Fort McMurray Transit

Fort McMurray Transit
Founded 1980
Headquarters 460 MacAlpine Cres.[1]
Locale Fort McMurray
Service area urban area
Service type bus service, paratransit
Routes 16
Stations 3 (including 2 Transfer Stations located in Timberlea and Thickwood)
Operator Diversified Transportation[2]
Website Wood Buffalo Public Transit

Fort McMurray Transit is a public transportation system provided by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, in northeastern Alberta, Canada. Services consist of local scheduled bus routes, specialized transportation for people with disabilities and school buses, all within the urban areas of Fort McMurray,[3] the only major population centre in the region.


16 regular bus routes operate every day with two additional weekday rush hour routes to the main industrial areas and a special Saturday service for people in Saprae Creek. The system has reduced weekend service and does not operate at all on most holidays.[3]

Scheduled Bus Routes
No. Name
Mainline Express Downtown to Timberlea and Thickwood Heights. Route 1A runs counterclockwise, Route 1B runs clockwise.
2 Cartier Heights Timberlea to Cartier Heights.
3 Morgan Heights Timberlea to Morgan Heights.
7 Abasand Heights Downtown to Abasand Heights and Keyano College.
8 Beacon Hill/Waterways Downtown to Beacon Hill and Waterways.
Downtown Downtown to Lower Townsite. Route 9A runs clockwise, Route 9B runs counterclockwise.
Gregoire/Industrial Downtown to Gregoire Park, Prairie Creek, and MacKenzie Industrial Park. Route 10A runs counterclockwise, Route 10B runs clockwise.
Timberlea Timberlea loop. Route 31 runs counterclockwise, Route 32 runs clockwise,
41 Stone Creek Timberlea to Stone Creek.
42 Eagle Ridge Timberlea to Eagle Ridge.
Wood Buffalo Thickwood Heights loop. Route 51 runs counterclockwise, Route 52 runs clockwise.
Thickwood Thickwood Heights to Thickwood. Route 61 runs clockwise, Route 62 runs counterclockwise.
99 MacDonald Island Downtown to MacDonald Island.
A South Side Industrial Special Asaband Heights, Beacon Hill, and Waterways to MacKenzie Industrial Park.
B North Side Industrial Special Downtown to Eagle Ridge, Stone Creek, Cartier Heights, and Thickwood.
Saprae Creek Saturday Service Downtown to Saprae Creek.


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