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Sj Ab

State-owned enterprise
Fate Active
Predecessor Swedish State Railways
Founded 1 January 2001
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Area served
Sweden. Also Norway: Ofoten Line to Narvik, Kongsvinger Line to Oslo; and Denmark: Oresund Line to Copenhagen.
Key people
Crister Fritzson (President & CEO)[1]
Jan Sundling (chairman)[2]
Products Rail transport
Revenue 8 billion SEK (2011)[1]
Owner Government of Sweden[1]
Number of employees
approx. 4000 (2011)[1]
Subsidiaries SJ Norrlandståg

SJ (formally SJ AB) is a government-owned passenger train operator in Sweden. SJ was created in 2000, out of the public transport division of Statens Järnvägar, when the former government agency was divided into six separate government-owned limited companies.


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  • Rolling stock 2
  • Services 3
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    • SJ InterCity 3.2
    • SJ Regional 3.3
    • SJ High-speed trains 3.4
  • Identity document required for travel 4
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SJ's operations fall broadly into subsidised and unsubsidised services. The unsubsidised services was until 2011 monopoly and consist mainly of the high-speed train network. The subsidised trains are awarded through competitive bids. However, some trains fall in between these categories, since public transit agencies can pay SJ to allow transit pass holders access to SJ's trains.

SJ received a government bailout a few years after its creation, but has since had profit margins of up to ten per cent. All train operators in Sweden pay low track access charges to the track authority, Trafikverket.

Rolling stock

SJ owns about 40 trains of the type X2, running under the brand name SJ High-speed train (Swedish: SJ Snabbtåg), formerly branded X 2000. Their top speed is 200 km/h. SJ also owns about 40 double-decker trains of the type X40 (top speed 200 km/h). Furthermore SJ owns a number of older X12 and X14 multiple units. SJ only owns electric trains, no diesel trains.

SJ also owns 20 trains of the type X55 (top speed 200 km/h), put into operation from 2012. They have a similar interior and seating as X2 and will also be branded SJ High-speed train. SJ has announced plans to order 20 new high speed trains (top speed 250 km/h), to be delivered later.

Image Type Class In fleet Usage Notes
Electric locomotive SJ Rc3 10 Intercity, Regional The Rc3-units are sometimes leased out to other operators. All painted black.
Electric locomotive SJ Rc6 100 Night-train, Intercity, Regional Mostly painted black, a few in old dark-blue livery.
Electric multiple unit SJ X2 44 High-speed (X 2000) Painted gray. To be modernised.
Electric multiple unit SJ X12 7 Regional Refurbished 2012-2014. Painted gray.
Electric multiple unit SJ X40 43 Regional Painted gray.
Electric multiple unit SJ X55 20 High-speed (SJ 3000) Used on high speed lines to Northern-Sweden, Karlstad and Uddevalla from Stockholm. Painted gray.


SJ Night train

The SJ Night train (Swedish: SJ Nattåg) are Rc locomotive-hauled trains with both sleeper waggons as well as standard waggons. All services have a Bistro waggon. The night-trains are operated on the following lines:[3]

  • Gothenburg-Duved
  • Gothenburg-Boden-Narvik (PSO)
  • Malmö-Duved (seasonal)
  • Stockholm-Duved
  • Stockholm-Narvik (PSO)
  • Stockholm-Malmö

All services are operated by SJ Norrlandståg.

SJ InterCity

The InterCity services are Rc-hauled trains with standard seating-carriages in both first and second class. There is always a Bistro waggon available in the trainset.[4]

Lines with InterCity service:

  • Luleå-Narvik
  • Stockholm-Falun
  • Stockholm-Gothenburg
  • Stockholm-Karlstad-Oslo
  • Stockholm-Malmö
  • Stockholm-Mora
  • Stockholm-Östersund-Duved

SJ Regional

Regional services in the area around Lake Mälaren. Operated with either Rc-hauled trainsets, X12/X14 or X40 EMUs. Food and drinks are not available on the trainsets. The X40 is equipped with free 4G WiFi in cooperation with TeliaSonera. Both first and second-class are usually offered.[5]

SJ High-speed trains

SJ High-speed trains (Swedish: SJ Snabbtåg) are X2 or X55 trains operating on the main routes in Sweden. There is free WiFi and a Bistro on each trainset.[6]

Identity document required for travel

From September 2009, the train operator SJ requires an identity document from passengers with a pre-paid ticket (which is mandatory on many trains). These have to be a Nordic ID card or any passport (for tourists).[7] This is due to a SJ effort to stop the private trading of low-price train tickets.


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External links

  • Official website
  • Swedish Transport Administration
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