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Snow Queen Trophy

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Title: Snow Queen Trophy  
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Subject: 2015 Alpine Skiing World Cup, Nina Løseth, Zagreb, Sofija Novoselić, Planai
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Snow Queen Trophy

Snow Queen (Croatian: Snježna kraljica) is the name of a men's and women's slalom race held as part of the Alpine skiing World Cup. The race takes place on the Medvednica mountaintop Sljeme, just north of the Croatian capital Zagreb. The race usually takes place in early January. Women's race has been taking place since 2005 and the men's event was added in 2008.

The race is held on the red run ski track on Medvednica, starting at 985 meters and ending at 785 meters. It is the only race in the World Cup that is held on the outskirts of a large city.

The prize fund of 165,000 is the largest on the Alpine skiing World Cup circuit, of which the winner takes €60,000.

The race has been known to attract up to 25,000 spectators,[1][2] making it the largest and the most visited race in the Alpine skiing World Cup calendar.

The trophy awarded to race winners is made out of a crystal crown which has past winners' names imprinted on it. At the award ceremony, the winner is presented with a cloak and sits on a throne like a queen\king.


The race was originally called "Golden Bear" (Croatian: Zlatni medvjed), but from the 2006 event the name was changed in honor of Janica Kostelić whose victories in the sport helped popularise skiing in the country and also paved the way for the race to be included in the premier competition for alpine skiing.

On 5 January 2006, Croatia's Janica Kostelić gave one of the best performances in her life during the race. From 7th place on the first run, while missing a pole and glove, she skied to 3rd place on her second run, ahead of Sweden's Anja Pärson.


Source: official results/organizers[3]

Men's race

Season Race date Winner (titles) Second Third
2008 17 February 2008 Mario Matt Ivica Kostelić Reinfried Herbst
2009 6 January 2009 Jean-Baptiste Grange Ivica Kostelić Giuliano Razzoli
2010 6 January 2010 Giuliano Razzoli Manfred Mölgg Julien Lizeroux
2011 6 January 2011 André Myhrer Ivica Kostelić Mattias Hargin
2012 5 January 2012 Marcel Hirscher Felix Neureuther Ivica Kostelić
2013 6 January 2013 Marcel Hirscher (2) André Myhrer Mario Matt
2014 6 January 2014 Cancelled due to lack of snow and above zero temperatures
2015 6 January 2015 To be determined

Women's race

Season Race date Winner (titles) Second Third
2005 20 January 2005 Tanja Poutiainen Kristina Koznick Marlies Schild
2006 5 January 2006 Marlies Schild Kathrin Zettel Janica Kostelić
2007 4 January 2007 Marlies Schild (2) Ana Jelušić Šárka Záhrobská
2008 15 February 2008 Tanja Poutiainen (2) Marlies Schild Veronika Zuzulová
2009 4 January 2009 Maria Riesch Nicole Gius Šárka Záhrobská
2010 3 January 2010 Sandrine Aubert Kathrin Zettel Susanne Riesch
2011 4 January 2011 Marlies Schild (3) Maria Riesch Manuela Mölgg
2012 3 January 2012 Marlies Schild (4) Tina Maze Michaela Kirchgasser
2013 4 January 2013 Mikaela Shiffrin Frida Hansdotter Erin Mielzynski
2014 4 January 2014 Cancelled due to lack of snow and above zero temperatures
2015 4 January 2015 To be determined


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