Developer(s) Thomas Hansen et al.[1]
Stable release 1.0.2 / October 25, 2005;
8 years ago
Preview release 2.0.0, RC5 / June 24, 2007;
7 years ago
Written in C++
Operating system Windows
Type library or framework
License BSD

SmartWin++ is a Windows GUI and SOAP programming library written in and for C++. It uses newer (C++98) language features such as templates, type-safe conversions and the STL. Like many GUI libraries for Windows, SmartWin++ essentially wraps functions from the C based Windows API in objects, arguably making GUI programming easier.


Compared to other GUI toolkits (e.g. Windows Forms, MFC, wxWidgets and Swing), SmartWin++ generates very little overhead, in terms of RAM usage, and often requires less code to ‘do the same thing’. In addition, unlike many other libraries, it is licenced under BSD (i.e., free to use for all purposes without restrictions).


SmartWin++ requires a relatively recent compiler, since it is written in C++98. It might lack some features present in other libraries. The library is not as widely used as some other libraries, although the user base is growing. One IDESally—exists but it is relatively primitive. SmartWin++ is C++ and Windows only, unlike wxWidgets, Qt, etc.


SmartWin++ is currently at version 1.0, with version 2.0 RC5 being evaluated.

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