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Vice President of the Legislative Yuan

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Title: Vice President of the Legislative Yuan  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Politics of the Republic of China, Hung Hsiu-chu, Chiang Pin-kung, Wang Jin-pyng, Taiwanese local elections, 2014
Collection: Politics of the Republic of China
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Vice President of the Legislative Yuan

Vice President of the
Legislative Yuan
Flag of the Republic of China
Hung Hsiu-chu

since 1 February 2012
Appointer Elected by the Legislative Yuan
Term length 4 years, no term limits
Inaugural holder Lin Sen
Formation 13 March 1928

The Vice President of the Legislative Yuan (Chinese: 立法院副院長; pinyin: Lìfǎ Yuàn Fùyuàn Zhǎng) is the deputy presiding officer of the Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China. The current Vice President is Hung Hsiu-chu, a Kuomintang at-large legislator.


  • Election 1
  • Duty 2
  • List of Vice Presidents 3
    • Pre-1947 Constitution 3.1
    • Post-1947 Constitution 3.2
    • Direct Democratic Election 3.3
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The Vice President is elected by and from among all members of the Yuan in a preparatory meeting held on the first reporting day of the first session of each Legislative Yuan, and he or she shall serve a term the same length as that of other members.


In absent of the President, the Vice President may presides over the Yuan Sittings and the meetings of the Committee of the Entire Yuan and is responsible for the administration of the Yuan.

List of Vice Presidents

Pre-1947 Constitution

Name Office Political Party
Lin Sen
Lín Sēn
8 October 1928 – 2 March 1931 Kuomintang
Shao Yuanchong
Shào Yuánchōng
2 March 1931 – 28 December 1931 Kuomintang
Tan Zhen
Tán Zhèn
28 December 1931 – 14 May 1932 Kuomintang
Shao Yuanchong
Shào Yuánchōng
14 May 1932 – 12 January 1933 Kuomintang
Ye Chucang
Yè Chǔcāng
12 January 1933 – 18 June 1948 Kuomintang
Chen Lifu
Chén Lìfū
18 June 1948 – 22 December 1948 Kuomintang

Post-1947 Constitution

Name Office Political Party
Liu Jin-chin
Liú Jiànqún
Representing Kweichow 2nd District at-large
22 December 1948 – 7 October 1950 Kuomintang
Huang Guo-shu
Huáng Guóshū
Representing Taiwan at-large
7 October 1950 – 1 March 1961 Kuomintang
Ni Wen-ya
Ní Wényà
Representing Chekiang 3rd District at-large
1 March 1961 – 2 May 1972 Kuomintang
Liu Kwo-tsai
Liú Kuòcái
Representing Taiwan 1st District at-large
2 May 1972 – 24 February 1989 Kuomintang
Liang Su-yung
Liáng Sùróng
Representing Liaopeh at-large
24 February 1989 – 12 February 1990 Kuomintang
Liu Sung-pan
Liú Sōngfān
Representing Taiwan 6th District at-large
12 February 1990 – 17 February 1992 Kuomintang
Shen Shih-hsiung
Chén Shìxióng
Representing Taiwan 8th District at-large
17 January 1992 – 1 February 1993 Kuomintang

Direct Democratic Election

Name Office Electoral mandates Political Party
Wang Jin-pyng
Wáng Jīnpíng
Representing Kaohsiung County
1 February 1993 – 1 February 1999 1992 53.0%
1995 46.1%
Yao Eng-chi
Ráo Yǐngqí
Representing Nationwide KMT at-large №1
1 February 1999 – 1 February 2002 1998 46.4% Kuomintang
Chiang Pin-kung
Jiāng Bǐngkūn
Representing Nationwide KMT at-large №2
1 February 2002 – 1 February 2005 2001 31.3% + 23.2% (Pan-Blue Coalition) Kuomintang
Chung Jung-chi
Zhōng Róngjí
Representing Nationwide PFP at-large №5
1 February 2005 – 1 February 2008 2004 34.9% + 14.9% (Pan-Blue Coalition) People First Party
Tseng Yung-chuan
Zéng Yǒngquán
Representing Nationwide KMT at-large №3
1 February 2008 – 1 February 2012 2008 53.5% Kuomintang
Hung Hsiu-chu
Hóng Xiùzhù
Representing Nationwide KMT at-large №6
1 February 2012 – Incumbent 2012 44.5% Kuomintang

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