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Sculpted Prim

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Title: Sculpted Prim  
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Subject: Second Life, AC3D, Economy of Second Life, Geometric primitive, Displacement mapping
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Sculpted Prim

Sculpted fruit created for Second Life

A sculpted prim(itive) (or sculpty, sculptie, or just sculpt) is a primitive system.

Technical details

A sculpty is a standard RGB texture where the R (red), G (green) and B (blue) channels are mapped onto X, Y, and Z space. Sculpt textures are similar to normal maps, but instead of encoding surface normals they encode surface positions. They are also similar to displacement maps, but instead of a single scalar distance, there are three values — one each for the X, Y, and Z coordinates. Sculpt textures are also very similar to parametric (e.g. NURBS) surfaces. See Sculpted Prims: Under the Hood article for details. Minimum recognized size is 8 x 8. Maximum recognized size is 128 x 128. larger can be uploaded but will be treated as an image and compressed.

The UV map is embedded into the sculpty on creation. When uploaded into the Second Life asset server, and rezzed (rendered), it will form the shape imposed on it. However, the actual texturing must be done in a separate file, the map of which will be based on the conceived shape. For example, a liquor bottle would have its label on its forward face. However, there is only one face on a sculpty as it is either a sphere, torus, cone, or cylinder (cube also exists but the texture covers all the perceived faces so the rule applies). For the liquor label it would be located on a specific section of the lower left quadrant.

External links

Free sculpted prim creation software

  • Blender with the Domino Designs scripts
  • Wings 3D with the sculptie plugin
  • InWorld Sculptor Tool Kit - not available anymore. Is now sold as Sculpt Studio for 4999 L$!
  • Sculpted Prims: 3D Software Guide

Commercial sculpted prim creation software

  • Aartform Curvy 3D
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk Media and Entertainment's 3ds Max
  • Hexagon by Daz3d
  • Inivis AC3D
  • Moment of Inspiration (MoI) (save as a 3dm (opennurbs) file and use 3dm2sculpt to convert to a sculpty)
  • NewTek LightWave 3D
  • Pixel Lab SculptyPaint
  • Pixologic zBrush
  • ROKURO(lathe) - Sculpted Prim Maker - A simple NURB curve maker and revolver (a "lathed" object is one that is perfectly symmetrical around the center axis)
  • Sculptie-O-matic transform inworld linksets into sculpties directly
  • Strata 3D
  • TheBlack Box - Sculpt Studio
  • TATARA - Sculpted Prim Previewer and Editor - Kanae Project top of the line; Sculpted Prims can be edited in the five modes: ROKURO/TOKOROTEN/MAGE/WAPPA/TSUCHI (contains ROKURO tool(above) and TOKOROTEN tool (below) ) ~L$5000
  • TOKOROTEN(extruder) - Makes sculpted prim texture TGA file of the pushed-out/extruded objects (makes cookie-cutter style shapes). As of mid-2008 the maker of Rokuro ceased making either available for free; it is now L$2500 (~$8 USD).

See also

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