Titus Cyberbit Basic

Bitstream Cyberbit is a commercial Unicode font designed by Bitstream Inc. It is freeware for non-commercial uses. It was historically one of the first widely available fonts with support for a large proportion of the Unicode repertoire.

Cyberbit was developed by Bitstream to provide Unicode Consortium members with a large Unicode-encoded font to use for testing and development purposes.

Bitstream no longer offers Cyberbit as a free download or as a retail product.

Bitstream Cyberbit font includes 32,910 characters (29,934 glyphs), 935 kerning pairs in v2.0 beta.

The related Bitstream Cyberbase font includes a smaller number of characters than Cyberbit (1249 glyphs), 935 kerning pairs in v1.0 beta.

TITUS Cyberbit

TITUS Cyberbit Basic is a typeface derived from the Bitstream Cyberbit family, designed by Bitstream Inc. and the TITUS (Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien) for Unicode 4.0, by the principal developers Jost Gippert, and Carl-Martin Bunz. It can be obtained for free from TITUS and is freeware for non-commercial uses.

TITUS Cyberbit Basic supports part of the Medieval Unicode Font Initiative.

It includes 10,044 glyphs (9,341 Characters) in version 3.0 (2000) (revision 4.0) from the following Unicode blocks:

  • Basic Latin (95)
  • Latin-1 Supplement (96)
  • Latin Extended-A (128)
  • Latin Extended-B (183)
  • IPA Extensions (96)
  • Spacing Modifier Letters (80)
  • Combining Diacritical Marks (106)
  • Greek (128)
  • Cyrillic (247)
  • Cyrillic Supplement (16)
  • Armenian (86)
  • Hebrew (83)
  • Arabic (185)
  • Syriac (76)
  • Thaana (50)
  • Devanagari (106)
  • Thai (87)
  • Georgian (83)
  • Ethiopic (364)
  • Ogham (32)
  • Runic (81)
  • Phonetic Extensions (108)
  • Latin Extended Additional (247)
  • Greek Extended (236)
  • General Punctuation (68)
  • Superscripts and Subscripts (29)
  • Currency Symbols (12)
  • Letterlike Symbols (13)
  • Number Forms (28)
  • Arrows (21)
  • Mathematical Operators (80)
  • Miscellaneous Technical (8)
  • Enclosed Alphanumerics (112)
  • Box Drawing (112)
  • Block Elements (10)
  • Geometric Shapes (53)
  • Miscellaneous Symbols (33)
  • Glagolitic (94)
  • Coptic (114)
  • Georgian Supplement (38)
  • CJK Symbols and Punctuation (31)
  • Hiragana (90)
  • Katakana (94)
  • Bopomofo (37)
  • Private Use Area (4,649)
  • CJK Compatibility Ideographs (1)
  • Alphabetic Presentation Forms (57)
  • Arabic Presentation Forms-A (205)
  • CJK Compatibility Forms (27)
  • Small Form Variants (29)
  • Arabic Presentation Forms-B (140)
  • Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms (157)

An extended version of this font is TITUS Cyberbit Unicode, includes 36,161 characters in v4.0. It can be downloaded from here

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