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Title: Osona  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Municipalities of Catalonia, Garrotxa, Berguedà, Catalonia, Alpens
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Flag of Osona
Coat of arms of Osona
Coat of arms
Country  Spain
Autonomous community  Catalonia
Province Barcelona and Girona
Capital Vic
 • Total 1,245.1 km2 (480.7 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 154,559
 • Density 120/km2 (320/sq mi)
  adjusted following Moianès creation
Demonym(s) osonenc (m.)
osonenca (f.)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Largest municipality Vic

Osona (Catalan pronunciation: ) is a comarca situated in central Catalonia, Spain. Its capital is Vic. Its population in 2001 was 129,543. Osona covers roughly the same area as the historic Catalan county of Osona. The name Osona comes from Ausetans, a group of Iberian people that had their capital in Ausa (today Vic); the Romans called the area Ausone or Ausona. While most of the comarca is within the province of Barcelona, the municipalities of Espinelves, Vidrà and Viladrau form part of the province of Girona.

Long famous for its sausages (especially fuet) and other pork derivatives, in recent years the area has become somewhat infamous for the pollution of its waterways due to the factory farming of pigs.

In May 2015, Osona lost the municipality of Collsuspina to the new comarca of Moianès.[1] In late 2015, it will lose the municipalities of Alpens, Lluçà, Olost, Oristà, Perafita, Prats del Lluçanès, Sant Martí d'Albars, and Sobremunt, to the new comarca of Lluçanès.[2]


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Municipality Population
Alpens 300 13.8
Balenyà 3,724 17.4
El Brull 263 41.0
Calldetenes 2,429 5.8
Centelles 7,333 15.2
Espinelves 196 17.4
L'Esquirol 2,188 61.8
Folgueroles 2,259 10.5
Gurb 2,545 51.6
Lluçà 257 53.0
Malla 266 11.0
Manlleu 20,279 17.2
Les Masies de Roda 737 16.4
Les Masies de Voltregà 3,186 22.4
Montesquiu 895 4.9
Muntanyola 595 40.3
Olost 1,186 29.4
Orís 303 27.2
Oristà 557 68.5
Perafita 407 19.6
Prats de Lluçanès 2,624 13.8
Roda de Ter 6,124 2.2
Rupit i Pruit 300 47.8
Sant Agustí de Lluçanès 91 13.2
Sant Bartomeu del Grau 875 34.4
Sant Boi de Lluçanès 556 19.5
Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà 3,446 0.9
Sant Julià de Vilatorta 3,123 15.9
Sant Martí d'Albars 106 14.7
Sant Martí de Centelles 1,093 25.6
Sant Pere de Torelló 2,436 55.1
Sant Quirze de Besora 2,148 8.1
Sant Sadurní d'Osormort 86 30.6
Sant Vicenç de Torelló 1,975 6.6
Santa Cecília de Voltregà 173 8.6
Santa Eugènia de Berga 2,233 7.0
Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer 1,259 13.8
Santa Maria de Besora 162 24.7
Seva 3,488 30.4
Sobremunt 83 13.8
Sora 175 31.7
Taradell 6,219 26.5
Tavèrnoles 317 18.8
Tavertet 125 32.5
Tona 8,012 16.5
Torelló 13,949 13.5
Vic 41,956 30.6
Vidrà 169 34.4
Viladrau 1,037 50.7
Vilanova de Sau 314 58.8
• Total: 50 154,559 1,245.1

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External links

  • Official comarcal web site (in Catalan)
  • Information about Osona from the Generalitat de Catalunya (in Catalan)

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