Mark Persaud

Mark D. Persaud
Born New York
Occupation Founder Ideal Capital Partners, Chairman Persaud Brothers
Spouse(s) Robyn Harvey Persaud
Children Makenna Persaud and Connor Persaud
Parents Dr. Ronald Persaud and Aileen Persaud

Mark D. Persaud (born September 27, 1966) is an American businessman and lawyer. He was President of Qwest Records from 1997–1999 and owner and Chairman of Persaud Brothers, Inc. from 1999 to present, and has worked in investment banking, real estate, law, technology, e-commerce, talent management, music and filmed production, marketing and advertising.

Early life and career

Mark Persaud was born in Albany, New York to Ronald, a Doctor of Psychiatry, and Aileen. He attended Westbury High School (Old Westbury, New York) and later Yale University graduating in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Urban Architecture. While at Yale he started the University chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.[1] Persaud went on to receive his joint degree, JD / MBA from Harvard Law School and Harvard School of Business in 1993.[2] He was admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C..

Persaud Brothers, Inc.

Persaud, along with his two brothers Michael and Irwin, started the company Persaud Brothers, Inc.[3] Since 1996 that specialized in reaching audiences resistant to traditional marketing approaches. Clients have included: Brand Jordan, Coca-Cola, HBO, Heineken, Kyocera, Maybelline, MGM Home Entertainment, Motorola, Nike, Ogilvy & Mather, Procter & Gamble, Sprite, Swatch, Tanqueray, Target, Timberland and Tommy Hilfiger.[4]


Persaud achieved more than 12 gold and / or platinum records as a creative executive. In 1996, he worked at Qwest Records[5]/Warner Bros. Records where he worked in many genres of music, film, television and publishing. He was president of Qwest/Warner Bros Records,[6] and during this time worked with artists including Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, Wu-Tang, Sean “P Diddy” Combs and producers The Neptunes. He left Qwest/Warner Bros Records to work as an entrepreneur full-time in late 1999.[2]

Independent Consultant to Bertelsmann Music Group. Hired by Dr. Mark Wossner CEO of Bertelsmann Worldwide under a 13-month contract, while in graduate school. Consulted for Chairman/CEO of BMG Worldwide Michael Dornemann. Analyzed, and developed market entry strategies, operational improvement plans, and alternative marketing strategies for various BMG business businesses & Business start-ups. Selected activities included: launch of a multi-million dollar cable pay-per view venture; Analysis and planning of a proposed BMG video channel and the potential for filmed entertainment ventures. Created and implemented a joint music promotion with Reebok, Inc.

Entertainment and talent management

Persaud and his two brothers started an entertainment company under the Persaud Brothers brand. Its divisions comprise the film company Persaud@Palomar,[7] a management company, Persaud Brothers/Star Group Management, and another division handling other entertainment ventures and media services. The company has worked in movie, TV, commercial, video, and internet production. For several years Persaud@Palomar[8][verification needed], a production company, was a success – representing a wide range of directors including Theodore Witcher (director of Love Jones), Jeff Byrd (Director of Book of Love), and Kirk Wong. The company was a joint venture with Sigurjon "Joni" Sighvatsson.[9][verification needed]

Persaud has also served as an advisor in talent and entertainment deals, managing directors, writers, producers, and artists. He has structured commercials, endorsement deals, promotional tours, and strategic marketing deals with entertainment & media companies and product companies. Notable clients have included Budweiser for their popular Whassup? commercials, and also Miss Universe 1998. Persaud has packaged and sold TV series and movies.

Real estate and banking

Persaud worked in the real estate industry, where he worked with a New York City developer. His second job from 1988-1989 was as an investment banker with Salomon Brothers, Inc. He evaluated deals up to $300 million for merchant banking opportunities on the basis of value, risk, and return on investment. He also structured equity and debt deals up to $160 million in convertible participating debt financing for various corporate and real estate ventures, as well as authoring the selling brochure for a $140 million deep discount bond financing of a regional shopping mall.

He currently runs Ideal Capital Partners, LLC, a media investment fund.

Personal life

Persaud married his wife, Robyn Harvey (Entrepreneur) in 1999. They have two children, Makenna and Connor. Persaud also has two brothers, twins, Michael and Irwin.

Board seats

  • Los Angeles Board of Zoos Commissioner - [10]
  • National Black Child Development Institute
  • Lil Angel Bunny (Charity bringing music and the arts to inner city kids)
  • California Heritage Museum, Santa Monica

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