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Ge You

Ge You
Chinese name 葛優 (traditional)
Chinese name 葛优 (simplified)
Pinyin Gě Yōu (Mandarin)
Born (1957-04-19) April 19, 1957
Beijing, China
Years active 1985–present

Ge You (born April 19, 1957) is an acclaimed Chinese actor. A native of Beijing, he is considered by many to be one of the most recognizable acting personalities in China. His success with major comedy roles made him a well known name throughout China.

Ge You won the Best Actor Award at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival for his role in the Zhang Yimou movie To Live.[1]


Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1985 Mountain's Daughter 山的女儿 Zhu Guangjin
1988 The Troubleshooters 顽主 Yang Zhong
1989 Ballad of the Yellow River 黄河谣 Hei Gutou
1989 Codename Cougar 代号美洲豹 Zheng Xianping
1991 Girl of the Times 新潮姑娘
1991 Comic Star 喜剧明星 Teacher Ge
1991 Steel Meets Fire 烈火金刚
1991 After the Final Battle 决战之后 Wenqiang
1991 The Spring Festival 过年
1992 Conned Once 上一当 Liu Bin
1992 Divorce Wars 离婚大战 Da Ming
1993 The Vanished Woman 消失的女人 Shan Liren
1993 After Separation 大撒把 Gu Yan Golden Rooster Awards for Best Actor, 1993
1993 Farewell My Concubine 霸王别姬 Yuan Shiqing
1994 Born Coward 天生胆小 Director Guan
1994 To Live 活着 Xu Fugui Cannes Film Festival for Best Actor, 1994
1996 The Hero of Swallow 神偷燕子李三
1996 The Emperor's Shadow 秦颂 Gao Jianli
1997 The Dream Factory 甲方乙方 Yao Yuan
1997 Keep Cool 有话好好说 Policeman
1997 Eighteen Springs 半生緣 Zhu Hongcai
1998 Be There or Be Square 不见不散 Liu Yuan
1999 Sorry Baby 没完没了 Han Dong
2001 Butterfly Smile 蝴蝶的微笑 Kang Ping
2001 Big Shot's Funeral 大腕 Yoyo 2002 Best Actor for 25th Hundred Flowers Award
2003 Cala, My Dog! 卡拉是条狗 Lao Er
2003 Cell Phone 手机 Yan Shouyi
2004 A World Without Thieves 天下无贼 Hu Li
2005 Suffocation 窒息 Chen Xiao
2006 Shanghai Red
2006 The Banquet 夜宴 Emperor Li
2007 Na Qie
2007 Crossed Lines 命运呼叫转移
2008 If You Are the One 非诚勿扰 Qin Fen
2008 Desires of the Heart 桃花运
2009 Gasp 气喘吁吁
2009 The Nobles
2009 The Founding of a Republic
2010 Let the Bullets Fly 让子弹飞 Tang (Ma Bangde)
2010 Flying Duck
2010 Sacrifice 赵氏孤儿 Cheng Ying
2010 If You Are the One 2 非诚勿扰2 Qin Fen
2013 Personal Tailor 私人订制
2014 Gone with the Bullets 一步之遥 Xiang Feitian
2015 The Wasted Times 罗曼蒂克消亡史

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