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Surf art

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Title: Surf art  
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Surf art

Surf art is visual art about or related to the sport of surfing. There is a strong connection between art and surf culture, which reaches back 3,000 years to Peru, where some of the world's first historians carved bas-reliefs of surfers. The intersection of the surf and art realms today, however, extends far beyond art documenting life. Both have stretched to encompass each other and the areas of popular culture and commercialism. Art today incorporates graffiti, advertisements and everyday items, and surfing is as much about clothes, attitude and punk music as it is hitting the waves.[1]

Photography is a popular and influential medium of surf art. Imagery documents life, and in surfing terms, it encapsulates a passion, a sport, and a lifestyle. The main objective of surf photography is to not only enlighten the viewer of the pleasures of surfing, but also to demonstrate other facets of the life of a surfer.[2]

Notable Surf Artists in current times include Rick Griffin, John Severson, Alex Lanau, Bill Ogden, Leroy Grannis, John Van Hamersveld, Drew Brophy, Phil Roberts, Ithaka (musician)[3] Rick Rietveld, Jay Alders and Jeff Divine.

Many artists have tried to encapsulate that culture in their artwork. Whether it be cave drawings by old native Hawaiians, to painters through the generations, to surrealists, to graphic designers, to sculptures and even installation artists,with many keen artists through time following suit, quite often surfers themselves.[4] Surf art has spread from coastal areas to urban cities, such as New York, where surf culture and art exhibitions can now be found.[5]

Brazilian Surf Art - In Brazil, an artist and curator named Fernando Bari, who created in 2004 the first and unique website gathering surf artists around the world, have been searching for Brazilian artist who represents the beach culture. The meaning of the community is to share knowledge, mediums and spread the surf art in Brazil. The site also keep and promote art exhibitions, uniting artists and keep the community alive.

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