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2007 Recopa Sudamericana

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Title: 2007 Recopa Sudamericana  
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Subject: Recopa Sudamericana, 2011 Recopa Sudamericana, 2007 in Mexico, Alexandre Gallo, 2011 in association football
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2007 Recopa Sudamericana

2007 Recopa Sudamericana
First leg
Date May 31, 2007
Venue Estadio Hidalgo, Pachuca
Referee Carlos Amarilla (Paraguay)
Attendance 10,080
Second leg
Date June 7, 2007
Venue Estádio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre
Referee Óscar Julián Ruiz (Colombia)
Attendance 46,744

The 2007 Recopa Sudamericana (officially the 2007 Recopa Visa Sudamericana for sponsorship reasons) was the 15th Recopa Sudamericana, an annual football match between the winners of the previous season's Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana competitions.

The match was contested by Internacional, winners of the 2006 Copa Libertadores, and Pachuca, winners of the 2006 Copa Sudamericana. Internacional thrashed Pachuca 5-2 on aggregate and became new champions of the competition.

Qualified teams

Team Previous finals appearances (bold indicates winners)
Pachuca None
Internacional None


First leg

May 31, 2007
21:30 (UTC−06)
Pachuca 2 – 1 Internacional
Giménez Goal 16'79' Report Pato Goal 4'
Estadio Hidalgo, Pachuca
Attendance: 10,080
Referee: Carlos Chandía (Chile)
GK 1 Miguel Calero (C)
DF 2 Leobardo López
DF 3 Aquivaldo Mosquera Booked 40'
DF 21 Fausto Pinto Booked 83'
DF 22 Paul Aguilar
MF 6 Jaime Correa Substituted off 55a'
MF 8 Gabriel Caballero
MF 7 Damián Álvarez
MF 13 Fernando Salazar
FW 19 Christian Giménez Substituted off 85'
FW 6 Luis Ángel Landín Booked 30' Substituted off 55b'
MF 16 Carlos Gerardo Rodríguez Substituted in 55a'
FW 11 Juan Carlos Cacho Substituted in 55b'
FW 17 Omar Arellano Substituted in 85'
Enrique Meza
GK 12 Clemer
DF 2 Ceará
DF 13 Sidnei
DF 6 Mineiro Booked 60'
DF 23 Rubens Cardoso
MF 8 Edinho Booked 68'
MF 5 Wellington Monteiro Booked 21'
MF 17 Maycon
MF 21 Pinga Substituted off 80'
FW 9 Fernandão (C) Substituted off 77'
FW 11 Alexandre Pato Substituted off 61'
FW 10 Iarley Substituted in 61'
FW 18 Christian Substituted in 77'
MF 16 Perdigão Substituted in 80'
Alexandre Gallo

Assistant referees:
Lorenzo Acuña
Manuel Rodríguez

Second leg

June 7, 2007
21:50 (UTC-3)
Internacional 4 – 0 Pachuca
Alex Goal 30' (pen.)
Pinga Goal 50'
Pato Goal 64'
Mosquera Goal 77' (o.g.)
Estádio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre
Attendance: 46,744
Referee: Sergio Pezzotta (Argentina)
GK 12 Clemer
DF 2 Ceará
DF 3 Índio
DF 13 Sidnei Booked 62' Substituted off 80'
DF 23 Rubens Cardoso Booked 40' Substituted off 64'
MF 8 Edinho (C)
MF 5 Wellington Monteiro
MF 15 Alex Booked 58'
MF 21 Pinga Substituted off 84'
FW 10 Iarley Booked 45'
FW 11 Alexandre Pato
FW 17 Maycon Substituted in 64'
DF 6 Mineiro Substituted in 80'
MF 16 Perdigão Substituted in 84'
Alexandre Gallo
GK 1 Miguel Calero (C)
DF 2 Leobardo López
DF 3 Aquivaldo Mosquera
DF 21 Fausto Pinto Yellow cardYellow cardRed card
MF 14 Marvin Cabrera Substituted off 79'
MF 6 Jaime Correa
MF 8 Gabriel Caballero
MF 10 Andrés Chitiva Substituted off 60'
MF 13 Fernando Salazar Substituted off 46'
FW 19 Christian Giménez
FW 11 Juan Carlos Cacho
MF 7 Damián Álvarez Substituted in 46'
FW 9 Luis Ángel Landín Substituted in 60'
FW 16 Carlos Gerardo Rodríguez Substituted in 79'
Enrique Meza

Assistant referees:
Ricardo Casas
Wálter Vélaz

Recopa Sudamericana
2007 Winners
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