List of Milwaukee Brewers first-round draft picks

The Milwaukee Brewers are a Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They play in the National League Central division. Established in Seattle, Washington as the Seattle Pilots in 1969, the team became the Milwaukee Brewers after relocating to Milwaukee in 1970. The franchise played in the American League until 1998, when it moved to the National League as a part of MLB's realignment plan.[1] Since the institution of MLB's Rule 4 Draft, the Brewers have selected 54 players in the first round. Officially known as the "First-Year Player Draft",[2] the Rule 4 Draft is MLB's primary mechanism for assigning players from high schools, colleges, and other amateur clubs to its franchises. The draft order is determined based on the previous season's standings, with the team possessing the worst record receiving the first pick.[2] In addition, teams which lost free agents in the previous off-season may be awarded compensatory or supplementary picks.[3]

Of the 54 players picked in the first round by Milwaukee, 24 have been pitchers, the most of any position; 17 of these were right-handed, while 7 were left-handed. Ten shortstops were selected, and nine outfielders, four third basemen, three first basemen, and three catchers were taken. The team also selected one second baseman.[4] Eleven of the players came from high schools or universities in the state of California,and Florida follows with ten players.

Two Brewers first-round picks have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame: Robin Yount (1973) was elected in 1999 and Paul Molitor (1977) in 2004.[5][6] The Brewers have retired Yount's number 19 and Molitor's number 4.[7] Yount was named the American League Most Valuable Player in 1982 and 1989.[5] Ryan Braun (2005) won the National League Rookie of the Year award in 2007.[8]

The Brewers have made ten selections in the supplemental round of the draft and have made one first overall selection in the draft.[4] They have also had three compensatory picks since the institution of the First-Year Player Draft in 1965.[4] These additional picks are provided when a team loses a particularly valuable free agent in the prior off-season,[3][9][V] or, more recently, if a team fails to sign a draft pick from the previous year.[10] The Brewers have failed to sign four of their first-round picks; Bill Bordley (1976), Alex Fernandez (1988), Kenny Henderson (1991), and Dylan Covey (2010).[11][12][13][14]


Year Links to an article about that year's Major League Baseball Draft
Position Indicates the secondary/collegiate position at which the player was drafted, rather than the professional position the player may have gone on to play
Pick Indicates the number of the pick
* Player did not sign with the Brewers
§ Indicates a supplemental pick


Year Name Position School (Location) Pick Ref
1968 no first-round pick[a] [16]
1969 Thomas, GormanGorman Thomas Shortstop James Island High School
(Charleston, South Carolina)
21 [17]
1970 Porter, DarrellDarrell Porter Catcher Southeast High School
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
4 [18]
1971 Bianco, TommyTommy Bianco Shortstop Sewanhaka High School
(Elmont, New York)
3 [19]
1972 Thomas, DanDan Thomas First baseman Southern Illinois University Carbondale
(Carbondale, Illinois)
6 [20]
1973 Yount, RobinRobin Yount Shortstop William Howard Taft High School
(Woodland Hills, California)
3 [21]
1974 Edge, ButchButch Edge Right-handed pitcher El Camino Fundamental High School
(Sacramento, California)
6 [22]
1975 O'Keefe, RichardRichard O'Keefe Left-handed pitcher Yorktown Heights High School
(Yorktown Heights, New York)
5 [23]
1976 Bordley, BillBill Bordley* Left-handed pitcher Bishop Montgomery High School
(Hermosa Beach, California)
4 [24]
1977 Molitor, PaulPaul Molitor Shortstop University of Minnesota
(Minneapolis, Minnesota)
3 [25]
1978 Hernandez, NickNick Hernandez Catcher Hialeah High School
(Hialeah, Florida)
8 [26]
1979 no first-round pick[b] [27]
1980 James, DionDion James Outfielder C. K. McClatchy High School
(Sacramento, California)
25 [28]
1981 no first-round pick[c] [29]
1982 Sveum, DaleDale Sveum Shortstop Pinole Valley High School
(Pinole, California)
25 [30]
1983 Plesac, DanDan Plesac Left-handed pitcher North Carolina State University
(Raleigh, North Carolina)
26 [31]
1984 Clark, IsaiahIsaiah Clark Shortstop Crockett High School
(Crockett, Texas)
18 [32]
1985 Surhoff, B. J.B. J. Surhoff Shortstop University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
1 [33]
1986 }, Greg Vaughn}|Greg Vaughn }]] Shortstop Hillsborough High School
(Tampa, Florida)
6 [34]
1987 Spiers, BillBill Spiers Shortstop Clemson University
(Clemson, South Carolina)
13 [35]
1988 Fernandez, AlexAlex Fernandez* Right-handed pitcher Monsignor Edward Pace High School
(Opa-locka, Florida)
24 [36]
1989 Eldred, CalCal Eldred Right-handed pitcher University of Iowa
(Iowa City, Iowa)
17 [37]
1989 Powell, GordonGordon Powell Third baseman Hughes Center High School
(Cincinnati, Ohio)
30§[d] [37]
1990 no first-round pick[e] [38]
1991 Henderson, KennyKenny Henderson* Right-handed pitcher Ringgold High School
(Ringgold, Georgia)
5 [39]
1991 Hill, TyroneTyrone Hill Left-handed pitcher Yucaipa High School
(Yucaipa, California)
15§[f] [39]
1992 Felder, KennyKenny Felder Outfielder Florida State University
(Tallahassee, Florida)
12 [40]
1992 Martinez, GabbyGabby Martinez Shortstop Luchetti High School
(Santurce, Puerto Rico)
38§[g] [40]
1993 D'Amico, JeffJeff D'Amico Right-handed pitcher Northeast High School
(St. Petersburg, Florida)
23 [41]
1993 Wunsch, KellyKelly Wunsch Left-handed pitcher Texas A&M University
(College Station, Texas)
26§[h] [41]
1993 Dunn, ToddTodd Dunn Outfielder University of North Florida
(Jacksonville, Florida)
35§[i] [41]
1993 Wagner, JoeJoe Wagner Right-handed pitcher University of Central Florida
(Orlando, Florida)
39§[j] [41]
1994 Williamson, AnthonyAnthony Williamson Third baseman Arizona State University
(Tempe, Arizona)
4 [42]
1995 Jenkins, GeoffGeoff Jenkins Outfielder University of Southern California
(Los Angeles, California)
9 [43]
1996 Green, ChadChad Green Outfielder University of Kentucky
(Lexington, Kentucky)
8 [44]
1997 Peterson, KyleKyle Peterson Right-handed pitcher Stanford University
(Stanford, California)
13 [45]
1998 Gold, J. M.J. M. Gold Right-handed pitcher Toms River High School North
(Toms River, New Jersey)
13 [46]
1999 Sheets, BenBen Sheets Right-handed pitcher Northeast Louisiana University
(Monroe, Louisiana)
10 [47]
2000 Krynzel, DaveDave Krynzel Outfielder Green Valley High School
(Henderson, Nevada)
11 [48]
2001 Jones, MikeMike Jones Right-handed pitcher Thunderbird High School
(Phoenix, Arizona)
12 [49]
2002 Fielder, PrincePrince Fielder First baseman Eau Gallie High School
(Melbourne, Florida)
7 [50]
2003 Weeks, RickieRickie Weeks Second baseman Southern University
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
2 [51]
2004 Rogers, MarkMark Rogers Right-handed pitcher Mt. Ararat High School
(Topsham, Maine)
5 [52]
2005 Braun, RyanRyan Braun Third baseman University of Miami
(Coral Gables, Florida)
5 [53]
2006 Jeffress, JeremyJeremy Jeffress Right-handed pitcher Halifax County High School
(South Boston, Virginia)
16 [54]
2007 LaPorta, MattMatt LaPorta First baseman University of Florida
(Gainesville, Florida)
7 [55]
2008 Lawrie, BrettBrett Lawrie Third baseman Brookswood Secondary School
(Langley, British Columbia)
16 [56]
2008 Odorizzi, JakeJake Odorizzi Right-handed pitcher Highland High School
(New Douglas, Illinois)
32§[k] [56]
2008 Frederickson, EvanEvan Frederickson Left-handed pitcher University of San Francisco
(San Francisco, California)
35§[l] [56]
2009 Arnett, EricEric Arnett Right-handed pitcher Indiana University
(Bloomington, Indiana)
26 [57]
2009 Davis, KentrailKentrail Davis Outfielder University of Tennessee
(Knoxville, Tennessee)
39§[m] [57]
2009 Heckathorn, KyleKyle Heckathorn Right-handed pitcher Kennesaw State University
(Kennesaw, Georgia)
47§[n] [57]
2010 Covey, DylanDylan Covey* Right-handed pitcher Maranatha High School
(Pasadena, California)
14 [58]
2011 Jungmann, TaylorTaylor Jungmann Right-handed pitcher University of Texas at Austin
(Austin, Texas)
12 [59]
2011 Bradley, JedJed Bradley Left-handed pitcher Georgia Institute of Technology
(Atlanta, Georgia)
15§[o] [59]
2012 Coulter, ClintClint Coulter Catcher Union High School
(Camas, Washington)
27[p] [60]
2012 Roache, VictorVictor Roache Outfielder Georgia Southern University
(Statesboro, Georgia)
28 [60]
2012 Haniger, MitchMitch Haniger Outfielder California Polytechnic State University
(San Luis Obispo, California)
38§[q] [60]
2013 no first-round pick[r] [61]

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  • V Free agents are evaluated by the Elias Sports Bureau and rated "Type A", "Type B", or not compensation-eligible. If a team offers arbitration to a player but that player refuses and subsequently signs with another team, the original team may receive additional draft picks. If a "Type A" free agent leaves in this way his previous team receives a supplemental pick and a compensation pick from the team with which he signs. If a "Type B" free agent leaves in this way his previous team receives only a supplemental pick.[10]
  • a The Pilots and other expansion teams (Montreal Expos, Kansas City Royals, and San Diego Padres) did not receive first-round picks in 1968.[16] They began the selection process at the end of the fourth round of the regular phase.[62]
  • b The Brewers lost their first-round pick in 1979 to the Detroit Tigers as compensation for signing free agent Jim Slaton.[27]
  • c The Brewers lost their first-round pick in 1981 to the Toronto Blue Jays as compensation for signing free agent Roy Howell.[29]
  • d The Brewers gained a supplemental pick in 1989 for failing to sign 1988 first-round draft pick Alex Fernandez.[37]
  • e The Brewers lost their first-round pick in 1990 to the Oakland Athletics as compensation for signing free agent Dave Parker.[38]
  • f The Brewers gained a compensatory first-round pick in 1991 from the Detroit Tigers for losing free agent Rob Deer.[39]
  • g The Brewers gained a supplemental pick in 1992 for failing to sign 1991 first-round draft pick Kenny Henderson.[40]
  • h The Brewers gained a compensatory first-round pick in 1993 from the Toronto Blue Jays for losing free agent Paul Molitor.[41]
  • i The Brewers gained a supplemental pick in 1993 for losing free agent Chris Bosio.[41]
  • j The Brewers gained a supplemental pick in 1993 for losing free agent Paul Molitor.[41]
  • k The Brewers gained a supplemental pick in 2008 for losing free agent Francisco Cordero.[56]
  • l The Brewers gained a supplemental pick in 2008 for losing free agent Scott Linebrink.[56]
  • m The Brewers gained a supplemental pick in 2009 for losing free agent CC Sabathia.[57]
  • n The Brewers gained a supplemental pick in 2009 for losing free agent Brian Shouse.[57]
  • o The Brewers gained a supplemental pick in 2011 for failing to sign 2010 first-round draft pick Dylan Covey.[59]
  • p The Brewers gained a compensatory pick in 2012 from the Detroit Tigers for losing free agent Prince Fielder.[60]
  • q The Brewers gained a supplemental pick in 2012 for losing free agent Prince Fielder.[60]
  • r The Brewers lost their first round pick in the 2013 draft to the St. Louis Cardinals as compensation for signing free agent Kyle Lohse.[61]


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