ThinkPad Yoga

ThinkPad Yoga
ThinkPad Yoga in tent mode
Developer Lenovo
Product family ThinkPad
Type Ultrabook convertible laptop/tablet computer
Release date November 2013
Operating system Microsoft Windows
CPU Intel Core
Storage Solid-state drive
Display 12.5 inches (320 mm) 1,920 × 1,080 pixel color IPS panel display
Graphics Intel HD and Iris Graphics
Website //yoga-series/thinkpad/laptops/en/

The ThinkPad Yoga is an 2-in-1 convertible tablet from Lenovo.


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The Thinkpad Yoga was unveiled by Lenovo in September at the 2013 IFA in Berlin, Germany. It was released in the United States in November 2013 at starting price of US$949.[1][2]

Design and performance

The ThinkPad Yoga has a "backlit" keyboard that flattens when flipped into tablet mode. This is accomplished with a platform surrounding the keys rises until level with the keyboard buttons, a locking mechanism that prevents key presses, and feet that pop out to prevent the keyboard from directly resting on flat surfaces. Lenovo implemented this design in response to complaints about its earlier Yoga 13 and 11 models being awkward to use in tablet mode. A reinforced hinge was required to implement this design. Other than its convertible form factor, the ThinkPad Yoga is a rather standard ThinkPad device with a black magnesium-reinforced chassis, island keyboard, a red TrackPoint, and a large buttonless trackpad.[1][2]

The ThinkPad Yoga has a 12.5-inch IPS touchscreen with 1080p resolution. The screen was designed for use with an optional pen-style digitizer. It is powered by Haswell processors from Intel. Buyers will be able to choose standard hard drives and solid state drives.[1][2]


Dan Ackerman of CNET wrote, "In our brief hands-on time with the ThinkPad Yoga, while it's made of tough, light magnesium alloy, it didn't feel as slick and coffee shop ready as the IdeaPad version (and it lacks the extremely high-res screen of the Yoga 2), but the hidden keyboard think [sic] is so fascinating, you'll find yourself folding the lid back and forth over and over again just to watch it in action." [2]

Brittany Hillen of Slashgear wrote, "The ThinkPad Yoga is a hybrid machine with a lot to offer users as both a laptop and as a tablet, though in slate mode it is thicker than what you'd get with a traditional tablet. There is nothing ill to speak of regarding the ThinkPad Yoga -- everything about it is solid, with the exception perhaps being a lower quality stylus than what an artist would need. The construction feels solid and durable in the hands, the keyboard is comfortable for typing in long duration stints, and the hardware is capable for a variety of tasks." [3]

James Kendrick of ZDNET wrote, "The ThinkPad Yoga is a great work laptop that can be pressed into tablet duty when desired. Its heavy-duty ThinkPad construction will stand up to the rigors of a road warrior. The battery life is reasonable and the beautiful screen works well in both laptop and tablet modes." [4]


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