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Doctor of Religious Education

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Title: Doctor of Religious Education  
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Subject: List of Brigham Young University alumni, First professional degree
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Doctor of Religious Education

This is a list of the fields of doctoral studies, as used by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago in the United States in its annual Survey of Earned Doctorates,[1][2] conducted for the National Science Foundation, and other federal agencies, in the United States.

These are fields of research-oriented doctoral studies, leading mostly to the awarding of the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), and Doctor of Education (Ed.D. or D.Ed.) in the United States. (In the academic year 2008-2009, 93.5% of the 49,562 research-oriented doctorates awarded in the U.S. were Ph.D.s; 5.5% are Ed.D.s.[3]) Studies that lead to professional doctorates, such as Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), and Juris Doctor (J.D.), are not included.

Agricultural sciences/Natural resources

Biological sciences/Biomedical sciences

Health sciences


Computer and Information sciences


Physical sciences


Atmospheric Science & Meteorology


Geological & Earth Sciences


Ocean/Marine Sciences


Social Sciences




Foreign Languages & Literature

  • 755 Slavic (other than Russian)
  • 769 Other Languages & Literature

Other Humanities


Research and Administration

  • 800 Curriculum & Instruction
  • 805 Educational Administration & Supervision
  • 807 Educational Leadership
  • 810 Educational/Instructional Media Design
  • 815 Educational Statistics/Research Methods
  • 820 Educational Assessment/Testing/Measure
  • 822 Educational Psychology (See also 618)
  • 825 School Psychology (See also 636)
  • 830 Social/Philosophical Foundations of Educ.
  • 835 Special Education
  • 840 Counseling Education/Counseling & Guidance
  • 845 Higher Education/Evaluation & Research

Teacher Education

  • 850 Pre-elementary/Early Childhood
  • 852 Elementary
  • 856 Secondary
  • 858 Adult & Continuing

Teaching Fields

  • 860 Agricultural Education
  • 861 Art Education
  • 862 Business Education
  • 864 English Education
  • 866 Foreign Languages Education
  • 868 Health Education
  • 870 Family & Consumer Science/Home Economics
  • 874 Mathematics Education
  • 876 Music Education
  • 878 Nursing Education
  • 880 Physical Education & Coaching
  • 882 Reading Education
  • 884 Science Education
  • 885 Social Science Education
  • 887 Trade & Industrial Education
  • 889 Teach Education & Professional Development

Other Education

  • 898 Education, General
  • 899 Education, Other

Professional fields

Business Management/Administrative Services

  • 905 Banking/Financial Support Services
  • 910 Business Administration & Management
  • 915 Business/Managerial Economics
  • 920 Marketing Management & Research
  • 921 Human Resources Development
  • 938 Business Management/Administration, General
  • 939 Business Management/Administration, Other


Other Professional Fields

  • 974 Parks/Sports/Recreation/Leisure/Fitness

Other Fields

  • 999 Other Fields


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