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Vice President of Ecuador

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Title: Vice President of Ecuador  
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Subject: 2008 Constitution of Ecuador, 2010 Ecuador crisis, Ecuador, Constitutional Tribunal of Ecuador, List of current vice presidents
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Vice President of Ecuador

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Vice President of Ecuador is the second highest political position in Ecuador. Many times has the vice president succeeded the president in turbulent political situations. The last time was in 2005 after the resignation of president Lucio Gutiérrez. According to the current constitution, the vice president is elected on the same ticket as the president.

Below is the history of the office holders. The list is complete.

Name Inaugurated Left Office
José Joaquín de Olmedo 1830 1831
José Modesto Larrea 1831 1835
Juan Bernardo León 1835 1839
Francisco Aguirre 1839 1843
Francisco Marcos 1843 1845
Pablo Merino 1845 1847
Manuel de Ascásubi 1847 1851
Position abolished 1851 1852
Pacífico Chiriboga 1852 1854
Manuel Bustamante 1854 1856
Marcos Espinel 1856 1858
Jerónimo Carrión 1858 1860
Mariano Cueva 1861 1863
Antonio Borrero 1863 1864
Rafael Carvajal 1864 1865
Pedro José de Arteta 1865 1867
Vacant 1867 1868
Pedro José de Arteta 1868 1869
Francisco Javier León 1869 1875
Vacant 1875 1883
Rafael Pérez Pareja 1883 1884
Agustín Guerrero Lizarzaburu 1884 1886
Pedro José Cevallos 1886 1890
Pablo Herrera 1890 1894
Vicente Lucio Salazar 1894 1895
Vacant 1895 1897
Manuel Benigno Cueva 1897 1899
Carlos Freire Zaldumbide 1899 1903
Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno 1903 1906
Position abolished 1906 1946
Mariano Suárez Veintimilla 1946 1947
José Rafael Bustamante 1947 1948
Manuel Sotomayor y Luna 1948 1949
Abel Gilbert 1949 1952
Alfredo Chiriboga 1952 1956
Francisco Illingworth Icaza 1956 1960
Carlos Julio Arosemena Monroy 1960 1961
Reinaldo Varea Donoso 1961 1963
Vacant position 1963 1968
Jorge Zavala Baquerizo 1968 1972
Junta, no vice president 1976 1979
Osvaldo Hurtado Larrea 1979 1981
León Roldós Aguilera 1981 1984
Blasco Peñaherrera Padilla 1984 1988
Luis Parodi Valverde 1988 1992
Alberto Dahik Garzozzi 1992 1995
Eduardo Peña Triviño 1995 1996
Rosalía Arteaga Serrano 1996 1998
Pedro Aguayo Cubillo 1998 1998
Gustavo Noboa Bejarano 1998 2000
Pedro Pinto Rubianes 2000 2003
Luis Alfredo Palacio González 2003 2005
Nicanor Alejandro Serrano Aguilar 2005 2007
Lenín Moreno Garcés 2007 2013
Jorge Glas 2013 Incumbent

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