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List of RISC OS bundled applications

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Title: List of RISC OS bundled applications  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: MakeModes, Impression (software), VirtualAcorn, Aemulor, RISCOS Ltd
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List of RISC OS bundled applications

This is a sub-article to RISC OS.

A number of RISC OS bundled applications are delivered with purchased versions of the operating system.[1][2] Some are provided in ROM or pre-installed on hard disk or equivalent, with others being supplied on removable media such as floppy disk.

Such applications vary between versions.

RISC OS bundled applications

Typically bundled with the OS

Title Purpose First inclusion (Machine model) Vendor
Alarm clock, with alarm functionality <=A3010 Acorn
Blocks Tetris clone Acorn
Calc basic calculator <=A3010 Acorn
Chars character insertion <=A3010 Acorn
ChangeFSI bitmap graphic conversion and enhancement Acorn
Clock analogue clock Acorn
Closeup screen magnifier Acorn
Configure customise computer settings Acorn
Draw vector graphics editor <=A3010 Acorn
Edit text editor, support for editing tokenised BASIC programs <=A3010 Acorn
Flasher locate the caret Acorn
FontPrint font conversion (Acorn to Postscript) Acorn
Help context-sensitive help <=A3010 Acorn
HForm hard disc formatter Acorn
Madness desktop toy Acorn
Maestro simple scorewriter, with playback <=A3010 (on floppy) Acorn
Magnifier screen magnifier Acorn
MemNow live memory use display Acorn
MineHunt mine sweeper clone Paul LeBeau
Paint basic pixel-based drawing <=A3010 Acorn
Patch application compatibility patcher Acorn
Patience card game <=A3010 (on floppy) Acorn
PrintEdit printer defintion editor Acorn
Printers[1] printer manager Acorn
Puzzle sliding puzzle <=A3010 (on floppy) Acorn
ResetBoot restore machine to factory ship state Acorn
SciCalc scientific calculator Acorn
ShowScrap locate temporary files Acorn
SparkFS[2] file compression David Pilling
Squash file compression <=A3010 (on floppy) Acorn
T1ToFont font conversion (Postscript Type 1 to Acorn) Acorn
Usage system monitor <=A3010 (on floppy) Ran Mokady
BBC Basic V & VI programming languages, with inbuilt assembler All versions? Acorn

Bundled with specific hardware, including optional software packs

Title Purpose First inclusion (Machine model) Vendor
BookMaker[2] address book
CDVDBurnLite[1] optical disc burning hubersn Software
Fireworkz[2] office suite Colton
FTPc[1] FTP client
Lander demo version of the game Zarch Acorn
LanManFS[1] network file system
Mailman basic email client Acorn
Meteors Asteroids clone Neil Raine
Oregano[1] web browser Oregan Networks
OmniClient[2] desktop front end to network file system
Update Watcher[1] upgrade manager Castle Technology
PDF[1] Xpdf port (PDF viewer)
Writer[1] cut-down version of EasiWriter Icon Technology
65Host BBC Micro emulator Acorn
65Tube 65C02 second processor emulator Acorn
1st Word Plus word processor A3010 Learning Curve[3]
Amazing Maths education A3010 Learning Curve[4] Cambridgeshire Software House
Acorn DTP desktop publishing A3010 Learning Curve[3] Acorn (with others)
Doris The Dotty Dog education A3010 Learning Curve[4] Sherston Software
Explore With Flossy The Frog education A3010 Learning Curve[4] 4Mation
Genesis Plus presentation program A3010 Learning Curve[3]
A Mouse in Holland education A3010 Learning Curve[4] 4Mation
PC Emulator PC emulator, with DR-DOS A3010 Learning Curve[3]
TalkWrite word processor A3010 Learning Curve[4] Icon Technology
Selected games
gaming A3010 Learning Curve[3]


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