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Since 1980 Ladies' Gaelic football All Stars Awards have been given annually by the Ladies' Gaelic Football Association to the best player in each of the fifteen positions in the ladies' version of Gaelic football. Patricia O'Brien from Cavan, who won awards in 1981 and 1982, appears under her married name Patricia Mimna when she won awards with London 1992, 1993 and 1994. See also: GAA GPA All Stars Awards and Camogie All Stars Awards. Reference: All Stars Page,

Past winners


Martina McGuire (Cavan), Ann Maher (Roscommon), Eileen O'Connor (Kerry), Nuala Egan (Roscommon), Bernadette Stankard (Galway), Rose Dunican (Offaly), Mary Troy (Laois), Josie Stapleton (Tipperary), Ann Molloy (Offaly), Eliz O'Brien (Roscommon), Eileen Lawlor (Kerry), Mary J Curran (Kerry), Lilian Gory (Tipperary), Agnes Gorman (Offaly)


Martina McGuire (Cavan), Ann Maher (Tipperary), Eileen O'Connor (Kerry), Bridget Sheridan (Cavan), Bernadette Stankard (Galway), Rose Dunican (Offaly), Bernie Dunne (Offaly), Mary Twomey (Kerry), Jean Dunne (Offaly), Bridget Reynolds (Offaly), Eliz O'Brien (Roscommon), Mary J Curran (Kerry), Lilian Gory (Tipperary), Deidre Quinn (Leitrim), Patricia O'Brien (Cavan)


Hilda O'Leary (Kerry), Ann Molloy (Offaly), Tracy Monahan (Leitrim), Josie Briorty (Cavan), Margaret Lawlor (Kerry), Marion O'Shea (Tipperary), Bernie Dunne (Offaly), Mary Twomey (Kerry), Jean Dunne (Offaly), Claire Dolan (Galway), Angela McCabe (Cavan), Angie Hearne (Wexford), Patricia O'Brien (Cavan), Del Whyte (Kerry), Bridget Reynolds (Offaly)


Kathleen Kennedy (Dublin), Agnes Gorman (Offaly), Nora Foley (Kerry), Tracy Monahan (Leitrim), Claire Geraghty (Galway), Rose Dunican (Offaly), Jacinta Kehoe (Wexford), Annette Walsh (Kerry), Ann Cullen (Wexford), Mary Dempsey (Galway), Mary J Curran (Kerry), Deidre Quinn (Leitrim), Bridget Reynolds (Offaly), Mary Twomey (Kerry), Eileen Lawlor (Kerry)


Kathleen Kennedy (Dublin), Bridget Leen (Kerry), Christine Byrne (Wexford), Connie Conway (Laois), Marion Doherty (Kerry), Jean Dunne (Offaly), Edel Clarke (Westmeath), Catherine Murphy (Wexford), Mary J Curran (Kerry), Theresa Rafferty (Galway), Eileen Lawlor (Kerry), Meave Quinn (Leitrim), Margaret Lawlor (Kerry), Ann Whelan (Wexford), Geraldine Wrynn (Leitrim)


Kathleen Curran (Kerry), Mary Rice (Wexford), Connie Conway (Laois), Joan Shannon (Cork), Marion Doherty (Kerry), Kathleen Murphy (Laois), Edel Cullen (Wexford), Meave Quinn (Leitrim), Lil O'Sullivan (Kerry), Sheila Conroy (Laois), Mary J Curran (Kerry), Margaret Lawlor (Kerry), Mary Conroy (Laois), Del Whyte (Kerry), Mairead O'Leary (Cork)


Kathleen Curran (Kerry), Mary Moore (Wexford), Mary Thorpe (Wexford), Nora Hallissey (Kerry), Christine Harding (Wexford), Anne White (Wexford), Edel Clarke (Westmeath), Mary J Curran (Kerry), Catherine Murphy (Wexford), Angie Hearne (Wexford), Marie Crotty (Waterford), Marina Barry (Kerry), Jo Glennon (Westmeath), Del Whyte (Kerry), Catherine Conroy (Laois)


Kathleen Curran (Kerry), Mary Moore (Wexford), Del Whyte (Kerry), Connie Conway (Laois), Ann Fitzpatrick (Waterford), Jo Glennon (Westmeath), Mary Lane (Kerry), Annette Walsh (Kerry), Rita Dowling (Laois), Marina Barry (Kerry), Mary J Curran (Kerry), Edel Clarke (Westmeath), Kathleen Moore (Wexford), Marie Crotty (Waterford), Siobhan Dunne (Wexford)


Kathleen Curran (Kerry), Mary Moore (Wexford), Connie Conway (Laois), Dolores Tyrell (Waterford), Mary Quinn (Leitrim), June Whyte (Waterford), Phil Curran (Kerry), Mary J Curran (Kerry), Annette Walsh (Kerry), Bridget Bradley (Wexford), Mary Crotty (Waterford), Eileen Lawlor (Kerry), Sue Ramsbottom (Laois), Bernie Ryan (Waterford), Margeret Lawlor (Kerry)


Theresa Furlong (Wexford), Mary Moore (Wexford), Phil Curran (Kerry), Anne Dunford (Waterford), Marion Doherty (Kerry), Kathleen Moore (Wexford), Mary Quinn (Leitrim), Mary J Curran (Kerry), Annette Walsh (Kerry), Aine Wall (Waterford), Bernie Ryan (Waterford), Marina Barry (Kerry), Sue Ramsbottom (Lais), Angie Hearne (Wexford), Siobhan Dunne (Wexford)


Mary Keane (Clare), Bridget Leen (Kerry), Connie Conway (Laois), Mary Mullery (Galway), Marion Doherty (Kerry), Ann Fitzpatrick (Waterford), Mary Downey (Laois), Amanda Donohoe (Laois), Mary J Curran (Kerry), Aine Wall (Waterford), Katie Liston (Kerry), Marie Ryan (Waterford), Margaret Lawlor (Kerry), Sue Ramsbottom (Laois), Eileen Lawlor (Kerry)


Lulu Carroll (Laois), Bridget Leen (Kerry), Martina O'Ryan (Waterford), Anne Dunford (Waterford), Mary Gallagher (Westmeath), Phil Curran (Kerry), Anne Fitzpatrick (Waterford), Marie Crotty (Waterford), Julie Kavanagh (Dublin), Marina Barry (Kerry), Katie Liston (Kerry), Michelle Donnelly (Clare), Amanda Donohoe (Laois), Aine Wall (Waterford), Margaret Brennan (Laois)


Bernie Deegan (Laois), Bridget Leen (Kerry), Martina O'Ryan (Waterford), June Whyte (Waterford), Mary Gallagher (Westmeath), Mary Casey (Laois), Marie Gallagher (Clare), Fionnuala Ruane (Kerry), Bernie Ryan (Waterford), Marina Barry (Kerry), Geraldine O'Ryan (Waterford), Edel Clarke (Westmeath), Patricia Mimna (London), Aine Wall (Waterford), Pauline Mullen (Mayo)


Bernie Deegan (Laois), Margaret Buckley (Cork), Bernie O'Neill (Mayo), Katie Liston (Kerry), Mary O'Gorman (Wexford), Mary Casey (Laois), Fionnuala Ruane (Kerry), Denise Smith (Dublin), Marie Fitzgerald (Kerry), Patricia Mimna (London), Mary J Curran (Kerry), Sinead Cullinane (Clare), Marina Barry (Kerry), Sue Ramsbottom (Laois), Aine Wall (Waterford)


Kathleen Curran (Kerry), Bridget Leen (Kerry), Martina O'Ryan (Waterford), Margaret Phelan (Laois), Diane O'Hora (Mayo), Noirin Walsh (Waterford), Edel Clarke (Westmeath), Jenny Greenan (Monaghan), Meave Quinn (Leitrim), Marie Gallagher (Clare), Sue Ramsbottom (Laois), Catriona Casey (Waterford), Fiona Crotty (Waterford), Aine Wall (Waterford), Patricia Mimna (London)


Anna Lisa Crotty (Waterford), Regina Byrne (Waterford), Bernie O'Neill (Mayo), Cleona Walsh (Waterford), Eileen Gill (Westmeath), Fionnuala Ruane (Kerry), Julianne Torpey (Waterford), Jennifer Greenan (Monaghan), Marie Fitzgerald (Kerry), Fiona O'Driscoll (Cork), Marie Crotty (Waterford), Catriona Casey (Waterford), Geraldine O'Ryan (Waterford), Patricia Mullen (Mayo), Geraldine O'Shea (Kerry)


Anna Lisa Crotty (Waterford), Maread Kelly (Monaghan), Noirin Walsh (Waterford), Margaret Phelan (Laois), Brenda McAnespie (Monaghan), Jenny Greenan (Monaghan), Julianne Torpey (Waterford), Christina Heffernan (Mayo), Linda Farrelly (Monaghan), Nicola Dunne (Wicklow), Geraldine O'Shea (Kerry), Anne Marie Curran (Westmeath), Margaret Kerins (Monaghan), Sue Ramsbottom (Laois), Aine Wall (Waterford)


Anna Lisa Crotty (Waterford), Maread Kelly (Monaghan), Noirin Walsh (Waterford), Maread Kelly (Monaghan), Moira McMahon (Clare), Brenda McAnespie (Monaghan), Julianne Torpey (Waterford), Jenny Greenan (Monaghan), Eithne Morrisey (Clare), Christine O'Brien (Meath), Angela Larkin (Monaghan), Fiona Blessington (Longford), Geraldine O'Ryan (Waterford), Sue Ramsbottom (Laois), Catriona Casey (Waterford)


Patricia Bohan (Leitrim), Eileen McElvaney (Monaghan), Siobhan O'Ryan (Waterford), Noirin Walsh (Waterford), Anna Lisa Crotty (Waterford), Anne Marie Dennehy (Meath), Niamh Kindlon (Monaghan), Christin Heffernan (Mayo), Jenny Greenan (Monaghan), Margaret Kerins (Monaghan), Edel Byrne (Monaghan), Christine O'Brien (Meath), Rebecca Hallihan (Waterford), Aine Wall (Waterford), Geraldine O'Ryan (Waterford)


Denise Horan (Mayo), Brenda McAnespie (Monaghan), Siobhan O'Ryan (Waterford), Marcella Heffernan (Mayo), Anna Lisa Crotty (Waterford), Mary Casey (Laois), Assumpta Cullen (Wexford), Christina Heffernan (Mayo), Niamh McNelis (Meath), Edel Byrne (Monaghan), Fiona Blessington (Longford), Catriona Casey (Waterford), Christine O'Brien (Meath), Eilish Gormley (Tyrone), Geraldine O'Ryan (Waterford)


Denise Horan (Mayo), Marcella Heffernan (Mayo), Helena Lohan (Mayo), Olivia Condon (Waterford), Claire McGarvey (Tyrone), Martina O'Ryan (Waterford), Lynda Donnelly (Tyrone), Anna Lisa Crotty (Waterford), Christina Heffernan (Mayo), Fiona Blessington (Longford), Lynnette Hughes (Tyrone), Mary O'Donnell (Waterford), Diane O'Hora (Mayo), Eilish Gormley (Tyrone), Cora Staunton (Mayo)


Denise Horan (Mayo), Noelle Comyns (Clare), Anna Connolly (Laois), Margaret Phelan (Laois), Marcella Heffernan (Mayo), Jenny Greenan (Monaghan), Lorraine Muckian (Louth), Christina Heffernan (Mayo), Kathleen O'Reilly (Laois), Louise Kelly (Dublin), Majella Griffin (Clare), Brianne Leahy (Kildare), Sarah O'Connor (Kerry), Eithne Morrissey (Clare), Cora Staunton (Mayo)


Suzanne Hughes (Dublin), Donna Frost (Waterford), Helena Lohan (Mayo), Olivia Butler (Waterford), Claire Egan (Mayo), Jenny Greenan (Monaghan), Julie Torpey (Waterford), Christina Heffernan (Mayo), Mary O'Donnell (Waterford), Sile Nic Coitir (Dublin), Niamh Kindlon (Monaghan), Edel Byrne (Monaghan), Orla Callan (Monaghan), Geraldine O'Shea (Kerry), Cora Staunton (Mayo)


Andrea O Donoghue (Kerry), Nuala O Se (Mayo), Helena Lohan (Mayo), Maria Kavanagh (Dublin), Anna Lisa Crotty (Waterford), Martina Farrell (Dublin), Emer Flaherty (Galway), Angie McNally (Dublin), Mary O'Donnell (Waterford), Lisa Cohill (Galway), Christina Heffernan (Mayo), Michelle McGing (Mayo), Mary O'Rourke (Waterford), Geraldine O'Shea (Kerry), Kasey O'Driscoll (Kerry),


Cliodhna O'Connor (Dublin), Christine O'Reilly (Monaghan), Ruth Stephens (Galway), Helena Lohan (Mayo), Rena Buckley (Cork), Louise Keegan (Dublin), Emer Flaherty (Galway), Annette Clarke (Galway), Claire Egan (Mayo), Lisa Cohill (Galway), Bernie Finlay (Dublin), Valerie Mulcahy (Cork), Mary Nevin (Dublin), Geraldine O'Shea (Kerry), Cora Staunton (Mayo)


Una Carroll (Galway), Ruth Stephens (Galway), Angela Walsh (Cork), Leona Tector (Wexford), Briege Corkery (Cork), Aoibheann Daly (Galway), Gemma Fay (Dublin), Juliet Murphy (Cork), Claire Egan (Mayo), Geraldine Doherty (Meath), Deirdre O Reilly (Cork), Lyndsay Davey (Dublin), Valerie Mulcahy (Cork), Niamh Fahy (Galway), Lorna Joyce (Galway)


Katrina Connolly (Sligo), Caoimhe Marley (Armagh), Angela Walsh (Cork), Rena Buckley (Cork), Aoibheann Daly (Galway), Bronagh O Donnell (Armagh), Patricia Fogarty (Laois), Caroline O Hanlon (Armagh), Mary O Donnell (Waterford), Nollaig Cleary (Cork), Grainne Nulty (Meath), Sarah O Connor (Kerry), Tracey Lawlor (Laois), Mary O'Connor (Cork), Dymphna O Brien (Limerick).


Mary Rose Kelly (Wexford), Rebecca Hallahan (Waterford), Angela Walsh (Cork), Rena Buckley (Cork), Claire O'Hara (Mayo), Brid Stack (Cork), Briege Corkery (Cork), Juliet Murphy (Cork), Brianne Leahy (Kildare), Sarah McLoughlin (Leitrim), Cora Staunton (Mayo), Tracey Lawlor (Laois), Valerie Mulcahy (Cork), Gemma Begley (Tyrone), Deirdre O'Reilly (Cork)


Elaine Harte (Cork), Linda Barrett (Cork), Angela Walsh (Cork), Sharon Courtney (Monaghan), Briege Corkery (Cork), Brid Stack (Cork), Neamh Woods (Tyrone), Juliet Murphy (Cork), Amanda Casey (Monaghan), Nollaig Cleary (Cork), Niamh Kindlon (Monaghan), Michaela Downey (Down), Edel Byrne (Monaghan), Cora Staunton (Mayo), Edel Hanley (Tipperary)


Cliodhna O'Connor (Dublin), Noelle Tierney (Mayo), Angela Walsh (Cork), Geraldine O'Flynn (Cork), Briege Corkery (Cork), Martha Carter (Mayo), Siobhain McGrath (Dublin), Juliet Murphy (Cork), Norita Kelly (Cork), Nollaig Cleary (Cork), Edel Byrne (Monaghan), Noelle Earley (Kildare), Clara McAnespie (Monaghan), Sinead Aherne (Dublin), Cora Staunton (Mayo)


Edel Murphy (Kerry), Rachel Ruddy (Dublin), Lorraine Muckian (Laois), Sinead McLaughlin (Tyrone), Siobhan McGrath (Dublin), Brid Stack (Cork), Gemma Fay (Dublin), Denise Masterson (Dublin), Tracey Lawlor (Laois), Cathy Donnelly (Tyrone), Gemma Begley (Tyrone), Amy McGuinness (Dublin), Yvonne McMonagle (Donegal), Sinead Aherne (Dublin), Joline Donnelly (Tyrone)


Irene Munnelly (Meath), Grainne McNally (Monaghan), Sharon Courtney (Monaghan), Deirdre O'Reilly (Cork), Briege Corkery (Cork), Brid Stack (Cork), Geraldine O'Flynn (Cork), Juliet Murphy (Cork), Tracey Lawlor (Laois), Therese McNally (Monaghan), Elaine Kelly (Dublin), Mary Kirwan (Laois), Ciara McAnespie (Monaghan), Rhona Ni Bhuachalla (Cork), Sinead Aherne (Dublin)


Elaine Harte (Cork), Cait Lynch (Kerry), Brid Stack (Cork), Christina Reilly (Monaghan), Briege Corkery (Cork), Rena Buckley (Cork), Geraldine O'Flynn (Cork), Sinead Goldrick (Dublin), Caroline O'Hanlon (Armagh), Sarah Houlihan (Kerry), Cora Staunton (Mayo), Ciara O'Sullivan (Cork), Cathriona McConnell (Monaghan), Valerie Mulcahy (Cork), Louise Ni Muircheartaigh (Kerry)


Yvonne Byrne (Mayo), Grainne McNally (Monaghan), Sharon Courtney (Monaghan), Deirdre O'Reilly (Cork), Briege Corkery (Cork), Sinead Goldrick (Dublin), Geraldine O'Flynn (Cork), Annette Clarke (Galway), Juliet Murphy (Cork), Sarah Houlihan (Kerry), Caoimhe Mohan (Monaghan), Cora Courtney (Monaghan), Valerie Mulcahy (Cork), Cora Staunton (Mayo), Louise Ni Muircheartaigh (Kerry)


Ciamh Dollard (Dublin), Mairead Tennyson (Armagh), Angela Walsh (Cork), Brid Stack (Cork), Vera Foley (Cork), Sinead Goldrick (Dublin), Geraldine O'Flynn (Cork), Briege Corkery (Cork), Caroline O'Hanlon (Armagh), Noelle Healy (Dublin), Ciara O'Sullivan (Cork), Cora Courtney (Monaghah), Lyndsey Davey (Dublin), Sinead Aherne (Dublin, Aileen Pyres (Down)

Players Player of the Year

This award was inaugurated in 2011, with one winner for each championship.




  • Senior - Geraldine O'Flynn (Cork)
  • Intermediate - Grainne Smith (Cavan)
  • Junior - Mairead Daly (Offaly)


  • Senior - Caroline O'Hanlon (Armagh)
  • Intermediate - Caroline Little (Fermanagh)
  • Junior - Mary Rose Kelly (Wexford)
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