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Private (GmbH)
Genre Music technology
Founded 1984
Founder Karl Steinberg
Manfred Rürup
Headquarters Hamburg, Germany
Products Cubase, Nuendo
Parent Yamaha Corporation

Steinberg GmbH is a German musical software and equipment company based in Hamburg. It mainly produces music recording, arranging and editing software as used in digital audio workstations and VSTi software synthesizers.


  • History 1
  • Products 2
    • Current products 2.1
      • Music software 2.1.1
      • VST instruments 2.1.2
      • Hardware 2.1.3
    • Discontinued products 2.2
      • Music software 2.2.1
      • VST instruments 2.2.2
      • Hardware 2.2.3
  • Protocols 3
  • References 4
  • External links 5


The company was founded in 1984 by Karl Steinberg and Manfred Rürup with the support of Nicole Rürup with headquarters in Hamburg. Its first product was the MIDI sequencer Steinberg Pro 16 for the Commodore 64. The company changed its name from Steinberg Research to Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH, and was active in the United States for some years as Steinberg North America, Inc.

In January 2003, Steinberg was acquired by U.S. firm Pinnacle Systems, within which it operated as an independent company before being sold to Yamaha Corporation in December, 2004.


Steinberg's first product, Steinberg Pro 16, was sold on floppy disks. This is version 2.3

Current products

Music software

  • Steinberg Cubase 5, 6, 7 and 8 (Successor to the SX series)
  • Steinberg Cubase Studio 5 & 6 (Successor to the SL series)
  • Steinberg Cubase Essential 5 & 6 (Successor to the SE series)
  • Steinberg Cubase LE (Light Edition)
  • Steinberg Sequel
  • Steinberg V-Stack
  • Steinberg Nuendo
  • Steinberg WaveLab
  • Steinberg Cubase LE 4
  • Steinberg Cubasis (Exclusively for iPad)

VST instruments

  • Steinberg Groove Agent
  • Steinberg Groove Agent 2
  • Steinberg Groove Agent 3
  • Steinberg Groove Agent 4
  • Steinberg Groove Agent SE
  • Steinberg HALion 1.1
  • Steinberg HALion 2
  • Steinberg HALion 3
  • Steinberg HALion 4
  • Steinberg HALion Player
  • Steinberg HALion SE
  • Steinberg HALion String Edition 1
  • Steinberg HALion String Edition 2
  • Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra
  • Steinberg D'cota
  • Steinberg D'cota SE
  • Steinberg Hypersonic
  • Steinberg Hypersonic 2
  • Steinberg HALion Sonic
  • Steinberg The Grand
  • Steinberg The Grand 2
  • Steinberg The Grand 3
  • Steinberg The Grand SE
  • Steinberg Plex
  • Steinberg Padshop
  • Steinberg Retrologue
  • Steinberg Virtual Guitarist
  • Steinberg Virtual Guitarist SE
  • Steinberg Virtual Bassist


  • Steinberg UR824 -24x24 USb 2.0 audio interface with 8x D-PREs, 24-bit/192kHz, on board DSP, zero latency monitoring, advanced integration.Their top of the line USB audio interface
  • Steinberg CC121 - Advanced Integration Controller
  • Steinberg CI2 - Advanced Integration Controller
  • Steinberg MR816 CSX - Advanced Integration DSP Studio
  • Steinberg MR816 X - Advanced Integration DSP Studio
  • Steinberg UR44 - 6x4 USB 2.0 audio interface with 4x D-PREs, 24-bit/192 kHz support & MIDI I/O
  • Steinberg UR22 - 2x2 USB 2.0 audio interface with 2x D-PREs, 24-bit/192 kHz support & MIDI I/O
  • Steinberg UR12 - 2x2 USB 2.0 audio interface with 1x D-PREs, 24-bit/192 kHz support
  • Steinberg Key (License Control Device for Steinberg Software - Dongle)
  • WK Audio ID Controller

Discontinued products

Music software

  • Steinberg Pro 16 (for Commodore 64)
  • Steinberg Pro 12 (for Atari ST)
  • Steinberg Pro 24 (for Atari ST, Commodore Amiga)
  • Steinberg Cubase SE
  • Steinberg Cubase SL
  • Steinberg Cubase SX
  • Steinberg Cubase VST24
  • Steinberg Cubase VST32
  • Steinberg Cubase Audio
  • Steinberg Cubase Audio XT
  • Steinberg Cubase Score
  • Steinberg Cubase For Windows
  • Steinberg Cubasis VST (low-cost edition of Cubase)
  • Steinberg Avalon - sample editor for Atari

VST instruments

  • Steinberg Plex
  • Steinberg D'cota
  • Steinberg Hypersonic
  • Steinberg/Wizoo X-phraze
  • Steinberg V-Stack


  • Steinberg MIDEX-8 - USB MIDI interface
  • Steinberg MIDEX-3 - USB MIDI interface
  • Steinberg MIDEX - Atari MIDI interface
  • Steinberg Media Interface 4 (MI4) - USB MIDI interface
  • Steinberg Avalon 16 DA Converter - AD Converter for Atari


Steinberg have introduced several industry-standard software protocols. These include:

  • ASIO (a low-latency communication protocol between software and sound cards)
  • VST (a protocol allowing third-party audio plugins and virtual instruments)
  • LTB (providing accurate timing for its now-discontinued MIDI interfaces)
  • VSL (an audio/MIDI network protocol which allows the connection and synchronisation of multiple computers running Steinberg software)

Steinberg's notable packages include the sequencers Cubase and Nuendo, as well as WaveLab (a digital audio editor) and numerous VST plugins.


External links

  • Official website
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