Vinnie potestivo

Vinnie Potestivo
File:VP Pub Pic.jpg
Born May 22, 1977
Staten Island, New York
Nationality American

Vinnie Potestivo[1] is an American casting director and television producer.

He is currently the President of Vinnie Potestivo Entertainment, Inc (VPE)[2] which began as a full-service talent and casting agency dedicated to finding talent solutions for all media platforms including broadcast, digital and print. Founded in 2008, VPE specializes in casting and the development of long-form character-driven reality programming, celebrity-driven reality programming, host and expert casting, and celebrity talent procurement. VPE's Modern Media Marketing department was launched in 2010, and with a strong focus in Branded Media, Celebrity Brand Development, Celebrity Brand management, and Talent Endorsements; it has already attracted clients such as Kiehl's, Ustream, Guinness and Mercy (a new hangover prevention beverage).

At the helm of MTV's East Coast Talent & Series Development Department, he was responsible[3] for launching some of today's biggest names in pop culture including: Mandy Moore, Nick Cannon, Benji & Joel Madden (Good Charlotte), Vanessa Minnillo and Ashlee Simpson. He is also the Creating Producer of 8th & Ocean,[4] Man & Wife, Aly & AJ: A Sister Act,[5] Me & Mr. Jones,[6] Foxy and I Won't Love You to Death: The Story of Mario and His Mom.[7] In 2006 he co-created Man & Wife[8] with Fatman Scoop, which was developed for television and aired on MTV in 2008. While at MTV, he worked closely with the MTV News & Doc, Original Series Development and Celebrity Music & Talent Departments to deliver talent-driven-programming for various MTVN platforms (including, but not limited to, MTV, MTV2, MTVU,, MTVFilms as well as a dozen MTV International Affiliates).

He is a graduate of Wagner College and has worked as casting director for TV, Film, Commercials, Voice Overs, and Print prior to accepting a full-time position at MTV in 1998.

Selected filmography

Show Credit Season Network/Platform
Sunset Daze Producer All WEtv
Entertainment Living Executive Producer All [1]
Visions Of Rock Executive Producer 2008–2009 [2]
8th & Ocean Producer All MTV
Aly & AJ: A Sister Act Producer & Developed by All MTV
I Won't Love You To Death: The Story of Mario and His Mom Producer All MTV
Me & Mr. Jones Executive Producer All MTV
Man & Wife Producer All MTV
Man & Wife Producer All [3]
Foxy Producer pilot MTV
Laguna Beach Network Executive Seasons 1, 2, 3 MTV
The Hills Network Executive Seasons 1 & 2 MTV
Newport Beach Network Executive Season 1 MTV
Run's House Network Executive Seasons 1,2,3 MTV
Battle of the Sexes Network Executive All MTV
Inferno Network Executive Season 1 & 2 MTV
Gauntlet Network Executive Seasons 1, 2, 3 MTV
The Duel Network Executive All MTV
Fresh Meat Network Executive All MTV
The Shop Network Executive All MTV
The Andy Milonakis Show Network Executive 2005–2007 MTV2
Wonder Showzen Network Executive 2005–2006 MTV2
Headbangers Ball Network Executive 2003–2007 MTV2
Sucker Free Network Executive 2005–2007 MTV2


On Camera: How To Report, Anchor & Interview [9] An educational textbook for those who are interested in pursuing on-camera careers
30 Under 30 Most Influential Entertainers[10] 30 Entertainers/Executives from the New York area responsible for contributing/creating various forms of entertainment content, all of whom are under 30 years of age.


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