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Windows Marketplace for Mobile

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Title: Windows Marketplace for Mobile  
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Subject: Windows Mobile, Windows Phone Store, Samsung GT-B7330, Software, Windows Mobile 6.5
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Windows Marketplace for Mobile

Developer(s) Microsoft
Development status Discontinued[1] Succeeded by Windows Phone Store.
Operating system Windows Mobile 6.x
Type Digital distribution
License Proprietary
Website n/a

Windows Marketplace for Mobile was a service by Microsoft for its Windows Mobile platform that allowed users to browse and download applications that had been developed by third parties. The service was available for use directly on Windows Mobile 6.x devices (versions earlier than 6.5 require downloading a free Windows Marketplace for Mobile application) and on personal computers. It was announced at the 2009 Mobile World Congress, and began operation on 6 October 2009, featuring an initial 246 applications.[2] Initially it was available only for Windows Mobile 6.5, and was made available to older 6.x versions a few weeks later.[3] On February 15, 2010 Microsoft announced its next generation mobile platform named Windows Phone; there is a separate app store, Windows Phone Store, for it; WM6.x apps are not compatible with WP7.

From July 15, 2011 Windows Mobile applications could no longer be downloaded from the website, but only by signing into Marketplace for Mobile on a phone. Marketplace for Mobile was shut down on May 22, 2012.[1]


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Access to Marketplace for Mobile

Until July 15, 2011 access to Marketplace for Mobile was available either from a device running Windows Mobile 6 (supported by WM6.5 natively, and by WM6.0 and 6.1 by downloading and using the Windows Marketplace for Mobile program[4]), or from a Microsoft website usable from any Web browser on any computer. From that date, and until May 8, 2012, it was only available from a device.

Pricing and features

Windows Marketplace for Mobile, available through applications for Windows Mobile and personal computers, offers a 24-hour return policy for buyers, and 70% of each application sale will be paid to developers.[5] A one-time $99 USD fee for developers to list an unlimited number of paid applications or up to five free applications yearly in the store is charged by Microsoft. After five free applications have been listed for the year, each additional free application can be listed for a $19.99 USD fee. Microsoft accepts payment from buyers through credit cards and carrier charges.

Students who are members of Microsoft's DreamSpark program can submit applications to the store for free, waiving the $99 USD fee.

Carriers have the ability to create a branded section of the store to market carrier-specific applications and services for their customers.[6]

Content restrictions

Microsoft does distribute certain types of apps, including those with sexual content, via the Marketplace.[7] Banned applications include:

  • Sex and nudity – Images that are suggestive or sexual (e.g. sexually provocative touching, bondage) or provocative images that reveal full nudity.
  • Any adult or borderline adult content (images or text).
  • Content that generally falls under the category of pornography.


Rumors about the service began to surface around the internet in September 2008, whereas it was referred to as "Skymarket", and was to appear with the Windows Mobile 7 release.[8] Rumors stemmed from an online job listing from Microsoft's website calling for a "Senior Product Manager".[9]

On February 16, 2009, Microsoft made an official announcement for the service at the 2009 Mobile World Congress for use with upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 devices.[10] The company has since announced that availability of the service will be by the end of 2009.[6]

The store opened for business on 6 October 2009, featuring 246 applications.[2]

On November 12, 2009, the Marketplace web application was opened.[11]

The Marketplace website announced in mid-2011: "On July 15th [2011] this website will no longer offer Windows Mobile 6.x applications for download. If you have a Windows Mobile 6.x phone you can continue accessing the application store from the Marketplace client on your phone. ... [you must] sign into Marketplace for Mobile on your phone ... to buy apps". It was later announced that Marketplace for Mobile would be discontinued on May 9, 2012.[12]

On July 15, 2011, Microsoft announced that they will no longer be accepting submissions for new applications or updates to existing ones.[13]

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