Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi

Maulana Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi, is Sunni Raza Academy. He is also member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board and runs the prestigious Darul Qalam Madrassa. He founded the Qadri Mosque in Zakir Nagar locality of New Delhi and was an Urdu journalist in the past who edited monthly Kanzul Iman magazine from Delhi.[1] In 1985 during Shah Bano case , he was elected vice president of prestigious All India Muslim Personal Law Board and propagated for the protection for Shariat. He led the community in various political and social demonstration to safeguard the rights of Indian Muslims.[2]


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His works

He is prolific writer of several books on various Islamic and Muslim issues of India. Following is a list of some of his work.[3][4][5][6]

  • Some Prominent Ulama and their Role in 1857
  • Urdu book ’24 Ayat Ka Qurani Mafhoom’ (The Real Meaning of 24 verses of Quran related to Jihad)
  • RSS Ke Agende (Agendas of RSS)
  • Al-Madih-un-Nabvi (Arabic) Praise of Holy Prophet
  • Danish Ki Nazar Mein
  • Khak e Hijaz
  • Gunbad-e-Khizra (The Green Dome)
  • Imam Ahmad Raza Ki Fiqhi Basirat (Jurisprudential aspect of Imam Ahmed Raza's writings)
  • Imam Ahmad Raza Ki Muhaddisana Azmat (Importance of Imam Ahmed Raza)
  • Islahe Fikro Aitiqad
  • Jashn-e-Milad-un-Nabi (Birth of Holy Prophet)
  • Mooe Mubarak
  • Muarife Kanzul Iman
  • Muslim Personal Law Ka Thaffuz (Protection of Muslim Personal Law)
  • Paigham-e-Amal
  • Radde Bidat-o-Monkirat(Imam Raza)
  • Sawad-e-Azam
  • Sharihe Bukhari
  • Taarufe Ahl-e-Sunnat (Introduction of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat)
  • Taarufe Al Jamtul Ashrafia

Views on Terrorism and Extremism

He is of the view that Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Al-Qaida and ISIS are perpetrating atrocities, brazenly violating Islam in the name of Islam, Jihad and Khilafat. In a National seminar organised to condemn terrorism in New Delhi, Maulana Misbahi averred that the conference was planned to strongly, unambiguously and unequivocally declare all such pernicious and obnoxious acts as mindless violence of the extremists. “We also proclaim that they have nothing to do with the peace-loving and pluralistic Indian Muslims who are vehemently opposed to the handful terrorist goons”.[7]

Views about Country

He said that “Indian Muslims are against every form of terror whether physical or theoretical.” He also appealed to Muslims to take pride in being ‘Indians’ just as they feel proud to be Muslims. He said that Muslims in India are living in a safe haven as compared to many countries where Muslims constitute the majority.[8]

Illegal detention and release by Delhi Police

On 23 July'2015, Delhi Police special cell called him to Okhla Jamia Nagar police station and questioned him at another location, Zakir Nagar residents, led by local politicians, gathered in protest outside Jamia Nagar police station.His detention was protested by local residents of the area and later Police released him with respect and apologised[9] for the same.[10][11]

Welfare Party of India, national secretary, Dr SQR Ilyas said that Maulana devoted his life in religious scholastic and investigative tasks to serve the religion. He has been a part of several religious institutions and also an important member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. His detention by Delhi Police is totally biased and regrettable.[12]

Views on Darul Qaza

Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi told that Sharia courts were very running for years. "If they help in solving the problems related to a particular community, no one should object."[13]

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  • A Brief Introduction to Ahle-Sunna Wal Jamaat authored by Allama Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi
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