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Sigma Sigma Rho

Sigma Sigma Rho
The official crest of Sigma Sigma Rho.
Founded December 10, 1998 (1998-12-10)
St. John's University
Type Social
Scope National
Motto "Mann, Atman, Dharam, Together they are one... We will not fall, forever we are one."
Colors Blue, Black, and Silver
Symbol Black Mare
Flower White Rose
Philanthropy Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention
Nickname Sig Sig Rho, SigSigRho, Distinguished Ladies
Homepage Sigma Sigma Rho Website

Sigma Sigma Rho (ΣΣP) is a South Asian-based sorority founded on December 10, 1998 at St. John's University in Queens, New York, making it the first sorority of its kind to be established on the United States East Coast.

Sigma Sigma Rho embodies unity among women of South Asian descent, strives to serve society both on a small and large scale, and holds fast in instilling a sense of pride in the background of each individual sister. Sigma Sigma Rho is a sisterhood of women who have chosen this affiliation to achieve their desired personal development and to act for the betterment of local, regional, national and global communities through the efforts of a network of sisters nationwide. The organization defines itself with the saying: "Sisterhood is what we work for, Society is whom we give to, and Remembrance is what lies in our hearts."

Since its inception, the sorority has made strides in serving the community, fostering South Asian cultural awareness, and acting as a valuable asset to the Greek Life community at universities across the nation.

On December 10, 1998, Sigma Sigma Rho was established by ten young women seeking for an existence of a group that defined unity among South Asian women. The name Sigma Sigma Rho was chosen for the organization because it substantially upheld its motives and goals, which are expressed as Sisterhood, Society, and Remembrance.

Today, Sigma Sigma Rho is one of largest South Asian-based national sororities, with hundreds of members across the country. Criteria for membership into Sigma Sigma Rho are that a woman must have exceptional morals and ethics with a demonstrated commitment to academic excellence, and be pursuing courses leading to a degree in an accredited college or university.


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  • Tejal (Kundaiker) Kulkarni
  • Payal (Suchdev) Walsh
  • Rinku (Suchdeva) Thomas
  • Priya (Sahani) Sood
  • Vandana Kakwani-Pathak
  • Sonia (Sharma) Wadhwa
  • Nisha (Rana) Diler
  • Minna (John) Lam
  • Lovleen (Kandhari) Sharma
  • Eshna (Firoz) Kalam



The first, "Sigma" in the name defines "Sisterhood" - Sisterhood amongst South Asian women and a belief of unity amongst cultural beliefs and values. What the organization educates society on and women of the south Asian descent is solely based upon the South Asian culture, something that another sorority cannot give to the South Asian female descent. The cultural restrictions and values lie in two different aspects when compared to another sorority. Members carry the roots that they have evolved from and strive to have them foot printed through history and across the nation.


The second, "Sigma" of the name defines "Society," which is one of the sole purposes of the organization. Being of South Asian culture, the goal of members is to be able to surpass the vision of typical women and show society that South Asian women can do something for themselves, their community and for people across the nation. Sisters believe in the importance of working together with other organizations whom strive for similar beliefs, giving their skills, and time to the society in philanthropic need.


The third letter, "Rho" in the name defines Remembrance. Members place an emphasis of Remembrance on the background of each individual sister, as well as what their ancestors and South Asian women have been through and carrying out the voices of those individuals in today's society.


Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc. takes much pride in its community. Therefore, Qayamat was established. Qayamat is an annual South Asian Greek and Goddess Competition, an event that reaches out to the entire South Asian Greek community to unify the collegiate youth. Sigma Sigma Rho is the first and only organization to bring together seven South Asian Greek organizations under one roof for a common cause and continues to do so year after year.


External links

  • Sigma Sigma Rho National Website
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