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Interstate 595 (Virginia)

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Title: Interstate 595 (Virginia)  
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Subject: Interstate 595, List of primary state highways in Virginia, Interstate 95 in Virginia, Streets and highways of Arlington County, Virginia
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Interstate 595 (Virginia)

This article is about the section of U.S. Route 1 in Virginia. For the entire length of the highway, see

U.S. Route 1
;">Route information
Maintained by VDOT
Existed: 1926 (1918 as SR 1, 1923 as SR 31) – present
;">Major junctions
South end: Template:Jct/extra US 1 / US 401 near Norlina, NC
  Template:Jct/extra US 58 in South Hill
Template:Jct/extra I-85 in various locations
Template:Jct/extra US 301 / US 460 in Petersburg
Template:Jct/extra US 60 / US 360 in Manchester
Template:Jct/extra US 33 / US 250 in Richmond
Template:Jct/extra I-64 / I-95 in Richmond
Template:Jct/extra I-295 in Glen Allen
Template:Jct/extra US 17 in Fredericksburg
Template:Jct/extra I-95 / I-495 in Alexandria
North end: Template:Jct/extra US 1 / I-395 in Washington, DC
;">Highway system

U.S. Route 1 in the U.S. state of Virginia runs north–south through South Hill, Petersburg, Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Alexandria on its way from North Carolina to the 14th Street Bridge into the District of Columbia. It is completely paralleled by Interstate Highways in Virginia – Interstate 85 south of Petersburg, Interstate 95 north to Alexandria, and Interstate 395 into the District – and now serves mainly local traffic. At its north end, on the approach to the 14th Street Bridge, US 1 is concurrent with I-395; the rest of US 1 is on surface roads.

Route description

From the North Carolina state line to Petersburg, US 1 parallels Interstate 85 and is partly known as Boydton Plank Road. From Petersburg northward, US 1 parallels Interstate 95 and is known in most places as the Jefferson Davis Highway. In Richmond, the name of Route 1 changes from Jefferson Davis Highway to Cowardin Avenue; then changes to Belvidere Street, then Chamberlayne Avenue and finally Brook Road. There is a portion of Route 1 that changes names to Richmond Highway north of Woodbridge and ending at the Capital Beltway at Alexandria, becoming Henry/Patrick streets, then changing back to Jefferson Davis Highway in the Del Ray section of Alexandria and continuing with that name alongside the high-rise Crystal City office complex in Arlington. In the city of Fredericksburg, between Richmond and the District of Columbia, it borders the northwestern edge of the University of Mary Washington campus. Just before entering the District of Columbia, it runs along the Southwest Freeway at the 14th Street Bridge.


What is now US 1 was added to the state highway system in 1918 as State Route 1, following the older Jefferson Davis Highway, which approximated at its northern end the route of the former Washington and Alexandria Turnpike.[1] The road was renumbered State Route 31 in the 1923 renumbering, and US 1 was applied to its whole length in 1926. SR 31 was dropped in the 1933 renumbering, and was immediately reused on its current alignment.

Prior to ca. 1924, SR 1/31 crossed the North Carolina state line with State Route 2/State Route 32 south of Clarksville on present U.S. Route 15. On the North Carolina side, it was North Carolina Highway 75. From Clarksville it ran east on present U.S. Route 58 to near South Hill.[2] The route continued east from South Hill to Edgerton on present US 58 and north to near McKenney on present State Route 712 until about the same time.[3] This alignment was defined as the Jefferson Davis Highway on March 17, 1922.[4]

By 1925, SR 31 was moved to the current alignment of US 1 south of McKenney[2] (previously State Route 122 south of South Hill[3] and State Route 314 north of South Hill[5]), but the Jefferson Davis Highway did not follow. This took SR 31 to the border at what was then North Carolina Highway 50. The old alignment remained State Route 32 south of Clarksville and State Route 12 from Boydton to Edgerton, and became State Route 201 from Clarksville to Boydton and a new State Route 122 from Edgerton to near McKenney.[2]

The preliminary plan for United States Numbered Highways was drawn up in 1925, and all of SR 31 was assigned US 1. The former SR 31 west and south from near South Hill into North Carolina became U.S. Route 401.[6] In late 1926, the final plan was adopted, and all of US 401 was renumbered to U.S. Route 15.[7] However, by April 1927, US 15 had been extended north from Clarksville, and the short piece from Clarksville to near South Hill was again U.S. Route 401.[8]

In 1975, the interchange between I-395 and U.S. 1 was rebuilt, and originally there were plans to upgrade US 1 to Interstate 595 southward to the connector road with Reagan National Airport. However, the upgrade as proposed was never built. Instead, US 1 is elevated with a diamond interchange over 15th Street South, but is a surface road with signaled intersections at 20th Street South and further south.[9][10]

Major intersections

County Location Mile Destinations Notes
Mecklenburg 0.0 North Carolina - Virginia state line
9.0 Template:Jct/extra US 58 west South end of US 58 concurrency
South Hill 12.4 Template:Jct/extra US 58 / US 58 Bus. (Danville Street) North end of US 58 concurrency; south end of Business US 58 concurrency
15.4 Template:Jct/extra US 58 Bus. east / SR 47 north (Atlantic Street) North end of Business US 58 concurrency; southern terminus of SR 47
17.6 Template:Jct/extra SR 138 north (Union Mill Road) Southern terminus of SR 138
17.9 Template:Jct/extra I-85 Exit 15 on Interstate 85
Brunswick Alberta 30.0 Template:Jct/extra SR 46 (Christanna Highway)
31.2 Template:Jct/extra I-85 Exit 28 on Interstate 85
32.4 Template:Jct/extra SR 136 west (Church Street) Eastern terminus of SR 136
Dinwiddie McKenney 45.8 Template:Jct/extra SR 40 (McKenney Highway/Doyle Boulevard)
64.6 Template:Jct/extra US 460 Bus. west (Airport Street) to I-85 / US 460 west South end of Business US 460 concurrency; Exit 61 on Interstate 85
66.2 Template:Jct/extra I-85 / US 460 Exit 63A-B on Interstate 85
66.8 Template:Jct/extra SR 319 (Albemarle Street) Central State Hospital
67.5 Template:Jct/extra SR 226 west (Cox Road) Eastern terminus of SR 226
67.8 Template:Jct/extra SR 319 (7th Avenue) Central State Hospital
City of Petersburg 70.3 Template:Jct/extra SR 36 (Market Street) South end of eastbound SR 36 concurrency
70.5 Template:Jct/extra US 301 Alt. south (Sycamore Street) South end of Alternate US 301 concurrency
70.6 Template:Jct/extra US 460 Bus. east / SR 36 east (Wythe Street) North end of eastbound Business US 460 concurrency, north end of eastbound SR 36 concurrency
70.7 Template:Jct/extra US 460 Bus. west (Washington Street)
71.0 Template:Jct/extra US 301 south (Bank Street) / SR 36 west (Bollingbrook Street) North end of Alternate US 301 concurrency; south end of US 301 concurrency
City of Colonial Heights 72.9 Template:Jct/extra SR 144 south (Temple Avenue) South end of SR 144 concurrency
Chesterfield 74.8 Template:Jct/extra SR 144 north (Harrowgate Road) North end of SR 144 concurrency
Chester 79.7 Template:Jct/extra SR 10 (Hundred Road)
81.0 Template:Jct/extra SR 288 (World War II Veterans Memorial Highway)
Bellwood 83.6 Template:Jct/extra SR 145 west (Chester Road) Eastern terminus of SR 145
Bensley 85.9 Template:Jct/extra SR 150 (Chippenham Parkway)
City of Richmond 88.1 Template:Jct/extra SR 161 (Bells Road)
91.2 Template:Jct/extra US 360 (Hull Street)
91.6 Template:Jct/extra US 60 (Semmes Avenue)
93.1 Template:Jct/extra SR 147 east (Cary Street) / SR 147 west (Main Street/Ellwood Avenue)
93.4 Template:Jct/extra US 250 (Broad Street) to US 33 west
93.7 Template:Jct/extra SR 33 east (Leigh Street)
93.8 Template:Jct/extra I-64 / I-95 Exit 76A-B on Interstate 95
96.0 Template:Jct/extra SR 197 (Laburnum Avenue) Eastern terminus of SR 197
97.2 Template:Jct/extra US 301 / SR 2 (Chamberlayne Road) North end of US 301 concurrency, southern terminus of SR 2
Henrico Lakeside 97.8 Template:Jct/extra I-95 south Southbound exit only
98.6 Template:Jct/extra SR 161 south (Hilliard Road) Northern terminus of SR 161
Henrico 99.8 Template:Jct/extra SR 73 east (Parham Road) Western terminus of SR 73
Glen Allen 101.3 Template:Jct/extra I-295 to I-95 / I-64 west Exit 43C-D on Interstate 295
Hanover Ashland 108.4 Template:Jct/extra SR 54 (England Street)
Doswell 114.6 Template:Jct/extra SR 30 east (Kings Dominion Boulevard) Western terminus of SR 30
Caroline Ruther Glen 120.7 Template:Jct/extra SR 207 east (Rogers Clark Boulevard/Jericho Road) Western terminus of SR 207
Spotsylvania Fredericksburg 141.9 Template:Jct/extra US 17 south (Mills Drive) South end of US 17 concurrency
142.9 Template:Jct/extra I-95 / US 17 north North end of US 17 concurrency, exit 126 on Interstate 95
143.8 Template:Jct/extra US 1 Bus. north (Lafayette Boulevard) / SR 208 west (Courthouse Road) Eastern terminus of SR 208
City of Fredericksburg 146.6 Template:Jct/extra SR 3 (Plank Road/William Street)
148.4 Template:Jct/extra US 1 Bus. south / US 17 Bus. south (Princess Anne Street) to SR 2 south South end of US 17 Business concurrency
Stafford Falmouth 148.8 Template:Jct/extra US 17 Bus. north (Warrenton Road) / SR 218 east (Butler Road) North end of US 17 Business concurrency, western terminus of VA 218
Aquia Harbour 159.8 Template:Jct/extra I-95 / SR 610 (Garrisonville Road) Exit 143A-B on Interstate 95
Prince William Dumfries 168.9 Template:Jct/extra SR 234 north (Dumfries Road) Southern terminus of SR 234
Woodbridge 174.9 Template:Jct/extra SR 294 west (Prince William Parkway) Eastern terminus of SR 294
176.0 Template:Jct/extra SR 123 north (Gordon Boulevard) Southern terminus of SR 123
Fairfax Colchester 177.2 Template:Jct/extra I-95 north Template:Jct/extra SR 611 north (Furnace Road) to I-95 south Exit 161 on Interstate 95
178.7 Template:Jct/extra SR 242 east (Gunston Road) / SR 600 (Gunston Cove Road) Western terminus of SR 242
Fort Belvoir 182.2 Template:Jct/extra SR 286 north (Fairfax County Parkway) Southern terminus of SR 286
184.1 Template:Jct/extra SR 235 north (Mt. Vernon Memorial Highway) Southern terminus of SR 235
186.9 Template:Jct/extra SR 235 south (Mt. Vernon Memorial Highway) Northern terminus of SR 235
Huntington 190.1 Template:Jct/extra SR 241 north (Kings Highway) Southern terminus of SR 241
191.3 Template:Jct/extra I-95 / I-495 (Capital Beltway) Exit 177A-C on Interstate 95
City of Alexandria 192.2 Template:Jct/extra SR 236 (Duke Street)
192.4 Template:Jct/extra SR 7 (King Street)
Arlington Arlington 195.0 Template:Jct/extra SR 120 north (Glebe Road) Southern terminus of SR 120
Crystal City 195.4 Template:Jct/extra SR 233 east (Airport Access Road) Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport; western terminus of SR 233
196.4 Template:Jct/extra SR 110 north (Jefferson Davis Highway) Southern terminus of SR 110
196.7 Template:Jct/extra I-395 (Henry G. Shirley Memorial Highway) Exit 8B on Interstate 395; south end of I-395 concurrency
Potomac River 197.3 14th Street Bridge
Virginia - District of Columbia boundary
Concurrent with Template:Jct/extra I-395

See also

Spurs of US 1 in Virginia
Spurs of State Route 31 between 1923 and 1928[11]


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