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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 1)

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Title: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 1)  
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Subject: Spontaneous human combustion, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, Sara Sidle, Greg Sanders, Jim Brass, Who Are You (song), Nick Stokes, Warrick Brown
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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 1)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 1
CSI Season 1 DVD Box Cover
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 23
Original channel CBS
Original run October 6, 2000 (2000-10-06) – May 17, 2001 (2001-05-17)
Home video release
DVD release
Region 1 March 23, 2003[1]
Season chronology
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Season 2
List of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episodes

The first season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation premiered on CBS on October 6, 2000, and ended on May 17, 2001. It was rereleased on Blu-ray on May 12, 2009.

This is the only season of the CSI franchise that was broadcast in the 4:3 aspect ratio. It was, however, filmed in 16:9, and the widescreen versions of the episodes are present on the Blu-ray release.[2]


William Petersen was the first actor to be cast, in the lead role of Dr. Gil Grissom, a forensic entomologist and head of the Las Vegas Crime Lab's grave-yard shift. Petersen then went on to sit in on auditions for the roles of Catherine Willows, Holly Gribbs, Warrick Brown and Jim Brass. Marg Helgenberger was next to be cast as Catherine Willows; Brass was given to Paul Guilfoyle, Gribbs to Chandra West, and Brown to Gary Dourdan. George Eads auditioned for the role of Stokes, a character that was never planned to be part of the regular cast, and eventually was chosen over the other auditionees; the role was expanded to a series regular when Eads was shown to have chemistry with the rest of the cast. Sanders, a minor recurring character, was given to Eric Szmanda; he would later become a regular.

Following the season premiere, titled "Pilot", the character of Gribbs was found to be unpopular and was killed off; almost immediately after the test audience's responses came in, West was fired, and casting began for Sara Sidle, a CSI-3 and love interest for Grissom. Jorja Fox originally refused to audition for the role because she was happy in her previous job, but after people kept telling her about CSI, she went to speak to Zuiker and won the role.

Robert David Hall and David Berman were cast as Al Robbins and David Phillips, respectively; they first appeared in the sixth and fifth episodes of the first season, respectively, and have since both become regulars.

Notable cast members

Actor Character Main cast Recurring cast
William Petersen Gil Grissom entire season N/A
Marg Helgenberger Catherine Willows entire season N/A
Gary Dourdan Warrick Brown entire season N/A
George Eads Nick Stokes entire season N/A
Jorja Fox Sara Sidle 22 episodes N/A
Paul Guilfoyle Jim Brass entire season N/A
Eric Szmanda Greg Sanders N/A 18 episodes
Robert David Hall Al Robbins N/A 13 episodes
David Berman David Phillips N/A 12 episodes
Chandra West Holly Gribbs N/A episodes 1-2
Pamela Gidley Teri Miller N/A episodes 6, 14, 17, 22


No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
11 "Pilot" Danny CannonAnthony E. ZuikerOctober 6, 2000 (2000-10-06)

A suicide appears to be a murder with little evidence. Nick and Warrick compete to solve their 100th case to become a CSI level 3. Nick's case is a man who was drugged and robbed by a hooker and Warrick's is a murder where the killer claims self-defense. After Warrick breaks protocol to get a warrant, he is forced to babysit Holly Gribbs. The episode ends with the team celebrating Nick being promoted to CSI Level 3 when Brass comes in to inform them that Holly has been shot.

First appearance of: Gil Grissom, Jim Brass, Holly Gribbs, Nick Stokes, Warrick Brown, Catherine Willows, and Greg Sanders. 
22 "Cool Change" Michael W. WatkinsAnthony E. ZuikerOctober 13, 2000 (2000-10-13)

In the aftermath of the shooting that has left Holly Gribbs fighting for her life, there are big changes in store at the Vegas Crime Lab. Brass is sent back to Homicide while Grissom becomes the newly appointed head of the crime lab and is also in charge of the night shift. His first case is to investigate the supposed suicide of a jackpot winner with Nick. Meanwhile, Warrick has to deal with the fact that the shooting of rookie CSI Holly Gribbs was due to his failure to supervise her. Catherine decides to work Holly's shooting and is annoyed when Grissom brings in Sara Sidle to help with her investigation. Unfortunately, Holly succumbs to her injuries, leaving the team devastated.

First appearance of: Sara Sidle and Bobby Dawson.

Final appearance of: Holly Gribbs. 
33 "Crate 'n' Burial" Danny CannonAnn DonahueOctober 20, 2000 (2000-10-20)
The search is on for Grissom, Nick, and Sara when an abducted woman is said to be buried underground. Meanwhile a hit and run death of a little girl is investigated by Catherine and Warrick. 
44 "Pledging Mr. Johnson" Richard J. LewisJosh Berman & Anthony E. ZuikerOctober 27, 2000 (2000-10-27)
A woman's severed leg found in Lake Mead leads Grissom and Catherine to uncover a case of adultery. Meanwhile Sara and Nick investigate a fraternity student's apparent suicide, but find out that the student's pledging has gone terribly wrong. 
55 "Friends & Lovers" Lou AntonioAndrew LipsitzNovember 3, 2000 (2000-11-03)

Grissom and Warrick investigate when a victim dies of fear in the desert, apparently from being chased. Meanwhile Catherine and Nick investigate the gruesome murder of a Catholic school dean. Sara investigates how the body of a woman who was buried the previous week ended up in a dumpster.

First appearance of: David Phillips. 
66 "Who Are You?" Danny CannonCarol Mendelsohn & Josh BermanNovember 10, 2000 (2000-11-10)

Grissom and Nick investigate when the skeleton of a woman is found under a house, buried in cement. Meanwhile Catherine investigates a case in which her ex-husband Eddie is accused of rape. Warrick and Sara search for a missing bullet that could either exonerate or indict a cop for murder.

First appearance of: Al Robbins.

Note: The episode's title comes from the show's theme song: "Who Are You" by The Who
77 "Blood Drops" Kenneth FinkStory: Tish McCarthy
Teleplay: Ann Donahue
November 17, 2000 (2000-11-17)

When four members of a family are brutally murdered, two daughters are the sole survivors. At first Grissom and his team suspect a cult murder, but the evidence tells an even more disturbing story.

First appearance of: Sheriff Brian Mobley and day shift Supervisor Conrad Ecklie. 
88 "Anonymous" Danny CannonEli Talbert & Anthony E. ZuikerNovember 24, 2000 (2000-11-24)
When another staged suicide takes place, Grissom realizes he is dealing with a serial killer who has a thorough knowledge of forensic science. Meanwhile Warrick and Nick investigate a tourist's car that fell off a cliff. 
99 "Unfriendly Skies" Michael ShapiroStory: Andrew Litsitz
Teleplay: Andrew Lipsitz & Carol Mendelsohn & Anthony E. Zuiker
December 8, 2000 (2000-12-08)
Grissom and his team investigate the death of a first class passenger on a flight to Las Vegas. Their investigation is a race against time, because after 12 hours the F.B.I. will take over. To make matters worse, the other first class passengers are very reluctant to co-operate, leading the team to consider that they had some involvement in their fellow passenger's death. 
1010 "Sex, Lies and Larvae" Thomas J. WrightJosh Berman & Ann DonahueDecember 22, 2000 (2000-12-22)
Grissom and Sara investigate when the body of a woman is found in the desert, covered with insects. Grissom uses entomological evidence to discover the time of death. Unfortunately their prime suspect - the husband - was out of town at that time, and to Sara's dismay, it looks like he is getting away with murder. Meanwhile Warrick and Catherine try to find out who stole a painting. Nick deals with a missing persons case when a woman's car is found at a bus station. 
1111 "The I-15 Murders" Oz ScottCarol MendelsohnJanuary 12, 2001 (2001-01-12)
When a woman is abducted from a supermarket, Grissom finds a text on a bathroom door that leads him to believe that five women have been murdered. Meanwhile Warrick and Sara have to put personal differences aside to investigate the apparent murder and robbery of a man who has been found by his brother. Nick has to come to the rescue of his friend, Kristy Hopkins, again when she gets into a scuffle with a hotel security guard. 
1212 "Fahrenheit 932" Danny CannonJacqueline ZambranoFebruary 1, 2001 (2001-02-01)
Grissom, Sara and Warrick try to clear a man accused of killing his wife and son in an arson fire. They discover day shift supervisor Conrad Ecklie did some sloppy work. Meanwhile Catherine and Nick investigate the death of a teenage 'runner', who was shot at close range. 
1313 "Boom" Kenneth FinkJosh Berman & Ann Donahue & Carol MendelsohnFebruary 8, 2001 (2001-02-08)
Grissom, Sara and Warrick investigate when a bomb goes off in a Vegas office building, killing a security guard. The prime suspect is the other security guard, who is over-helpful and also has the knowledge to make a bomb. After Nick spends the night with Kristy Hopkins, she is killed. With his DNA and fingerprints on the scene and Ecklie on the case, Nick's career is on the line. 
1414 "To Halve and to Hold" Lou AntonioAndrew Lipsitz & Ann DonahueFebruary 15, 2001 (2001-02-15)
When a single human bone is discovered in the desert, it's up to Grissom, Catherine and Nick to piece the skeleton together. Meanwhile Warrick and Sara investigate the death of a male stripper who died shortly after performing at a bachelorette party
1515 "Table Stakes" Danny CannonStory: Elizabeth Devine
Teleplay: Anthony E. Zuiker & Carol Mendelsohn
February 22, 2001 (2001-02-22)
During a fundraiser at the home of Portia Richmond - a legendary showgirl - a dead woman is found floating in the pool. When Portia later disappears, suspicion falls on a young couple who 'house-sat' for her. The Sheriff puts pressure on Grissom as well, as Portia's case affects his election. Warrick looks into a mob hit in a glass elevator. 
1616 "Too Tough to Die" Richard J. LewisElizabeth DevineMarch 1, 2001 (2001-03-01)

Sara gets emotionally involved when she, Grissom, and Nick investigate the case of a woman who is abducted from a parking garage and later turns up on a stretch of road, having been raped, shot and left for dead. Meanwhile Catherine and Warrick take over a case from one of the dayshift CSIs who has quit. The case involves a neighbor's dispute that led to murder. Not only has an important piece of evidence been lost, but the case goes to trial in four days.

First appearance of: Sam Vega. 
1717 "Face Lift" Lou AntonioJosh BermanMarch 8, 2001 (2001-03-08)
Grissom, Nick and Catherine handle a case in which the fingerprints of a victim in an old kidnapping case turn up at the scene of a murder. Meanwhile Sara and Warrick investigate the case of a woman who was incinerated in her easy chair. Sara suspects it's a case of spontaneous human combustion
1818 "$35K O.B.O." Roy H. WagnerEli TalbertMarch 29, 2001 (2001-03-29)
A single witness at a rain-soaked scene of a double homicide tells the story of a carjacking gone wrong. After the car is found and becomes a new crime scene, the case becomes far more complicated. Meanwhile Catherine investigates the collapse of an apartment building that killed three senior citizens. 
1919 "Gentle, Gentle" Danny CannonAnn DonahueApril 12, 2001 (2001-04-12)
Grissom's team investigates the kidnapping of the infant child of a rich family. However, when the evidence shows that the family is hiding something, the case takes a darker turn. 
2020 "Sounds of Silence" Peter MarkleJosh Berman & Andrew LipsitzApril 19, 2001 (2001-04-19)
Grissom, Sara and Warrick investigate a deaf man who was run over by a car. However, more investigation shows that he died before the car even struck him. The team's encounters with the dean of the deaf man's school reveals a secret about Grissom. Meanwhile, Catherine and Nick investigate an apparent mob hit that leaves five dead in a coffee shop. 
2121 "Justice Is Served" Thomas J. WrightJerry StahlApril 26, 2001 (2001-04-26)
Grissom, Nick, and Warrick investigate a jogger who was killed by a vicious dog in the park. The case gets complicated when they discover that the jogger's liver was surgically removed after he was killed. Meanwhile Sara and Catherine investigate the death of a six year old girl at a carnival ride, which gets Catherine emotionally involved. 
2222 "Evaluation Day" Kenneth FinkAnthony E. ZuikerMay 10, 2001 (2001-05-10)
On the day Grissom has to evaluate his team, Grissom and Catherine deal with a severed head that was found in the trunk of a stolen car. Sara and Nick investigate a headless body in the desert that appears to have fallen from the sky. Warrick investigates a murder in a juvenile detention center in which his young friend James is the only witness. 
2323 "Strip Strangler" Danny CannonAnn DonahueMay 17, 2001 (2001-05-17)

Grissom and his team investigate a series of murders by a signature killer. The killer has enough knowledge of forensic science to leave little evidence behind. When the investigation seems to be at a dead end, the Sheriff brings in the F.B.I., to Grissom's dismay. Grissom's anger only grows when they want to lure out the killer, with Sara as bait.

Guest Starring: Michael Cerveris, Rainn Wilson


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