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Walkure Romanze: Shōjo Kishi Monogatari

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Title: Walkure Romanze: Shōjo Kishi Monogatari  
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Subject: Ai Shimizu, Chiemi Chiba, Princess Lover!
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Walkure Romanze: Shōjo Kishi Monogatari

Walkure Romanze: Shōjo Kishi Monogatari
ワルキューレ ロマンツェ 少女騎士物語
(Warukyūre Romantse Shōjo Kishi Monogatari)
Genre Action, Romance
Developer Ricotta
Publisher Ricotta
Genre Eroge, Visual novel
Platform Windows
  • JP October 28, 2011
Anime television series
Walkure Romanze
Directed by Yūsuke Yamamoto
Written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Music by Lantis
Studio 8-Bit
Network Tokyo MX, SUN, AT-X, KBS, TVA
Original run October 6, 2013 – ongoing
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Walkure Romanze: Shōjo Kishi Monogatari (ワルキューレ ロマンツェ 少女騎士物語 Warukyūre Romantse Shōjo Kishi Monogatari?, lit. Valkyrie Romance: Girl Knight Story), also known as Walroma (ワルロマ Waruroma?) for short, is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by the visual novel company Ricotta for Windows PCs. It is Ricotta's second visual novel after Princess Lover!. It was released on October 28, 2011. The game is described by the development team as a "romancing female knights ADV" (少女騎士恋愛ADV shōjo kishi renai ADV?).[1] On August 9, 2012, Ricotta announced that a fandisc titled Walkure Romanze More&More was in production. The fandisc is scheduled for release in 2013.[2] An anime TV series adaptation titled Walkure Romanze, produced by 8-Bit and directed by Yūsuke Yamamoto, began airing in October 2013.


Walkure Romanze's story revolves around Takahiro Mizuno, a student studying at an academy with jousting as its main focus for sport.[3] Takahiro acts as an advisor to the riders of the sport.[3] Takahiro goes through each day tediously until the time of the annual competition draws near.[3] Due to some odd circumstances, his childhood friend Mio Kisaki is enrolled into the competition.[3] As she has never even rode a horse once in her life, Takahiro senses the fear in his friend and becomes Mio's coach.[3]


Takahiro Mizuno (水野貴弘 Mizuno Takahiro?)
Voiced by: Seiichirō Yamashita (anime)
The protagonist of Walkure Romanze.[3] Takahiro was a very good athlete in the junior competitions but has since left the scene due to an injury he incurred during a championship finals match.[1]
Mio Kisaki (希咲美桜 Kisaki Mio?)
Voiced by: Berisa Matsuda (PC), Ai Shimizu (drama CD/anime)
A friend of Takahiro's and also lives quite close to him.[1] Mio enjoys watching jousting competitions and strongly believes that Takahiro will eventually recover from his injury and return to competing.[1]
Noel Marres Ascot (ノエル・マーレス・アスコット Noeru Maaresu Asukotto?)
Voiced by: Ran Shimabara (PC), Eriko Nakamura (drama CD/anime)
Daughter of a marquess family.[1] Her jousting skills are top class.[1] Noel puts in all she has got into the competitions because she promised her younger sister that she would never lose when she is competing in front of her.[1]
Celia Cumani Aintree (スィーリア・クマーニ・エイントリー Suiiria Kumaani Eintorii?)
Voiced by: Rino Kawashima (PC), Kei Mizusawa (drama CD/anime)
Celia was the winner of the jousting competitions during both her first and second year at the academy and is regarded as a prodigy in jousting.[1] Celia also has excellent grades and has been the president of the student council for consecutive years.[1]
Lisa Eostre (リサ・エオストレ Risa Eosutore]]?)
Voiced by: Koori Natsuno (PC), Hiroko Taguchi (drama CD/anime)
A first-year student at the academy but is regarded as a very promising rookie.[1] No one in the first year class is able to stand up to her.[1]
Akane Ryuuzouji (龍造寺 茜?)
Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame
Mio's best friend at school. she has a big crush on Celia, so much so that even saying her name causes her to lose focus.


Walkure Romanze is Ricotta's second game, after their first game, Princess Lover!, released in 2008.[4] The scenario for Walkure Romanze is being written by Orgel and Hare Kitagawa.[1] Kitagawa's authoring credits include Akiiro Renka,[5] Happiness! Re:Lucks,[6] and Time Leap.[7] The art and character designs will be handled by Kei Komori,[1] who also worked on Princess Lover!.[8]

Due to the unusual jousting theme of the game and Komori's personal love for armour, the Ricotta staff had to do a lot of research.[3] With regards to the game, the staff would like the player to pay close attention to how the sport of jousting brings the protagonist and the heroine together, and how the trust between the two slowly blossoms into love.[9] They also stated that they originally had five heroines being designed but the number was later cut down to four.[3]

Release history

Walkure Romanze was originally planned to be released in the winter of 2009 but has since been delayed[10] to 2010.[11] It was scheduled for June 24, 2011 but was then subsequently delayed to September 30, 2011.[12]



A manga adaptation, illustrated by Mitsu King, was serialized in ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Daioh between the May 2012 and July 2013 issues. Two tankōbon volumes were released: the first on November 27, 2012 and the second on August 27, 2013. A second manga, illustrated by Manoe Nagisa, was serialized in ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Hime between the July and November 2012 issues. A third manga, illustrated by No. Gomesu, started serialization in Kill Time Communication's Comic Valkyrie Web Edition in the second volume released on January 28, 2013. A fourth manga, titled Walkure Romanze: Noel Etoile and illustrated by Sawayoshi Azuma, began serialization in Dengeki Hime in the July 2013 issue.


An anime television series adaptation, produced by 8-Bit and directed by Yūsuke Yamamoto,[13] began airing in October 2013. The opening theme is "Un-Delayed" by Miyuki Hashimoto and the ending theme is "MoonRise Romance" by Natsuko Aso.


The game's opening theme to Walkure Romanze is "Hontō no Yūki ni Kawaru Made" (本当の勇気に変わるまで?) by Miyuki Hashimoto.[14] The song is composed and arranged by Takagō Azuma.[14] The ending theme is "Kibō no Hoshi (Hero)" (希望の星〜HERO〜?) and is also sung by Hashimoto. The game also includes two insert songs by Sayaka Sasaki: "Shooting the future" and "Mind Squall".


In's 2011 Bishōjo Game Awards (based on user votes), Walkure Romanze won first place in the Graphics category, second place in Ero, as well as 20th place overall.[15] The game was also Getchu's fifth best selling game for 2011.[16]


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