Salaam 3 1,393 4,364,541 11xxx Coastal
Dodoma Region Dodoma 7 41,311 2,083,588 41xxx Central
Geita Region Geita 5 20,054 1,739,530 30xxx Lake
Iringa Region Iringa 5 35,503 941,238 51xxx Southern Highlands
Kagera Region Bukoba 8 25,265 2,458,023 35xxx Lake
Katavi Region Mpanda 3 45,843 564,604 50xxx Southern Highlands
Kigoma Region Kigoma 8 37,040 2,127,930 47xxx Lake
Kilimanjaro Region Moshi 7 13,250 1,640,087 25xxx Northern
Lindi Region Lindi 6 66,040 864,652 65xxx Coastal
Manyara Region Babati 6 44,522 1,425,131 27xxx Northern
Mara Region Musoma 7 21,760 1,743,830 31xxx Lake
Mbeya Region Mbeya 10 60,350 2,707,410 53xxx Southern Highlands
Morogoro Region Morogoro 7 70,624 2,218,492 67xxx Coastal
Mtwara Region Mtwara 7 16,710 1,270,854 63xxx Coastal
Mwanza Region Mwanza 7 9,467 2,772,509 33xxx Lake
Njombe Region Njombe 6 21,347 702,097 59xxx Southern Highlands
Pemba North Region Wete 2 574 211,732 75xxx Zanzibar
Pemba South Region Chake Chake 2 332 195,116 74xxx Zanzibar
Pwani Region Kibaha 7 32,547 1,098,668 61xxx Coastal
Rukwa Region Sumbawanga 4 22,792 1,004,539 55xxx Southern Highlands
Ruvuma Region Songea 6 63,669 1,376,891 57xxx Southern Highlands
Shinyanga Region Shinyanga 5 18,901 1,534,808 37xxx Lake
Simiyu Region Bariadi 5 25,212 1,584,157 39xxx Lake
Singida Region Singida 6 49,340 1,370,637 43xxx Central
Tabora Region Tabora 7 76,150 2,291,623 45xxx Central
Tanga Region Tanga 10 26,667 2,045,205 21xxx Northern
Zanzibar North Region Mkokotoni 2 470 187,455 73xxx Zanzibar
Zanzibar South Region Koani 2 854 115,588 72xxx Zanzibar
Zanzibar Urban West Region Zanzibar City 2 230 593,678 71xxx Zanzibar

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