Other names rubal, rubel, kuchelka, kachanka, kachalka, rebra

Hornbostel–Sachs classification 112.2
(Scraped Idiophones)
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The zatula (Ukrainian: Затула), also known as the rubal, rubel, kuchelka, kachanka, kachalka, and the rebra, is a Ukrainian folk musical instrument. It is primarily a household item used for washing and drying clothes, but it is occasionally used as a percussion instrument.

The zatula consists of a piece of wood with grooves carved into it. A wooden rod is run over these grooves to soften clothes after washing. The zatula is played in a humorous way by placing the rounded rod under the chin and using the zatula as a bow, playing over the rod, or vice versa. The rasping sound thus produced is similar to that of the derkach.

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