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Sabancı Holding

Sabancı Holding A.Ş.
Anonim şirket
Traded as BİST: SAHOL
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1926
Headquarters Istanbul, Turkey
Area served
Key people
Güler Sabancı (Chairman)
Zafer Kurtul (CEO)
Faruk Bilen (CFO)[1]
Products Finance, energy, cement, retail, insurance, industry
Revenue 26,094 billion (2012)[2]
4,676 billion (2012)[2]
1,856 billion (2012)[2]
Total assets 175,4 billion (2012)[2]
Total equity 25,473 billion (2011)[2]
Number of employees
Subsidiaries [3]

Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding A.Ş., abbreviated as Sabancı Holding, is the largest industrial and financial conglomerate in Turkey by profit. The holding is owned at about 61% by the Sabancı family, one of Turkey's wealthiest.The remaining 39% is listed in the Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST). Erol Sabancı family, Sevil Sabancı, Dilek Sabancı, Serra Sabancı are major sharehoders and represent the board, whereas, Ömer Sabancı, Demet Sabancı and Şevket Sabancı family are shareholders who are not included in the board of members.


Sabancı Holding controls 70 companies, many of which are recognized market leaders in their respective sectors. The group has a total of 65,000 employees and operates in 15 countries. 11 of its companies are also listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. The holding and its subsidiaries own more than 40% of Akbank, the country's second largest bank, and has operations in such markets as automotive, cement, energy, retail, insurance, telecom, textiles, tires, plastic, hotels, paper and tobacco. Sabanci has many joint ventures with large companies including Citigroup, Aviva, Bridgestone, Verbund, Bekaert, Heidelberg Cement, Carrefour, Dia, Hilton, Mitsubishi Motor, International Paper and Philip Morris.


Sabanci Group towers, 4. Levent, Istanbul, Turkey

The headquarters of the company was moved from Adana to İstanbul in 1974, and is located in a twin skyscraper building in Levent. Chairwoman of the holding is the third-generation member of the Sabancı family Güler Sabancı, who was appointed after the death of her uncle Sakıp Sabancı in 2004, the leader of the holding since its founding in 1967. Vice chairman is Erol Sabancı. Other members of the board of directors are Sevil Sabancı, Serra Sabancı, Hasan Güleşçi, Nafiz Can Paker and Zafer Kurtul, who is currently also the company’s CEO.

With controlling interests in 11 companies listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, Sabancı Holding is Turkey’s leading financial conglomerate and one of the leading industrial groups.


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