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Title: SWFTools  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Adobe Flash, SWF, List of PDF software, Adobe Flash Professional, SWiSH Max
Collection: Adobe Flash, Free 2D Animation Software, Free Multimedia Software, Motion Graphics Software for Linux
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Developer(s) Matthias Kramm and others
Initial release 2003 (2003)
Stable release 0.9.2 Stable / April 8, 2012 (2012-04-08)
Written in C
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Utility software - PDF SWF
License GNU GPL
Website .orgswftools

SWFTools is an open source software tool suite for creating and manipulating SWF files. Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, it may be compiled from C source, to run under Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Apple OS X.[1] On Microsoft Windows systems, the pre-compiled installer also installs a GUI wrapper for the suite's PDF to SWF conversion tool, pdf2swf.

SWFTools relies upon, and links against, additional third-party libraries for some of its functionality, e.g. Xpdf and PDFlib, freetype, libjpeg.


The current stable SWFTools suite, version 0.9.2, consists of the following components:

Component Brief Description
as3compile A standalone ActionScript 3.0 compiler.
avi2swf AVI animation files to SWF converter (now deprecated, use MEncoder or ffmpeg for this).
font2swf Font file (TTF, Type1) conversion to SWF.
gif2swf GIFs to SWF conversion. Able to handle animated gifs.
jpeg2swf Generates a slideshow from one or more JPEG pictures. Supports motion estimation compression (h.263) for better compression of video sequences.
pdf2swf PDF to SWF Converter. Generates one frame per page. Enables fully formatted text, ::including tables and formulas, inside a Flash Movie. It is based on the xpdf PDF parser from ::Derek B. Noonburg.
png2swf Like JPEG2SWF, only for PNGs.
swfbbox Allows to read out, optimize and readjust SWF bounding boxes.
swfc SWF file creation from simple script files. Includes ActionScript 2.0/3,0 support.
swfcombine Multi-function tool for SWF insertion into Wrapper SWFs, SWF concatenation, stacking, and basic parameter manipulation (e.g. size change ).
swfdump Prints out SWF information, i.e. images/fonts/sounds, contained code disassembly, cross-reference and bounding box data.
swfextract SWF element extraction: Movieclips, Sounds, Images, shapes, etc.
swfrender Bitmap rendering from swf files created with pdf2swf, jpeg2swf or png2swf.
swfstrings Scans SWFs for text data.
wav2swf WAV audio to SWF conversion.

Extra and/or adapted commands are available in the development versions and the Git repository. Detailed information is available on the SWFTools Documentation Wiki.[2]

The SWFTools suite also includes a Python gFX API library, consisting of a PDF parser (based on xpdf) and a number of rendering back-ends. Using the API, one can extract text from PDF pages, create bitmaps from PDF, and convert PDF files to SWF. The latter functionality is similar to that offered by the standalone pdf2swf utility detailed above, but more powerful: the API can create individual SWF files from single PDF pages, or composite pages from different PDF files.

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