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List of operas by Gluck

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Title: List of operas by Gluck  
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List of operas by Gluck

This is a complete list of the operas of Christoph Willibald Gluck (1714–1787) – 49 works in all.[1]

Title Genre Sub­divisions Libretto Premiere date Place, theatre Notes
Artaserse dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio 1741-12-2626 December 1741 Milan, Regio Ducal 2 arias preserved
Demetrio (Cleonice) dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio 1742-05-022 May 1742 Venice, S Samuele 8 arias preserved
Demofoonte dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio's Demofonte 1743-01-066 January 1743 Milan, Regio Ducal sinfonia, recitative and one aria lost
TigraneIl Tigrane dramma per musica 3 acts GoldoniCarlo Goldoni, after Francesco Silvani's La virtù trionfante dell’amore 1743-09-2626 September 1743 Crema 11 arias and a duet preserved
SofonisbaLa Sofonisba dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio 1744-01-1818 January 1744 Milan, Regio Ducal 10 arias and a duet preserved
Ipermestra dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio 1744-11-2121 November 1744 Venice, Teatro San Giovanni Grisostomo
Poro dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio 1744-12-2626 December 1744 Turin, Teatro Regio sinfonia, 4 arias and a duet preserved
Ippolito dramma per musica 3 acts CorioG.G. Corio 1745-01-3131 January 1745 Milan, Regio Ducal 6 arias and a duet preserved
cadutaLa caduta de' giganti dramma per musica 2 acts VanneschiFrancesco Vanneschi ? 1746-01-077 January 1746 London, King's Theatre 5 arias and a duet preserved
Artamene dramma per musica 3 acts VanneschiFrancesco Vanneschi ?, after B Vitturi 1746-03-044 March 1746 London, King's Theatre 6 arias preserved
nozzeLe nozze d'Ercole e d'Ebe dramma per musica 2 acts 1747-06-2929 June 1747 Dresden, Pillnitz Castle
SemiramideLa Semiramide riconosciuta dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio 1748-05-1414 May 1748 Vienna, Burgtheater
contesaLa contesa de' numi festa teatrale 2 acts Metastasio 1749-04-099 April 1749 Copenhagen, Charlottenborg
Ezio (first version) dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio 1750-04-01Carnival, 1750 Prague
Issipile dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio 1752-04-01Carnival, 1752 Prague 3 arias preserved
clemenzaLa clemenza di Tito dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio 1752-11-044 November 1752 Naples, Teatro di San Carlo
cinesiLe cinesi componimento drammatico[2] 1 act Metastasio 1754-09-2424 September 1754 Vienna, Schlosshof
danzaLa danza componimento pastorale 1 act Metastasio 1755-05-055 May 1755 Laxenburg
innocenzaL'innocenza giustificata festa teatrale 1 act DurazzoGiacomo Durazzo, after Metastasio 1755-12-088 December 1755 Vienna, Burgtheater
Antigono dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio 1756-02-099 February 1756 Rome, Teatro Argentina
reIl re pastore dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio 1756-12-088 December 1756 Vienna, Burgtheater
fausseLa fausse esclave (revised as La vestale) opéra comique 1 act Anseaumeafter Louis Anseaume and Pierre Augustin Lefèvre de Marcouville's La fausse aventurière 1758-01-088 January 1758 Vienna, Burgtheater
ileL'île de Merlin, ou Le monde renversé opéra comique 1 act AnseaumeLouis Anseaume, after Alain René Lesage and D’Orneval's Le monde renversé 1758-10-033 October 1758 Vienna, Schönbrunn
Cythère assiégée (first version) opéra comique 1 act FavartCharles Simon Favart, after Favart and Barthélemy-Christophe Fagou's Le puvoir de l’amour ou Le siegè de Cythère 1759-01-01New Year 1759 Vienna, Burgtheater
diableLe diable à quatre, ou La double métamorphose opéra comique 3 acts SedaineMichel Jean Sedaine and Pierre Baurans, after Charles Coffey's The Devil to Pay 1759-05-2828 May 1759 Laxenburg
arbre1L'arbre enchanté, ou Le tuteur dupé (first version) opéra comique 1 act Vadeafter Jean-Joseph Vadé's (fr) Le poirier 1759-10-033 October 1759 Vienna, Schönbrunn
ivrogneL'ivrogne corrigé ou le mariage du diable opéra comique 2 acts AnseaumeLouis Anseaume and Jean-Baptiste Lourdet de Santerre 1760-04-00April 1760 Vienna, Burgtheater
Tetide serenata 2 acts MigliavaccaGiovanni Ambrogio Migliavacca 1760-10-1010 October 1760 Vienna, Hofburg
cadiLe cadi dupé opéra comique 1 act Lourdierafter Jean-Baptiste Lourdier 1761-12-088 December 1761 Vienna, Burgtheater
Orfeo ed Euridice azione teatrale 3 acts CalzabigiRanieri de' Calzabigi 1762-10-055 October 1762 Vienna, Burgtheater
trionfoIl trionfo di Clelia dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio 1763-05-1414 May 1763 Bologna, Teatro Comunale
Ezio (second version) dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio 1763-12-2626 December 1763 Vienna, Burgtheater
rencontreLa rencontre imprévue opéra comique 3 acts DancourtL. H. Dancourt, after Alain René Lesage and D’Orneval's Les pèlerins de la Mecque 1764-01-077 January 1764 Vienna, Burgtheater
ParnasoIl Parnaso confuso serenata 1 act Metastasio 1765-01-2424 January 1765 Vienna, Schönbrunn
Telemaco, ossia L'isola di Circe dramma per musica 3 acts ColtelliniMarco Coltellini, after Carlo Sigismondo Capece 1765-01-3030 January 1765 Vienna, Burgtheater
coronaLa corona azione teatrale 1 act Metastasio 1765-10-04intended for 4 October 1765 but unperformed, premiere 13 November 1987 Vienna, Schönbrunn (1987)
prologoIl prologo 0prologue RossoLorenzo Ottavio del Rosso 1767-02-2222 February 1767 Florence, Teatro della Pergola introductory music for an opera by Traetta
Alceste (Italian) tragedia 3 acts Calzabigi, after Euripides 1767-12-2626 December 1767 Vienna, Burgtheater
festeLe feste d'Apollo 3.1prologue and 3 acts RezzonicoGastone Rezzonico, Giuseppe Maria Pagnini, Giuseppe Pezzana, and Calzabigi 1769-08-2424 August 1769 Parma, Corte
Paride ed Elena dramma per musica 5 acts Calzabigi 1770-11-033 November 1770 Vienna, Burgtheater
Iphigénie en Aulide tragédie 3 acts GandFrançois Gand-Leblanc du Roullet, after Jean Racine 1774-04-1919 April 1774 Paris, Opéra (Palais-Royal) score
Orphée et Euridice (French) tragédie-opéra 3 acts MolinePierre-Louis Moline, after Ranieri de’ Calzabigi 1774-08-022 August 1774 Paris, Opéra (Palais-Royal) score
arbre2L’arbre enchanté (second version) opéra-comique[3] 1 act MolinePierre-Louis Moline, after Jean-Joseph Vadé 1775-02-2727 February 1775 Palace of Versailles score
Cythère assiégée (second version) opéra-ballet 3 acts FavartCharles Simon Favart 1775-08-011 August 1775 Paris, Opéra (Palais-Royal) score
Alceste (French) tragédie 3 acts GandFrançois Gand-Leblanc du Roullet, after Ranieri de’ Calzabigi 1776-04-2323 April 1776 Paris, Opéra (Palais-Royal) score
Armide drame-héroïque 5 acts QuinaultPhilippe Quinault, after Torquato Tasso's La Gerusalemme liberata 1777-09-2323 September 1777 Paris, Opéra (Palais-Royal) score
Iphigénie en Tauride tragédie 4 acts GuillardNicolas-François Guillard and François Gand-Leblanc du Roullet, after Claude Guimond de La Touche 1779-05-1818 May 1779 Paris, Opéra (Palais-Royal) score
Echo et Narcisse drame lyrique 3.1prologue and 3 acts TschudiLouis Thédore Baron de Tschudi, after Ovid's Metamorphoses 1779-09-24first version: 24 September 1779, second version: 8 August 1780 Paris, Opéra (Palais-Royal) score
Iphigenie auf Tauris (German) tragisches Singspiel[3] 4 acts AlxingerJohann Baptist von Alxinger and Gluck, after Nicolas François Guillard 1781-10-2323 October 1781 Vienna, Burgtheater revision of Iphigénie en Tauride




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