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Vladimir Mashkov

Vladimir Mashkov
Diamond in 2009
Born Vladimir Lvovich Mashkov
(1963-11-27) November 27, 1963 (age 50)
Tula, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union[1]
Nationality Russian
Occupation Actor
Years active 1989 – present

Vladimir Lvovich Mashkov, PAR[2] (born November 27, 1963) is a Russian actor, known to Western audiences for his work in the 2001 film Behind Enemy Lines and 2011 film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Mashkov has also worked as a film director, producer and writer for the 2004 Russian film Papa.


Mashkov was born in Novokuznetsk, Soviet Union, now Russia. His mother was a puppet theater director and his father was an actor.[3] Mashkov works for Oleg Tabakov's theatre as an actor and the main stage director, replacing Tabakov. He has appeared in a number of plays, including My Big Land, Biloxi Blues and The Inspector General. By the 1970s, Mashkov moved to Novosibirsk, where he was soon expelled from school.[4] In 1990, he graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School.[5]

Personal life

Mashkov has one daughter, Maria Mashkova from his marriage with actress Yelena Shevchenko and both are now divorced.[6] He is also an active supporter of United Russia.[7]


  • 1994 San Raphael Russian Cinema Festival Blue Sail Award for Limita (1994)
  • 1994 Sochi Open Russian Film Festival Best Actor Award for Limita (1994)
  • 1995 Geneva Film Festival International Jury Prize for Limita (1994)
  • 1995 Geneva Film Festival Youth Jury Award for Limita (1994)
  • 1997 Open CIS and Baltic Film Festival Best Actor Award for The Thief (1997)
  • 1997 Sozvezdie Best Actor Award for The Thief (1997)
  • 1998 Nika Awards Best Actor Award for The Thief (1997)
  • 2001 23rd Moscow International Film Festival Silver St. George Best Actor Award for The Quickie (2001)[8]
  • 2004 26th Moscow International Film Festival Audience Award for Papa (2004) (shared with Ilya Rubinstein)[9]




  • Zelyonyy ogon' kozy (The Goat's Green Fire) (1989)
  • Ha-bi-assy (1990)
  • Delay – raz! ("Do It Once!") (1990)
  • Lyubov na ostrove smerti (Love at the Death Island) (1991)
  • Alyaska, ser! (Alaska, Sir!) (1992)
  • Moi Ivan, toi Abraham (Me Ivan, You Abraham) (1993) .... Aaron
  • Limita (1994) .... Ivan
  • Katya Ismailova (1994) .... Sergey
  • Amerikanskaya doch (American Daughter) (1995) .... Alexei
  • Koroli i kapusta (Cabbages and Kings) (1996) (voice)
  • Noch pered Rozhdestvom (1997) (voice) .... Devil
  • Vor (The Thief) (1997) ... Tolyan
  • Sirota kazanskaya (Sympathy Seeker) (1997) .... Stall holder
  • Sochineniye ko dnyu pobedy (Composition for Victory Day) (1998)
  • Dve luny, tri solntsa (Two Moons, Three Suns) (1998) .... Alexei
  • Mama (Mommy) (1999) .... Nikolai Yuryev
  • Russkiy bunt (The Captain's Daughter) (2000) .... Yemelyan Pugachyov
  • Dancing at the Blue Iguana (2000) .... Sacha
  • 15 Minutes (2001) .... Milos Karlova
  • An American Rhapsody (2001) .... Frank
  • The Quickie (2001) .... Oleg
  • Behind Enemy Lines (2001) .... Sasha
  • Oligarkh (Tycoon and Tycoon: A New Russian) (2002) .... Platon
  • Papa (Daddy and Father) (2004) .... Abraham Schwartz
  • Statskiy sovetnik (The State Counsellor) (2005) .... Kozyr
  • Okhota na Piranyu (Piranha) (2006) .... Mazur
  • Piter FM (2006)
  • Domovoy (2008) ... The Ghost (Domovoy)
  • Kandagar (2010) ... Sergei
  • The Edge (2010) ... Ignat
  • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) ... Anatoly Sidorov



  • My Big Land
  • Biloxy Blues
  • The Inspector General
  • Don Juan



  • Sirota kazanskaya (Sympathy Seeker) (1997)
  • Papa (Daddy and Father) (2004)


  • A Star Hour By Local Time
  • Passions for Bumbarash
  • The Death-Defying Act
  • The Threepenny Opera


  • Papa (Daddy and Father) (2004)


  • Papa (Daddy and Father) (2004)


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