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Yaron Meiri

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Title: Yaron Meiri  
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Yaron Meiri

Yaron Meiri
Yaron Meiri, artistic director
Born (1963-10-23) October 23, 1963
Rehovot, Israel
Occupation CEO of Orpan Group
Known for Artistic projects around the world

Yaron Meiri was born and raised in the city of Rehovot, Israel. After his army service as an officer in the IDF's intelligent forces Israel Defense Forces, he commenced his PhD studies in Middle Eastern studies at Tel Aviv University. During this time, he still kept his artistic career as a director and content developer for cultural and formal events.


  • Professional career 1
  • Highlighted worldwide projects 2
  • Israeli projects 3
  • Time Capsule Network 4
  • References 5

Professional career

In 1999, Meiri founded the "Good Company Ltd" which specialized in planning themed business events, entertainment shows and commercial production. This placed him as one of Israel's leading directors in the field of artistic events and exhibitions.[1] Further on, Meiri led projects as a strategic political advisor, wrote and directed electioneering and served as a consultant to leading international companies such as JLL and the Euro-Asian division of Coca Cola.[2]

In 2002, Meiri merged "Good Company" with "Orpan" company and founded "Orpan Group". Since founding Orpan Group Meiri has been in charge of developing experiential learning disciplines for various sites well as creating numerous themed audience centered attractions around the world.[3]

Highlighted worldwide projects

The Jewish Interactive Museum, Chile
Coca-Cola visitors center, Israel
  • Tourist themed attractions in Asia and Europe
  • Artistic direction for "Coca-Cola" Euro-Asia division,[4] including the design and production of "Coca-Cola's" visitor center in Israel, and "Happiness Park" in Istanbul[5]
  • "Time elevator" India, Rome,[6][7] Jerusalem, Limasol
  • Content development for The Jewish & Tolerance museums in Latin America
  • Content development for the "Tolerance Museum", Moscow
  • Experience development for the Museo Ferrari in Modena, Italy
  • Content development of CPN (Cinema Park Network) including USA, Mexico, Greece and across Europe
  • "From Budapest to Zion" - an exhibition at the "Israel Culture Center" in Budapest[8][9]
  • Design and production for "The Jewish interactive museum" in Chile
  • Design and production for the "Time capsule network"

Israeli projects

Migdal training center
Yedioth Aharonot visitors center
The Jewish Soldier Museum, Latron
  • The "Jewish soldier" museum in Latron
  • "HertzeLilienblum" banking museum[10][11][12]
  • Time Elevator Jerusalem[13][14]
  • The cinematrix experience for the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space in Haifa
  • Creative work for the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa
  • "Beit Haedot" holocaust museum
  • "Coca–Cola" visitor's center[15][16][17]
  • "Carlsberg" visitor's center[18][19]
  • "Ana" educational centers
  • "Migdal" training center
  • "Platinum" park and "fantasy" park
  • "Yedioth Aharonot" visitor's center[20]
  • "City of David", Jerusalem
  • "Yvel" visitor's center[21][22]
  • "Oforia" visitor's center[22][23]

Time Capsule Network

Time Capsule in Toledo, the first one from the Time Capsule Network.

In 2012, Meiri formulated and initiated the "Time Capsule Network": an innovative tourist attraction in prominent cities around the world, allowing visitors to experience these sites via a fascinating multimedia show using cutting edge technologies. The project launched in November 2014 in Toledo, Spain, and is due to open next in Jerusalem before 2016. Other prominent locations are at work and will be launched in major cities in Europe and China. [1] [24] [25] [26] [27]


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