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TV Sucks

TV Sucks
Created by Brad Neely
Composer(s) Brad Neely
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s)
  • Brad Neely
  • Dave Newberg
  • Daniel Weidenfeld
Production company(s)
Original channel Adult Swim

TV Sucks is an upcoming American animated television series created by Brad Neely. A sketch-comedy show, it is made up of short films and routines, with songs composed by Neely. The show is set to premiere on Adult Swim in the 2015-2016 television season.[1]


A week before the network had their upfront in the second week of May 2015,[2] Adult Swim announced TV Sucks. The only new show for their 2015 and 2016 television season,[1] the network announced it in addition to their new pilots and specials and renewed shows. TV Sucks was created by Brad Neely,[2] who also created China, IL on the network.[3] An animated sketch-comedy show, TV Sucks is made up of short, singular routines, short films, and songs. Titmouse, Inc. is its producer.[2] An executive producer of China, IL,[3] Daniel Weidenfeld is also an executive producer of TV Sucks, with Neely the same; Dave Newberg is a co-executive producer.[2]

Adult Swim described the artistic style of the show as belonging to Neely.[2] Weidenfeld said that the show is a revival of the arrangement and style in The Professor Brothers and Baby Cakes, two web series by Neely—both of which led to the creation of China, IL. Neely even proposed that the universe of TV Sucks could be the same as that of China, IL. Music, a major part of the show, is composed by Neely. According to him, the way in which songs are placed in the show is not had in advance. In June 2015, he said he had been working on a group of 75 songs for TV Sucks.[3] He described the sketches as short; some last only for a few seconds.[3] The show itself is a quarter-hour long.[2]


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