Starz! Media

Starz Distribution
Industry Animation, motion pictures, television, home video
Founded 2003 (as IDT Entertainment)
2006 (as Starz Media)
Headquarters Burbank, California, USA
Key people Chris Albrecht, CEO
Parent Starz Inc. (75%)
The Weinstein Company (25%)
Website Official Site

Starz Distribution (formerly IDT Entertainment, Starz Media) is the motion picture, animation, television, and home video operating unit of Starz (NASDAQ: STRZA, STRZB). Starz Distribution develops, produces, and acquires original programming content (STARZ and AMC), feature films (The Weinstein Company, Anchor Bay Films, RADiUS-TWC), anime (Manga Entertainment) and other filmed entertainment. Distribution methods include DVD, digital formats and traditional television.[1]

On January 4, 2011, The Weinstein Company purchased a 25% stake in the operating unit. While not including TV rights, the deal spans Blu-ray, DVD and VOD, pay-per-view and digital distribution and covers up to 20 TWC and Dimension titles per year. They include The King's Speech, Blue Valentine and Company Men.[2]


Starz Distribution's subsidiaries include:

  • Anchor Bay Entertainment - distribution division for DVDs and videos.
  • Digital Production Solutions (DPS)
    • Global Animation Studio - a division of DPS.
    • Film Roman - computer generated image and traditional animation studio.
  • DKP Studios - ownership interest - 3-D animation, and special effects production.
  • Starz Media Sales
  • Manga Entertainment - distribution of anime.

Minority Stakes

Starz Distribution's minority stakes include:

Animated films

Starz Distribution/IDT Entertainment have been in charge of the animation production for the following films:

Live-action films


In May 2004, IDT Entertainment purchased a minority share in POW! Entertainment with exclusive distribution rights to POW's animated DVD properties and joint development of 6 cartoon films.[3] On May 16, 2006, IDT agreed to sell its IDT Entertainment division to Liberty Media "for all of Liberty Media's interests in IDT, $186 million in cash and the assumption of existing indebtedness."[4] On August 31, 2006, the sale of all of IDT Entertainment's US operations and several international operations was completed. "The remainder of the deal, to include the Canadian and Australian operations, is expected to be closed in the next few weeks after regulatory approval has been given."[5] This sale was completed on September 29, 2006.[6] On January 4, 2011, Starz, LLC has agreed to sell 25% of Starz Media to The Weinstein Company.[7] On January 11, 2013, Liberty Media Corp completed the “spin-off” of its Starz Entertainment segment as a separate entity. Under this new structure, the entity that was known as “Starz Media” became Starz Distribution.[8]

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