Secretary of State of Iowa

The Iowa Secretary of State is a constitutional officer of the U.S. state of Iowa and is elected every four years. The Office of the Secretary of State is divided into four divisions: Elections and Voter Registration, Business Services, Administrative Services, and Communications and Publications. Elections and Voter Registration deals with supervising the 99 county auditors, elections, and voter registration. The division of the office helps the county auditors in telling them which election practices work best. The division also helps in increasing voter registration. The Business Services Division is a records center for businesses in Iowa. The Administrative Services Division and the Communications and Publications Division is involved in scheduling and providing media information, preservation of documents, recordkeeping, and publishing the Iowa Official Register and the Iowa Official Directory of Federal, State and County Officers. The Secretary of State's office is housed in the Lucas State Office Building in Des Moines.[1]

List of Secretaries of State of Iowa

# Name Took Office Left Office Political Party
1 Elisha Cutler Jr. 1846 1848 Democratic
2 Josiah H. Bonney 1848 1850 Democratic
3 George W. McClearly 1850 1856 Democratic
4 Elijah Sells 1856 1863 Republican
5 James Wright 1863 1867 Republican
6 Ed Wright 1867 1873 Republican
7 Josiah T. Young 1873 1879 Republican
8 John A. T. Hull 1879 1885 Republican
9 Frank D. Jackson 1885 1891 Republican
10 William M. McFarland 1891 1897 Republican
11 George L. Dobson 1897 1901 Republican
12 William B. Martin 1901 1907 Republican
13 William C. Hayward 1907 1913 Republican
14 William S. Allen 1913 1919 Republican
15 W. C. Ramsay 1919 1928 Republican
16 Ed M. Smith 1928 1931 Republican
17 G. C. Greenwalt 1931 1933 Republican
18 Ola Babcock Miller 1933 1937 Democratic
19 Robert E. O'Brien 1937 1939 Democratic
20 Earl G. Miller 1939 1943 Republican
21 Wayne N. Ropes 1943 1947 Republican
22 Rolo H. Bergeson 1947 1949 Republican
23 Melvin D. Synhorst 1949 1965 Republican
24 Gary L. Cameron 1965 1966 Democratic
25 Melvin D. Synhorst 1967 1980 Republican
26 Mary Jane Odell 1980 1987 Republican
27 Elaine Baxter 1987 1994 Democratic
28 Paul Pate 1995 1998 Republican
29 Chet Culver 1999 2007 Democratic
30 Michael Mauro 2007 2011 Democratic
31 Matt Schultz 2011 Republican


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  • Office of the Secretary of State
  • Iowa Official Register 2005-2006
  • History of the Office
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