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Xenia Onatopp

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Title: Xenia Onatopp  
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Subject: GoldenEye: Rogue Agent, Famke Janssen, Bond girl, Judy Havelock, Natalya Simonova
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Xenia Onatopp

Xenia Onatopp
James Bond character
Portrayed by Famke Janssen (1995)
Kate Magowan (2010 video game)
Gender Female
Affiliation ex-Soviet Air Force
Classification Bond girl / Henchwoman

Xenia Sergeyevna Onatopp is a supporting villain in the James Bond film GoldenEye, played by actress Famke Janssen.


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  • In video games 2
  • Reception 3
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In the film

Xenia, born in the pilot in the Soviet Air Force. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, she joins the crime syndicate Janus, led by renegade MI6 agent Alec Trevelyan. Early in the movie, Bond gets into a car chase with her, meets her at a casino, and places her under surveillance.

A beautiful, seductive woman who derives Eurocopter Tiger aboard a French warship anchored off Monte Carlo.

Onatopp then hijacks the prototype Eurocopter Tiger by killing the two pilots. Later, she and turncoat Russian General Arkady Ourumov use the hijacked Tiger in an attack on the Severnaya satellite control center in central Siberia, where they steal the controller for the GoldenEye electromagnetic pulse (EMP) satellite weapon. During the attack, she fires an AKS-74U carbine around the control room, murdering all the military personnel and civilian technicians present, again getting sexually aroused in the process (something that clearly disturbs Ourumov, as seen in his expression). She then appears as Bond's link to the Janus group. In a meeting arranged by Bond's dealings with Valentin Zukovsky, a Russian arms dealer and former KGB agent, Onatopp arrives to meet Bond as he swims lengths in the Turkish Baths of his hotel – The St. Petersburg Grand. Initially sneaking around the pool, Bond discovers her presence and hurls her into the steam room. Onatopp attempts to seduce Bond, forcefully kissing him and coercing the agent to set down his weapon, before biting his lip, causing him to hurl her at the wall. Following a period of violent foreplay where Onatopp crushes Bond between her thighs, Bond finally draws his weapon on her and demands to be taken to Janus.

In her final encounter with Bond in Cuba, she ambushes him and Natalya Simonova by rappeling from a helicopter and begins torturing him between her legs. However, Bond is able to connect the rope she rappelled down to her safety harness, grabs her AK-74 rifle, and shoots down the helicopter with her rifle. The result pulls Onatopp off Bond and sends her flying, screaming, into the crotch of a tree, with her safety harness ironically crushing her by the stomach to death. Bond quips, "She always did enjoy a good squeeze."

In video games

Onatopp has appeared in a number of James Bond video games as a playable multiplayer character.

Her first appearance was in the 1997 video game adaptation of GoldenEye, GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64. She is with Trevelyan on the train stage of the game. If the player quickly shoots her after eliminating Ourumov, she will yell to Trevelyan that she is wounded and to wait up for her; this buys the player more time to escape from the train. She later reappears in the jungle stage. Similar to the film, she is killed in the jungles of Cuba in a firefight with Bond. Killing Onatopp is the only way for the player to dual-wield two different guns in the game without a complex series of button presses; she uses an RC-P90 and a grenade launcher at the same time.

In the James Bond game Nightfire, Onatopp also appears as a multiplayer character. She can be unlocked by a cheat on the cheats menu as JANUS, the organization she works for in the movie.

She later appeared in the spinoff Bond game GoldenEye: Rogue Agent where she works for Dr. Julius No and is Agent GoldenEye's alluring opponent. She is commander of Dr. No's army, which has taken over the Hoover Dam. She is killed after being thrown off of the Hoover Dam while fighting Goldeneye. In the game she was voiced by actress Jenya Lano.

She appears in the Kate Magowan.


Xenia Onatopp has appeared in lists of the top ten Bond Girls, including by Entertainment Weekly[1] and Dose.[2] Yahoo! Movies had her name included in the list of the best Bond girl names, even while calling it a "slightly-too-obvious pun."[3] In 2015, The Telegraph suggested that "in the stolid Brosnan years, former Soviet fighter pilot Onatopp was a breath of fresh air."[4]

Anna Katherine Amacker and Donna Ashley Moore suggest that Onatopp is a "direct throwback to the earlier style of Bond girl, complete with an innuendo-laden name and a blatant sexuality."[5] Robert A. Saunders suggests that she "personifies the hypersexualized archetype of the post-Soviet Russian woman."[6]

The character was parodied in the Austin Powers film Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me with a character named Ivana Humpalot.


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