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A Dream of Eagles

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Title: A Dream of Eagles  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: King Arthur, Historical novel, Igraine, Ravenglass, Bibliography of King Arthur, The Eagle (novel), List of works based on Arthurian legends, Clothar the Frank, The Skystone, The Singing Sword
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

A Dream of Eagles

A Dream of Eagles
The Skystone
The Singing Sword
The Eagles' Brood
The Saxon Shore
The Fort at River's Bend
Clothar the Frank
The Eagle
Author Jack Whyte
Country Canada
Language English
Genre Historical novels
Publisher Penguin Books
Published 1992 - 2005

A Dream of Eagles is a historical novel series written by the Canadian author Jack Whyte. It was published in the United States as the Camulod Chronicles.

The novels are a rendition of the Arthurian legend that attempt to propose a possible explanation for the foundation of Camulod (an alternate spelling of Camelot), Arthur's heritage and the political situation surrounding his existence. The setting series begins during the Roman departure from Britain and continues for 150 years ending during the settlement of Britain by the Germanic Angles, Saxons and Jutes.

Books in the series

# Title 1st Edition Notes ISBN
1. The Skystone 1992 Publius Varrus, Roman-occupied Britain ISBN 978-0-14-017050-4
2. The Singing Sword 1993 Publius Varrus, Roman withdrawal complete ISBN 978-0-14-017049-8
3. The Eagles' Brood 1994 Uther and Merlyn control Camulod ISBN 978-0-14-017048-1
4. The Saxon Shore 1995 Merlyn raises Arthur ISBN 978-0-14-017047-4
5. The Fort at River's Bend (The Sorcerer, Volume 1) 1999 Arthur grows to manhood ISBN 978-0-14-025467-9
6. Metamorphosis (The Sorcerer, Volume 2) 1999 Merlyn becomes a sorcerer ISBN 978-0-670-87823-9
7. Uther 2001 Stand-alone novel about Uther (covers same time period as Eagle's Brood) ISBN 978-0-14-026087-8
8. Clothar the Frank 2004 Lancelot arrives in Arthur's court ISBN 978-0-312-86929-8
9. The Eagle 2005 Concluding novel, Arthur's reign ends ISBN 978-0-8125-6899-8

External links

  • Official website for Jack Whyte. Includes biography, bibliography, book excerpts, radio interview transcripts, and an active fan forum.
  • Archived scan from for Jack Whyte's now defunct blog at the website. Includes questions by readers and Jack Whyte's answers to those questions, as well as general observations by Jack Whyte.

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