Worcester-class cruiser

USS Worcester (CL-144)
Class overview
Name: Worcester class cruiser
Operators: United States Navy
Preceded by:
Planned: 10
Completed: 2
Cancelled: 8
Retired: 2
Preserved: 0
General characteristics
Type: Light Cruiser
Displacement: 13,000 tons (standard)
17,997 tons (full)
Length: 679 ft .5 in
Beam: 70 ft .5 in
Draft: 25 ft
Propulsion: 4x Westinghouse 620 psi boilers
4x geared steam turbines
4x screws
125,000 Horsepower
Speed: 33 knots
Complement: 1,560 officers and enlisted
Armament: 12 x 6-in/47 Mk16 DP in six 2-gun turrets
5 x dual 3-in/50 Mk27 port
(3-in/50s were installed in early 1949)
5 x dual 3-in/50 Mk27 starboard
1 x dual 3-in/50 Mk27 bow
2 x single 3-in/50 Mk33 on blisters fantail
Armor: 3-5 in belt
3.5 in (max) deck
2-6.5 in turrets
5 in barbettes
4.5 in conn

The Worcester class was a class of light cruisers used by the United States Navy, laid down in 1945 and commissioned in 1948-49. They and their contemporaries the heavy cruisers were the last all-gun cruisers built for the US Navy. Ten ships were planned for this class, but only two (USS Worcester (CL-144) and USS Roanoke (CL-145)) were completed.

Although technically light cruisers because they carried 6 in (152 mm) guns, they were in fact among the largest cruisers ever built, being longer and displacing more than the heavy cruisers of World War II. Their main battery layout was quite distinctive in that they carried twin rather than triple turrets, unlike the previous , , and light cruisers. Aside from the fact that the Worcesters main battery consisted of 6 in (152 mm) rather than 5 in (127 mm) guns, the layout was identical to the much smaller light cruisers, carrying 12 guns in six turrets, three forward and three aft, with only turrets 3 and 4 superfiring. The 6"/47 Mk 16 gun was an autoloading, high-angle dual purpose gun with a high rate of fire, and the Worcesters were thus designed to serve as AA cruisers like the Juneaus but with much more potent guns, as well as conventional light cruisers.

Both ships were decommissioned in 1958, the last conventional light cruisers to serve in the fleet, and scrapped in the early 1970s.

Ships in class

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