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Time in the Falkland Islands

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Title: Time in the Falkland Islands  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Dyke Island, Dunbar Island, Fox Island, Falkland Islands, Golding Island, Great Island, Falkland Islands
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Time in the Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands has officially used Falkland Islands Standard Time (UTC−3) all year round since 5 September 2010.[1] However, many residents of Camp use UTC−4, known on the Falklands as "Camp Time" (as opposed to "Stanley time" or "Government clocks").[2] This caused confusion in 2009 when a team of Royal Engineers working in Hill Cove did not realise West Falkland was on a different time zone to Stanley.[3]

The Falklands used Stanley Mean Time (UTC−3:51:24) until 11 March 1912 when Falkland Islands Time (FKT, UTC−4) came into effect.[4] FKT was then used all year round until 1 May 1983 when Falkland Islands Summer Time (FKST, UTC−3) was first introduced for the summer period of the year.[5] FKT was then used in the winter period (April-September) and FKST in the summer period (September-April) until April 2011[1] when the Falkland Islands Government decided not to put the clocks back and remain on daylight saving time all year around in the hope of gaining more time to contact the United Kingdom and Europe during the day and lighter evenings in the winter.[6][7][8]


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