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Title: Rekonq  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Konqueror, KDE, Midori (web browser), QupZilla, Comparison of layout engines (MathML)
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


rekonq 0.7.0 running on Kubuntu 11.04
Developer(s) Andrea Diamantini and other KDE developers[1]
Initial release December 2, 2008 (2008-12-02)[2]
Stable release 2.4.2[3][4] (12 January 2014 (2014-01-12))
Development status Active
Written in C++, Qt
Operating system Cross-platform
Engine WebKit
Platform KDE Platform
Size ~1.1 MiB
Available in Multilingual
Type Web browser
License GNU GPL v3[5]
Website .org.kderekonq

rekonq is a lightweight, QtWebKit-based web browser developed inside the free software project KDE. It is the default web browser in Kubuntu 10.10[6][7] and Chakra GNU/Linux.[8][9] rekonq has been officially included into KDE Extragear on May 25, 2010.[10] In contrast to Konqueror, which has been KDE's main web browser for years, rekonq aims to be a standalone and simple web browser. Its code was initially based on Qt Development Frameworks' QtDemoBrowser and is developed on KDE Projects' Git repository.[11]


rekonq integrates into the KDE desktop, e.g. downloading files through KDE download system, sharing bookmarks with Konqueror, KIO support, etc. rekonq possesses most of the features of a modern web browser, specifically:

rekonq uses the WebKit HTML rendering engine.

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