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Hong 10

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Title: Hong 10  
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Subject: Red Bull BC One, Hip-hop dance, List of dancers, List of people of Korean descent, The Electric Boogaloos
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Hong 10

Hong 10

Kim Hong-Yeol
(1984-12-27) December 27, 1984

South Korea
Nationality Korean
Known for B-boying
Movement Hip-hop

Hong 10 (Birth name: Kim Hong-Yeol, Korean: 김홍열, born on 27 December 1984 in South Korea) is a male South Korean B-boy (also known as Breakdancer).[1] His accomplishments include two Red Bull BC One individual titles (2006) & (2013) and a Battle of the Year crew title (2002).


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The name Hong 10 comes from using a Korean language homonym and an English language pun. The second syllable of his name, Yeol, has the same pronunciation as the Korean pronunciation for the number ten. Therefore, pronouncing the phrase "Hong 10" in Korean will be the same pronunciation as his real name, Hong-Yeol. However, this nickname is always pronounced in English, so he is referred to as hong-ten regardless of the language context - whether Korean or English or otherwise.


Hong 10 was in the crew Expression (with which he won the Battle of the Year title in 2002) and is currently in a crew called Drifterz and a project team named Project Soul while he also performs as a solo dancer. Recently he formed a crew called 7 Commandoz with the world renowned bboys Ronnie, Differ, Skim, Wing, and Dyzee. This crew is known for their originality and Futuristic style. Recently, he has represented Jinjo Crew with fellow 7 Commandoz members Skim and Wing such as in the UK B-boy Championships 2009, Battle of the Year 2010, and R-16 Korea in both 2011 and 2012.


Some of his signature moves include spinning airchair, spinning reverse airbaby, walking halo freezes, handcuff mills to headspin drills, chair flares, and his signature "Hong 10 Freeze".


He first became a well-known bboy during 2002 when he exploded onto the scene being part of the Korean crews that won the then two most prestigious dance competitions in the world - Battle of the Year International and the UK B-Boy Championships. He has also done well in many individual competitions, winning the 2006, 2013 Red Bull BC One but more commonly known as the famous 'runner up' having been a finalist at many competitions including three times at the UK B-boy Championships. In recent years, Hong10 serves in the Korean Army right after the prestigious RedBull BC One Moscow 2011. He currently competes with Jinjo Crew regularly. His new crew has been known to win the most recent UK Bboy Championships and the R16 Korea Qualifier. Although his army time restricts his time to go overseas to competitions, time to time, he will act as a judge for local tournaments and sometimes even compete if they are within South Korea.

List of Notable Achievements

Significant achievements in major events are highlighted in bold text.


  • Performance in Dance Dynamite, Japan
  • Be.B-Boy, Japan (1st Place)
  • Tokyo Dance Delight, Japan (2nd Place, Performance)
  • Hong 10 Vs Juan Diego
  • Juan Diego Vs Lil YI Pobre 8)


  • Style War, Korea (1st Place)
  • Performance in Big Wax, Japan
  • Hip Hop Connection B-boy Master Mixed Battle Vol.1, Korea (1st Place)
  • B-Boy Unit Vol.4, Korea (1st Place)
  • B-Boy Master Championship, Korea (1st Place)
  • Solo battle with Remind in HipHop Connection Vol.3, Korea
  • Performance in Dance Dynamite, Japan
  • Be.B-Boy, Japan (1st Place)
  • Performance in Asian Comment, Denmark
  • Guest battle in Jam 2 The Beat, Denmark
  • Battle Of The Year 2002 Korea, Korea (1st Place)
  • International Battle Of The Year 2002, Germany (1st Place)
  • UK B-Boy Championships 2002 Solo Category, UK (2nd Place)
  • UK B-Boy Championships 2002 Team Category, UK (1st Place)
  • Free Style Session Japan, Japan (2nd Place)
  • Take part in Sony Net.MD TV advertisement, New Zealand
  • Voted Best B-Boy of the Year


  • Distinguished service prize, Honor of Dance 2003, Korea
  • Featured on <6'o Clock Focused Issues> MBC TV programme, Korea
  • B-Boy Master Mixed Battle Vol.3 Korea (1st Place)
  • Performance in , Fukuoka Japan
  • Hiphop Planet, France (1st Place)
  • UK B-Boy Championships 2003 Team Category, UK (2nd Place)
  • Pro-Am Euro, France (1st Place)
  • Judge & Special Guest Battle at the Netherland Tournament


  • Performance in the musical, Korea
  • B-Boy Unit Vol.6, Korea (1st Place)
  • B-Boy Challenge Vol.4, Korea (1st Place)
  • Guest performance at , UK
  • Guest performance at , Italy
  • Guest performance , Taiwan
  • Judge of , Taiwan
  • Guest performance in the launching show of iPod, Korea
  • Performed in the opening of , Korea
  • UK B-Boy Championships 2004 Solo Category (2nd place)
  • UK B-Boy Championships 2004 Team Category (1st place)
  • Free Style Session, Korea (1st place)
  • B-Boy Challenge Grand Championship, Korea (1st place)
  • Performance at Nike, Inc. LeBron event, Korea
  • Korean representative in , Japan


  • Participation in , Korea
  • Street Dance Summer Jam, Taiwan (1st place)
  • Stand-in performance in TV drama , Korea
  • Opening performance for , Korea
  • Event performance in , Korea
  • Judge of , Korea
  • Performance in , UK
  • Red Bull BC One 1on1, Germany (2nd place)
  • K.O.B.E, Japan (1st place)
  • Judge of Battle Of The Year South East Asia 2005, Taiwan
  • Participation in International Breakdance Event, The Netherlands
  • Hip Hop World Challenge 1on1, Germany (1st place)
  • Judge of , Hong Kong
  • UK B-Boy Championships Solo Category (2nd place)
  • UK B-Boy Championships Team Category (1st place)
  • KMTV , Korea (1st place)
  • Motion-capture model for PSP game , UK
  • Judge of , Thailand
  • IBE 2005


  • One Of The Move vol.2, Korea (1st place)
  • Armory Cup Korea 2006, Korea (2nd place)
  • Performance in , UK
  • SBS tournament, Korea (1st place)
  • Judge of , Korea
  • Took part in KBS TV commercial, Korea
  • Performance in Movement Concert (Drifterz Crew)
  • Red Bull Break in Battle, Ireland (2nd place)
  • Took part commercial, Korea
  • UK B-Boy Championships 2006 Korea (1st place)
  • Battle Of The Year 2006 Korea, Korea (1st place)
  • Performance in , Korea
  • Motion-capture model for the game , Korea
  • UK B-Boy Championships 2006 Team Category (2nd place)
  • Red Bull BC One 2006, Brazil (1st place)
  • Performance Of The Year, Korea (1st place)


  • B-Boy Unit Vol.9, Korea (2nd Place)
  • Red Bull Beat Battle (1st Place)
  • Red Bull BC One 2007 (Semifinalist)



  • Jincheon 2009 1st Place (7 Commandos)
  • BOTY Taiwan 2009 (judge)
  • BOTY Singapore 2009 (judge)
  • 2-Oh-Sick Usa 2009 (Steven Chhuon, Jovy Neak, Andy Phriep, j-mart, dino dylan)
  • Participation in International Breakdance Event, The Netherlands
  • IBE 2009.


  • 2010 Vancouver Battle of T.N.G - Just Battle 3 on 3 (judge)
  • Be.B-Boy, osaka3on3 (1st Place)
  • Be.B-Boy, osaka1on1 (1st Place)
  • International Battle of the Year 2010 (1st Place)-With Jinjo Crew


  • Temple O'Style, 1st Place (7 Commandoz)
  • Break The Floor, 1st Place (7 Commandoz)
  • R16 Korea,Champion (Jinjo)
  • Red Bull Bc One 2011 (Participant)


  • Road of Street 2 vs 2, Champion
  • R16 Korea Qualification, Champion (Jinjo)
  • R16 1 vs 1 (Lost in the first round)
  • World B-Boy Fighterz 2012 1 vs 1
  • Red Bull Bc One Crew Vs Crew (Jinjo Crew) vs (The Happy Best Crew)



  • Red Bull Bc One 2014 (Participant)

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