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Title: Vrujci  
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Subject: Kolubara District, Valjevo, Spa town, List of heads of the Serbian Orthodox Church, List of spa towns
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Banja Vrujci

Banja Vrujci is a spa town located in the northwestern part of Serbia, spread around the hillsides of Suvobor mountain and the River Toplica valley. It is most famous for its healing water which is also used for bottling VodaVoda, a brand of mineral water in Serbia. VodaVoda is now being sold in many countries worldwide, like Russia, Czech Republic, and Japan.


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The Vrujci Spa is located at the foot of the mountains Suvobor and Maljen, between Ljig and Mionica. It belongs to the Mionica municipality and the Kolubara District. The Vrujci Spa and its area are surrounded by picturesque hills and captivating scenery of pristine nature. The Toplica River runs through the spa the name of which speaks of the existence of hot thermal water in the Vrujci Spa. The temperature of the water that springs in the very centre of the spa is 26-27°C, and it falls within the category of oligomineral waters. The water is used for therapeutic purposes both for bathing and drinking.

The therapeutic properties of the water and the spa mud are used for treating rheumatic ailments, sterility, sciatica, varicose veins, high blood pressure, skin diseases...

The Vrujci Spa has a complex of bathing pools that are unique in Serbia because they are built right on the thermal water springs, which makes them free flowing. In addition to providing treatment for the said medical conditions, the Vrujci Spa is an ideal choice for holiday, recreation, leisure, hiking, fishing, camping and a series of other activities.

It is located at 92 km from Belgrade, 113 km from Pančevo, 65 km from Obrenovac, 30 km from Valjevo, 75 km from Čačak, 170 km from Novi Sad.

Surrounding area

- Struganik (5 km) – the birthplace of Duke Živojin Mišić (one of the Serbian Army commanders in World War I) – museum

- Ribnica (7 km) – the Ribnica River, the Ribnica Cave and St.Peter and Paul’s Church

- Ravna Gora (29 km) – a monument of Draža Mihajlović (leader of the Chetnik movement in World War II)

- Bogovađa (23 km) – the Bogovađa Monastery

- Rajac (23 km) – Mt.Rajac, “Haymaking in Rajac“ an event taking place in mid July,

- Divčibare (15 km) – mountain holiday resort


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