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Title: Servical  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Felid hybrid
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"Servical" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Cervical.

The caraval (also called a cara-serval) is the cross between a male caracal and a female serval. They have a spotted pattern similar to the Serval, but on a darker background. These are bred for the pet market.

A servical is the cross between a male serval and a female caracal. A litter of servicals occurred by accident when the two animals were kept in the same enclosure at a Los Angeles zoo. The hybrids were given to an animal shelter. The only photos show them as tawny kittens.

These hybrids can theoretically be backcrossed to their parent species in various ways:

  • Ser-caraval (75% serval, 25% caracal) - a cross between a male serval and a female caraval.
  • Car-servical (75% caracal, 25% serval) - a cross between a male caracal and a servical.
  • Ser-servicals (75% serval, 25% caracal) - a male serval and a female servical.
  • Car-caravals (75% caracal, 25% serval) - a male caracal and female caraval.

Currently, only ser-caravals have been documented. All of these hybrids will more closely resemble the species that contributed the greatest percentage of genes.

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